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7 Tips on How to Manage the Medical Office in Tough Economic Times

One of the most commonly mentioned advice for coping with tough economic times, is to cut costs. There are many different ways you can cut costs for your businesses. So where do you start? Office management seems to be a good place to start. You can make some changes easily and quickly because you have full control over how you want to run your office.

For example, if you are running a medical practice, now may be a good time to start looking at medical office software to help manage the office more efficiently and more effectively. Consider the functions that a great piece of medical practice software can perform for you:

1 – Check patient eligibility with insurance company to make sure the patient is covered for insurance.

This is a repetitive task that may be taking up too much of your employee’s time. Have the software do this for you.

2 – Check patient balance when they are calling for an appointment and remind them of any outstanding balance and ask them to bring a check or credit card with them to appointment to pay.

This is an important aspect of the business. The software will help generate healthier revenues from the more efficient payment collection processes.

3 – Collect patient deductible and co insurance at time of service. Offer different payment options.

With the software, you can offer different payment options. Deductible is the amount payable by the patient and cannot be claimed from the insurance company. The software helps to track that to ensure prompt collection.

3 – Followup on all insurance denials or rejections, don’t let the insurance companies cheat you out of revenue.

Many practices simply give up on insurance claims because they find it too tedious to track the claims. The practice thus ends up losing money. With the software in place, a practice doesn’t have to lose money due to rejections or denials anymore. Simply follow up with the claims, correct the problems, and rake in the cash.

4 – Schedule efficiently to fill up your schedule efficiently.

Your practice depends on your patient appointments for revenue. So it’s important to have powerful software that will manage all your appointments for you.

5 – Doctors, be sure to submit info to office staff for hospital and nursing home visits and rounds.

Doctors, being busy and heavily stressed professionals, sometimes forget to submit info for office staff. They can now submit the info through the software.

6 – Immediately bill any claim to patient if insurance company denies.

Sometimes, you may have legitimate denials from insurance companies. Have your software bill patients immediately if an insurance claim fails (e.g. insurance policy expired).

7 – Send patient statements at least monthly – hire a temp if your staff complains about not having time to print, and stuff and stamp the statements. Consider an electronic statement service. For about the cost of stationery, envelopes, and stamp, a service can serve this crucial function.

Monthly billing statements take up a lot of time and the work is not just repetitive but also builds up over time. With a medical practice management software program, you can hire a temp staff to perform such tasks and free up the time of your full time staff. In the long run, you will be saving more money due to better use of your staff’s time, and declining staff turnover.

Gen Wright

Dental Practice Consultant on What Dentist Profits Can Do for You in Your Practice

In this article, dental practice consultant Ed O’ Keefe will share to you what Dentist Profits and his coaching club can do for you in your dental practice. The dental practice consultant will tell you the benefits that you can get by joining his club. The dental practice consultant will also share to you how you can achieve success in your dental practice by joining him in his coaching club. And this is something they focus specifically at their dental practice website!

Here’s what the dental practice consultant is going tell you about Dental Profits and His Coaching Club:

People ask me: “With your coaching club Ed, do you train my staff, and do you train like anybody in my staff to do the marketing?” And my answer to that is “YES!”. We hold fast start trainings, which is for the team; for your hygienists, for your assistants, and also for yourself. And we also have Wendy Briggs ( president of Hygiene Diamonds, and creator of “Whitening for Life”, and she’s one of the smartest people you’ll ever meet ), who gets your hygienists and your assistants helping sell a lot more dentistry for you in your dental practice. And you get that free by being a new member with us! And as a dental practice consultant, we do that because we know that your dental practice and your marketing will be ten times more effective, if your staff is on board, and is buying into what you’re trying to accomplish… and so we do that training for you! We hold two seminars a year, and if you want to get into our Gold membership, we do 4 of those trainings a year; which is great! And those guys and gals really love masterminding together. It’s really an elite group of dentists who are doing just fantastic and fabulous things.

