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Monthly Archives October 2009

Starting a dental practice? Dr SAM or anyone else?

I finished my dental school in 6/2006 and have been working since.
Right now, im strongly looking into relocating to Seattle, WA cuz i heard dental market is very lucrative over there(compared to CA). do you have any idea about WA practices?

also, im planning to work another year then start my own practice. i feel confident that my clinical skills will be ready then.

Currently, Im looking into dental practices for sale on many different sources such as AFTCO, Mercer, and other practice sale brokers. But im really confused on how to select the right practice. Gross revenue all varies and i just dont know where to start.
Some say phased out transition is best, others say immediate buy out or even starting a new practice is best.

can u please give me any advice related to looking for the right practice. where do i start, what to do each step, then how to start well etc…

Is money your main concern?

There are SOOO many dentist everywhere you go, yet there are so few who will help the poor.

Once you settle into your office, what ever your decision will be, please consider donating some of your time to the needy. There are adults (as well as children) who need good dental care but just can’t afford it.

God bless!