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Monthly Archives May 2010

Is it common medical practice in USA for patients to be given their test results directly?

In Australia it is normal for a patient to receive their results via the Dr who ordered the tests, thus getting an interpretation of the results based on examination and medical history and a chance to ask questions etc.

It always amazes me that people post test results here asking for explanations without any context.

What is the normal practice where you live?

A good Dr will always give the results to you directly. Mine did and explained everything about the test. Those who as these questions had a Dr that was just to darn much in hurry and didn’t’ take the time to explain. Those are doctors I stay away from. I always get copies of all my results. I refuse to take results from anyone else other than my doctor and here in the US, it is our right. I’m with you about people asking questions about their test results. Those who get results without explanations should reconsider their doctor.

what are the differences between a flight surgeon and a family practice doctor?

I’m going into the Air Force, actually i’ll be going into Air National Guard for school and then switch into active. I know i want to be a doctor of some type, but not sure. so i would like to know the all the differences and likes of a flight surgeon and a family practice doctor, or a physician.

flight surgeon can qualify a pilot to fly medically
my family practice doctor does not do general surgery

all the best