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Monthly Archives November 2009

Does anyone know what it would take to get licensed as a medical doctor and start your own practice?

Specifically, how many years to study? How much cost for school? How much experience? How much cost to start a practice? And, also, if there are any school’s that are cheaper or online or at your own pace? If so what is the difference in cost from high to low?

First you have to go to college for a minium of 3 years and take pre medical courses. After that, you apply to medical schools, which is another 4 years. Then you do a residency, which is another 4 years.
At that time you can set up your practice. To set it up you are looking at the minium $25,000. That will get you office supplies, furniture, a place to practice, instruments, malpractice insurance, etc.
The cost of college and medical school I would estimate with books, lab fees, etc is 25,000-100,000.
You can do some course work online, like the english, etc. ALL your science classes have to be done in a college, since you will have to take labs.