Now, what’s your risk? Now, I hold a 30-day free trial for you to let you “test-drive” my system, and also “test-drive” my coaching club. Get it aggregated into the culture and just dive in… and see if it fits you! If it doesn’t, well it doesn’t fit you. We part ways… and that’s okay. But if it does fit you, well, the better it is! I’ll tell you, as a dental practice consultant, I’m getting testimonials and success stories all the time! And these testimonials and success stories come from successful doctors who are just doing great things in their office! I see people who were two weeks away from bankruptcy and who turned it around! I see people who were doing $40,000 a month, and are now doing $120,000 a month! I see people who were doing $120,000 a month, now doing $250,000 a month! And most importantly, what I see is just a lot of the lifestyle and the choices, meaning, that these people get to do what they want, with the people they want to work with.. so in the process they get to experience a lot of true autonomy… and that’s really what running a successful business allows you to do!

We also have tons of customer service.You can call our office just by any day of the week, and people will be there to answer your questions and support you! And also, people ask me this question as well: “With the marketing, can you guys just do it for me?”. Well, we have some brand new services available; we have a couple of brand new services for online marketing that are now available for you. And we’ve also had direct mail services for a long time. So we get to send out direct mail pieces, new mover programs, birthday mailings ( where we can actually market to people in your area with birthdays, and it’s just another great strategy!). It’s a strategy that a lot of really smart direct response companies utilize, and a lot of people just tend to overlook it. So, as a dental practice consultant, we have all these great ideas and strategies that will really benefit you in your dental practice! So, if you’re interested in our Coaching Club and in our free trial, just go to our dental practice website, and just go ahead and click on there and you’ll get all the details.

Darcy Juarez

Marketing Your Medical Practice: Why You Need Online Video

So your medical practice has a website. That’s great! But the web is almost 15 years old now – and just being “on the web” isn’t enough anymore. By limiting your practice to a 1995-style presence, you could be missing out on a whole world of patients who need your help – patients who have grown up online and interact with the Internet in a different way than they did back when the web was new. If you’re going to connect with the web generation, your practice is going to need to reach out to them in a way they can’t ignore.

How? By reaching today’s web audience through online video. Marketing a medical practice with video lets you build a foundation of trust with a patient before they ever walk through your office door. They can learn about your personality, your approach to treatment, and your quality of care. Consider these three factors that make online video so powerful:

Connection. Web audiences don’t read; they skim. Study after study shows that most web users simply will not read large blocks of text, preferring instead to skim the text and graphics on websites. Internet users today demand a deeper connection, a faster, more direct way to absorb information – and that way is video. From Hulu to YouTube, online video is exploding across the web – and you may be missing out on the explosion. By embedding your own customized video programming into your website, you become a part of this growing new medium, giving your practice a chance to make a personal and emotional connection with today’s web user.

Communication. It’s often difficult to communicate complex medical information to patients and potential patients. Details of surgical procedures, the arrangement of the body’s organs, the shape and function of surgical instruments – all these can be sources of confusion and frustration for doctors and clients. Video communication cuts through the confusion; one short animated segment showing a patient or potential patient exactly what his or her treatment will entail is worth ten thousand words of clumsy explanation. When people can see what’s going to happen to them in your office or during surgery, they’re much less prone to be frightened – which benefits both the surgeon and his or her patient.

Comfort. Let’s face it: surgery is scary. The prospect of being unconscious with one’s life in the hands of a recent acquaintance (that’s you, doctor!) is enough to give a Green Beret the willies. And the clinical environment most people experience – a world of harsh glare, beeping machinery, strange noises, and intrusive strangers – isn’t exactly comforting, either. Online video can help minimize a patient’s anxiety prior to surgery. Using online video, you can show your patients exactly what’s going to happen to them while they’re in your care, from admissions to the surgery itself to the recovery room to the cashier. By introducing your practice and staff to the patient with pictures, words, and music, you can comfort your patients and provide them peace of mind, making them feel more at ease with you and your team.

