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Starting Own Medical Practice – Salary Difference?

What’s the salary difference for a physician working at a hospital and one who has their own medical practice?

Would any business training be required to start your own medical practice?

I’m currently a undergrad majoring in pre-med and want to know if I should take any business courses.

I’ve heard of doctors who start their own private practice and make millions. Is this true?

That depends on a lot of things. What type of physician are you planning on becoming? Where are you planning on opening a practice? All of these things will determine your income. Typically a salaried physician makes around $130,000 – $200,000 annually, again depending on his/her specialty and region.

If you open your own practice, it is possible to make really good money. We bill for companies that bring in millions a month. This is determined by your location, your specialty and your patient base.

You don’t have to take any business courses, I don’t think it would hurt. I would suggest, however, that you hire yourself an excellent Manager or a Billing Company to handle your business matters. This can make or break you.

Good luck with your career path!

I want to start a new career in dental nursing?

Im planning on starting a new career in dental nursing but i need to enroll in a course. What would be the best course to begin with to give me the best chance of getting employed with a dental practice that will offer me paid employment while learning? I dont any experience so i’ll be starting from scratch.

If you are in England then you should enrol with the GDC and then try and apply for a job as some dental practices will take you on if they know you are on a course. However you would have to try and fit the two around each other.

Would you vote yes or no for Medical Marijuana if it was propose in your state?

Do you think marijuana should be legalized medicinally? States who have started this practice have realized that there is more positive than negative.

Also-> If it was legalized in your state, how long did it take for dispensaries to open? Do you think it has a positive or negative affect on your state?

Lets hear your opinions


There are many safer alternatives and the chance of abuse is too big to support legalizing pot.

How can Doctor (Specialist) come to US and start practice here?

I have a relative who is an opthalmologist in India. She completed her MBBS and Specialization from a very reputed medical institute in India. She wants to come to US and experience the Medical world here . Please let me know if anyone has any information where we can find relevant info.

If she wants to come to the US, she will have to do another residency in ophthalmology in order to practice.
The institution offering the residency will assist with immigration issues.
She will have to apply to an academic medical center for the residency. Most large cities have a public hospital with optho residencies and slots difficult to fill with American residents. She’d have a better shot at such placements.
Apply directly to the institution’s office of graduate medical education.

I need detailed info on how to start a medical practice?

I need info on how to start a medical practice. Taxes, permits whether to be a corp, sole propreitorship, or a partnership. There are only 2 doctors, nurse and office manager.

I have a medical practice. I am practicing natural medicine. First you need to find out if the doctors involved want to be partners or if they just want to be "worker bees" in the practice. Secondly you have to look at the skill set you bring to the table. If you are the office manager that would be good as you can watch the financial bottom line of the practice. As far as how to start up find out whom wants to be partners first. If they have no interest in being partners then you would simply start the business as a sole proprietorship which is what I think is the best road to take for the simple fact that you don’t have to worry about splitting up who claims what when it comes to taxes, billing, etc… Pros: there is no splitting the profits you are the boss, you make your own schedule and you call the shots as to what stays what goes.

Cons: you are liable for everything, you pay all the bills, you are responisible if a lawsuit comes up.

I have an extensive list of things you will need to do however I feel I should email you that info as you do not want everyone knowing how you will set up your business.

Good luck.

Shai/HP/Medical Coach

What is the quickest way for me to become a family practice Doctor??

I graduated high school a semester early from texas and im goin to saddleback community college in california for the semester to get some basics out of the way i just want to know what would be the quickest way to become a family practice doctor and if i should go to school out here in california or go to a medical school in texas???

If you move to South America you can start right now.

i m a pharmacist since last 20 year,now can i start my practice as a medical practioner as a doctor?

to practice medicine in the USA, you have to have graduated from an accredited medical
school and have passed the medical boards for the state in which you wish to practice.
pharmacy school+ state boards= pharmacist
medical school + state board = doctor

i know more about diagnosing and prescribing than the average person but i am in no
way qualified to be a doctor any more than my doctor is of being a pharmacist.

hello there,i am intrested in doing dental nursing should i start up a practice wid dentist rather then?

starting the course..please letme know asap…thanks

The best Way to start your career as a Dental Nurse is to find yourself a job in a surgery where they will train you in house.
Once you have been working for at least 6 months you can enroll yourself on a recognized training course in order for you to gain your qualification.
You could enroll on a course but a lot of the stuff that you will be learning requires you to be working in a surgery in order for you to put them into practice.
Ring around your local surgeries and ask if they have a position for a trainee Dental Nurse and good luck.