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Monthly Archives August 2010

7 Mistakes Chiropractors Make in Practice Building

This is a pet peeves list. We keep seeing doctors making the same 7 mistakes over and over. Being aware of these 7 mistakes could have a profound impact on your practice and income. Which of these 7 mistakes are YOU guilty of making?

Mistake #1: Make marketing and promoting of your services a low priority

Peter Drucker, the Harvard management guru once said “Marketing and advertising is the only function in a business that makes money. Everything else is an expense.” Doctors make the mistake of “finding time” for marketing, when instead the proper order is – Do the marketing first, and see patients if you have time. I’m deadly serious. (You can always hire others to see your flood of patients; but you’re dead in the water without business flowing through your doors. That’s why the study and mastery of effective practice marketing is the single most important skill to master in your life.)

Mistake #2: Not using a Referral System

Imagine the impact of turning every patient into 2-3 referrals. You wouldn’t need paid advertising any longer if you could achieve this. Yet doctors all seem to think that referrals happen by “lucky accident.” Not true. Smart doctors use a referral system that indirectly and subtly saturates the idea of referrals into the patients mind. Like newsletters, audio brochures, wow experience, New Patient Gift Bags, the take home x-ray, etc.

Mistake #3: Not having a big “back end”

The dumbest thing a doctor can do is to sell just one service. Dumb because these patients are already spending money elsewhere on hundreds of goods. Why not offer these services to patients and let them give the money to you? Smart doctors have a deep and wide back end business that turns a one-shot patient into a constant stream of income lasting month or years.

Mistake #4: Not having an ongoing “continuity stream of income”

This is related to mistake #3. “Continuity income” means income you can charge patients monthly for. Like auto-ship nutritions. Like a monthly maintenance program in which you can charge 25% of your patient base $149 per month, which grows and grows. This falls under that category of “why WOULDN’T you do this??”

Mistake #5: Working too much, not taking time to regenerate

Doctors who feel they must be open 5-6 days a week are just plain wrong or insecure that their patients might flee elsewhere if they’re not open. I disproved this years ago. I have a platinum client Dr. Greg Henderson who will do 2 million this year working only 2 days a week. Any size “volume practice” can be re-engineered to do the same amount of business being open only 3 days or less. High achievement comes from having time off, when you’re fresh and emotionally recharged. Failure in practice often comes from burnout, fatigue, and lack of passion to get things done. This occurs from no time off for yourself.

Mistake #6: Not offering some elective “cash based” services

100% reliance on insurance can be a death kiss. You must develop a growing line of “cash based” services that can be offered to existing insurance patients. One coaching client offers vanity services such as photo-facial and laser hair removal. Others are offering Weight Loss Hypnosis and charging over $2,000 per client. The point is, don’t make all your income insurance.

Mistake #7: Expanding into larger space because you’re bored

The wrong reason to expand to more expensive space is because you’re bored. Usually 5-7 years into practice we see doctors start to get the “7 year itch” and they start talking themselves into the idea of moving into much larger and more expensive space. This is one of the “big” mistakes we see being made, because it can cost doctors profits, income, and a big loss of patient base.

In summary, those are the 7 mistakes we see doctors making. How did you fare on this list? No one is perfect but I hope this list helps to shed light on areas in which you need some help. Now go forth and sin no more!

Ben Cummings

Dentist Practice Management Economics Adviser Lloyd Irvin on His Black Belt SEO Masters System

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Here’s what the dentist practice management economics adviser will share to you about his offer:

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As I have stated your investment for this offer, I will give you my personal guarantee for this system… and my personal guarantee is this: If you don’t at least triple your online dental business in the first 12 months as a direct result of what I’m going to do for you (which are our search engine optimization strategies and submissions), I will not only refund your money, but pay you $1,000.00 out of my own pocket for wasting your time! A really good investment isn’t it? So, as a dentist practice management economics adviser, I advise you to take action and take my offer now, instead of just sitting in the sideline and just waiting, hoping and saying that you couldn’t do it… and go for success in your dentist practice business!

Ed O’Keefe

Is it possible that harsh medical practices are still happening today?

Like back in the 1800’s when doctor’s would go mad and start using harsh medical practices such as lobotamys without using any medicines. This mostly happened in mental instutions or the doctors home. This is for a research project so any information about past medical practices you find disturbing/ harsh would be helpful. Please no rude comments.

they still do psycho-surgery today often used for OCD which has not responded to anything else
do a google of psychsurgery and you’ll find it

they still do ECT electoconvulsive therapy today although in some states it has been banned
do a google of ECT and you’ll find it

they also still use mechanical restraints on patients and forced drugs, also good behavior for extra food is still used in some institutions google and find it

Would it be a bad idea to tryout for my future college’s dance team if I am doing a pre-med program?

So I am a junior in high school starting my search for colleges. The one I am interested in at the moment has a very good pre-med program (My goal is to become a radiologist.) and a nationally ranked dance team. I dance competitively now for the same coach as the college dance team at a local studio.
I know how important studying/good grades are for a pre-med degree, but I don’t think I can stop dancing next year, I love it so much. They practice 3 days a week, but also travel with the football/basketball teams and during nationals time they practice everyday. I am a really dedicated student, I get good grades now (GPA 3.8), and I am defiantly not a party person, but is it a good idea to do the dance team, when studying to get into medical school is top priority?

I think you should at least try. I have seen students in extremely difficult, demanding majors, be on varsity travel sports teams, and do well. One friend was an elite level national athlete, going to Worlds and Olys, and also studying engineering at one of the top engineering schools in the world. It can be done. But you really do need to be focused and dedicated to your studies. Your books travel with you everywhere. If there’s a break in a rehearsal, you study. You study on planes and busses. Others go out after games – but sometimes, you don’t, because you have to study.

Try it for a semester – see how it goes. It really is possible to do both; not easy, but quite possible, if you manage your time well, so I’d like to see you at least give dance a try.

In addition, if, as you say, dance is so important to you, then giving it up – I suspect that dance may actually help you stay fit, and focused on your studies. It’s your outlet. That’s great. It could actually help your studies.

But be very focused. Make sure that if you need time off from classes for travel, you speak to the profs in advance. Also, talk to them at the start of the term, to make sure they know that you’ll occasionally need to travel.

And if you see that you can’t manage both, then stop. Your priority is med school.

If I am 23 now and I want to become a family practice doctor how long will it take me if I go full time?

I want to start school again but I want to know how long will it take since i will start in a community college. any advise will be greatly appreciated even if the answer is "not possible to accomplish"

If you’re planning to be a family practice doctor you need an associates degree in science with a concentration in pre-med and also forward that towards your bachelor’s degree in Science and then you got 4 years of medical school. You also have to include a couple years of being a resident and an intern and then you spend 2-5 years in a specialty so roughly you’ll be spending about 12 years you’ll be about 34 when you get done.

Good OBGYN and General Practice Doctor in Pasadena, Glendale or Burbank, CA area who accepts Blue Cross HMO?

I am looking for a good doctor and OBGYN in or around the areas mentioned. I do not want to go to a clinic; I would like a permanent doctor with a modern and stable practice. I prefer a woman OBGYN, but would be interested to hear referrals of both males and females. I know of a great dentist in Pasadena, on south El Molino and a great acupuncturist who speaks Armenian. Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Look them up in the yellow pages directory. Phone and ask if they accept Blue Cross.