Jason Harrison1

Grow Your Medical Practice With Medical Scheduling Software

There are many reasons why a medical practice would need to invest in professional medical scheduling software. Here are some common reasons that are cited by medical offices.

Very disorganized.

This is one of the most common reasons that medical offices cite. Medical offices can manage their billing and appointments either manually, or by using some kind of computer software. Those offices that still use manual methods resort to scribbling on forms and filing them away. As you can imagine, this can get pretty disorganized after some time. In addition, as technology continues to evolve, medical offices are expected to adopt more advanced systems in their offices. Otherwise, their image may be adversely affected.

A handful of offices have already adopted computer software. But the problem is, the existing software isn’t user friendly, or it’s too cumbersome to use. So that doesn’t really help. Everything is still rather disorganized.

Then there are medical offices that are without computer experts, so they prefer to leave the challenges to someone else. They choose to outsource all their billing functions. That way, they don’t have to deal with any software or hardware issues.

Billing functions can indeed be outsourced. But scheduling appointments still need to be done in-house. There is no avoiding this task. In fact, this is the core function of any medical office. Without medical appointments, there would be no revenue. So keeping the appointments organized is of utmost importance.

So how does medical scheduling software come into the picture?

The right medical scheduling software can actually help overcome many of the above mentioned challenges. Here is what medical scheduling software can do for you and your medical practice.

Allow several staff to access system at any one time.

When your medical practice is packed with appointments, a bottle neck may arise. Staff may need to access important information from the system, and when there is no proper system in place, the situation can be a frustrating one. With a medical scheduling software, anyone who wants to access patient appointments can do so at their own discretion. This will help save time and prevent unnecessary stress on the staff.

Tracking insurance policies.

Sometimes, insurance policies can impede the actual billing process. Patients may be unsure whether the treatments they are receiving are covered by their insurance policies or not. In this case, the software can help. It tracks what insurance company the patient has, and list all the policy numbers. If your medical practice is using a billing service, you can easily pass this information to the service provider. This will help speed up the entire billing process, and patients can proceed with treatments, knowing that everything is well taken care of.

Optional websync feature.

This is a feature that you should look out for. The software enables information to be synced with a password protected website. This means that other doctors can now access up to date information regardless of their physical location. All they need is to do is to login to the website, and get the information that they need. This feature is especially useful for medical offices with many branches.

Of course, there are many other useful features that a medical scheduling software may have. But the above are key features that will help you the most in your medical offices. Once you start using it, you will be thinking how you have gotten on in the past without it!

Gen Wright

Healthcare Marketing: How to Promote your Cosmetic Surgery Practice With Little Time & Effort

Promoting your cosmetic surgery practice can seem like an overwhelming task. Why? You don’t just promote your medical practice you have to work for a living. You have to see patients, do the procedures and write your notes. You have to follow up on your patients, take care of complications, and deal with your staff. It’s a never-ending labor of love.

But there is a means of promotion that is often overlooked. It’s readily available, and is a fundamental part of any campaign to promote yourself and your practice. It’s the power of the testimonial!

Why you should use testimonials to promote your cosmetic surgery practice.

The whole point of promotion is to get your messages across to your customers explaining why they need your product or service. However, with everyone screaming, “Buy mine, buy mine” at the top of their lungs, it is often difficult to make yourself stand out.

That’s where use of this technique stands out and can be an absolute lifesaver for your practice!

Using testimonials is so underused, yet so valuable. You’ll likely kick yourself when you start using it. If used correctly, simple, short quotes can give a lot of credibility to your promotion and simultaneously boost your sales figures too.

Sure, anyone can insert a statement like,

“I just loved my chemical peel! It made my skin look like new. I’ll never get one from anyone else!-Sue, Arizona”.

Or how about the endorsement of, “I highly recommend that Dr. Dufus Bupkus. I’ve had others and he’s the best!-Ed, patient.”

But these statements don’t hold much weight. Do YOU believe them? Do they sway you to come to you as a doctor? No. And I’ll tell you why. Powerful testimonials have certain elements in common:

1. They are specific.

2. They are verifiable.

3. They are impressive.

Let’s look at these things in detail and I’ll explain what I mean.

1. They are specific

Endorsements and testimonials that are convincing are specific to the experience of the customer. Rather than just stating that the chemical peel made Sue’s skin look like new, this testimonial should say something about her experience.

“I had forgotten all about the upcoming wedding of my niece. I had 1 day to get ready and noticed my skin had lost it’s glow. I couldn’t see all those relatives with the way my skin looked.. I called 5 doctors and their staff laughed at me. I then called Dr. Lycka. I couldn’t believe the difference! He saw me right away and carefully listened to my problem. He then suggested a microdermabrasion and a javani treatment. I immediately looked and felt better. Then his esthetician put some Glo minerals makeup on me. All I can say is Thank you!! Your office really saved my day!”

Now that says a mouthful!

2. They are verifiable

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people. Many doctors will quickly create false testimonials and endorsements simply because they don’t have any real ones. The majority of consumers are quickly becoming aware of this tactic. That’s why it is so important to provide verifiable information with your accolades.

When listing a testimonial or endorsement in your ad, include some way the potential buyer can identify with your customer. This includes a name, an occupation and an age. These elements let the buyer know that they are free to verify the information given. They build a tremendous amount of trust and credibility.

3. They are impressive

How do you impress someone with a testimonial or endorsement? Easy! Give ones that are from impressive people.

Yes, it’s easy to impress buyers if a movie star endorses you. But what if your testimonials come from everyday people? That works, too. Simply include the title or status of the individual giving the endorsement. The trick here is to phrase the title in such a way that it means something to your target audience.

For example, if writing an ad for everyday folks, we could state the title of the person giving the testimonial as:

“Sue Smith, Mother of three”

Even those people who aren’t parents understand how much of your time children take up. This woman has three children. Even though Sue isn’t a widely known celebrity, her title brings its own air of impressiveness because of how it relates to the product or service.

I have no doubt you’re thinking right now: “How do I get my customers to write testimonials that follow these guidelines?”

Here’s how to get your customers to write effective testimonials:

When you ask for a testimonial, specify what your needs are. I often state my requests this way,

“Since you’re pleased with my service, I’d like to ask if you would be willing to provide a testimonial. I’d love to let my prospective customers know about how the product helped you.

Now the client knows precisely what I’m looking for.

Most patients are looking for validation and justification prior to making a purchase. Providing them with proof that your service is well liked by their peers is an excellent way to give your ads credibility and increase your sales.

Barry Lycka

How to Market Your Practice and Attract Patients the Right Way Into Your Dental Practice

In this article, dental marketing company adviser Ed O’ Keefe will share to you how to market your practice and attract dental patients the right and effective way into your dental practice. The dental marketing company adviser will tell you how important positioning is as you “sell” your practice to the people. And the dental marketing company adviser will also share to you what you should do once the patient comes into your practice. And this is something we focus specifically at our dental marketing website!

Here’s what the dental marketing company adviser will share with you:

As a dental marketing company adviser, the first thing that I would like to tell you in marketing your practice and attracting more patients into it is that you should consider “positioning”. What I mean by this is that you position yourself in a way that, in a sense, you’re telling the people: “I’m someone whom you can trust, because I don’t need your money!” You somehow show to them that you’re not fearing that if you don’t get this patient’s case, your life’s going to end. Show them that you are in demand by the public! And this is kind of like a process of pre-conditioning.You see, the whole idea of positioning is that when you don’t put people in a system, and they come in just for free consultation without any kind of pre-conditioning prior; when they sit face to face with you, you have to do a diagnosis to create pain, you have to agitate this pain, and you got to give them the solution. So, the problem with this is that when a patient comes in and offered with a free offer, where there’s no conditioning, what happens is that the doctor is chasing the patient! Or say, with your team, your office is trying to get the patient into the office! And I always call this the “best-looking girl syndrome”. For example, back in high school, I see the hottest girl in our group that we hang out with, and I always want to go talk to her. I walk over to where she is and say, “Hey, what’s up Susy?”. Then she walks away! Now, the rate that I came in with Susy, becomes the rate she walked away as well. It’s like the faster I moved in, the faster she took off! But what I figured out is that, Susy always went after the guy who is the guy in the corner, who is kind of a jerk, and who acted like he didn’t care at all. And I realized that it’s all about the law of pursuit and attraction. So, if you’re pursuing, people will run away. If you’re attracting, people can’t wait to be there! And so is it in your dental practice. Pre-condition it so that you will be attracting people to it… and you’ll never go to a point wherein you and your office or team will be the ones chasing after the patient. They should be the one to chase your practice!

So when patients come into your dental practice, what I advise you to do as a dental marketing company adviser are three steps. First, you ask your patients what they want or the reason why they came in. Second, do a diagnostic new patient experience (in our case, for this we have Wendy Briggs, president of Hygiene Diamonds and one of the smartest people that you’re going to meet, because she is the one who trains the assistants and the hygienists on how to probe correctly, on how to language things correctly, etc.). Then third, you sit down with the patient and do a consultation (and what I advise you to do is go with a simple formula, which is P-A-S, or Problems-Agitate-Solve, and stay consistent with the formula!). By here, you identify the problem or whatever the patient needs; discuss the problem earnestly with them; and then find the best way to solve the problem! And when you effectively solve their problems… they really become comfortable and contented with the kind of service that you give to them… and the big possibility is that they pay, stay, and refer in your dental practice. And this is another good way of marketing your practice and attracting patients the right way into your dental practice!

Darcy Juarez

A Physician’s First-Hand Experience With EHR/EMRs

Most people who talk about the benefits of electronic health records (EHR, sometimes called EMR) focus on time and cost savings. Ingenix CareTracker EHR client Dr. Pablo Rodriguez says the technology helps him to be a better doctor.

Dr. Rodriguez is CEO of Womens Care, which is one of the largest womens health care practices in southern New England. He is an advocate of the role of technology in health care improvement efforts. At a recent event for area physicians, he shared his experience with CareTracker EHR and his insights on how his colleagues can take full advantage of the incentives available through The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which provides for over $19 billion in reimbursements for physician offices who implement EHRs and demonstrate meaningful use.

Ingenix was there to capture his remarks and hear why he believes the temporary nature of ARRA funding means that now is the time for his colleagues to get on board with EHR technology.

Ingenix CareTracker EHR is a simple, affordable Web-based electronic health records solution that can be integrated with all the operational functions of medical practice. With electronic health records, pulling charts, approving refill requests, and signing lab results are a just click away. This simplicity strengthens the patient-physician experience, improves quality and reduces costs.

Unlike traditional client-server-based EHRs, which require large up-front investments in hardware, software and implementation fees, Ingenix CareTracker EHR offers a low-cost alternative without sacrificing functionality, security or physician productivity. Physicians access Ingenix CareTracker EHR through a secure Web interface, which connects their practice to a network of labs, partner physicians and hospitals. It is simple to deploy and use with a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription fee. For as little as $5,000 per year, a single-physician practice can start using Ingenix CareTracker EHR with just four hours of physician training and six hours of office manager training.

Using a Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT)-certified EHR, such as Ingenix CareTracker EHR, will likely help physicians qualify for the highest level of Medicare reimbursement incentives outlined in the HITECH Act, a part of the stimulus package. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is expected to release EHR standards at the end of 2009.

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CMS Physician Services

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