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I like to start my own medical practice what are the steps?

I would like to start my own medical practice and need to know what all is needed to do so. I have a 4 year degree in business management. I am not a doctor so I will be hiring a doctor (s) and a staff to do the work. I know that will will cost money, however that is not a problem I have money however I am going to invest it in something I always wanted to do. I will be the owner of the medical practice, but I will not perform work. I need to know the step in opening a medical practice. What is needed so far as a staff and permits.

To start off you need a qualify practising doctor together with nurse.
Registered with the Medical board, using the doctors credential for application.
However, you are at the mercy of the doctor, rather hard to manage the clinic.
Another set back is, if he is good and popular, he may start a clinic nearby taking with him all the patients.

How do I choose a stethescope? What should I look for?

I am about to enter my 3rd year of medical school, and the way our program runs, I’ll start getting some (limited) patient contact, but from April of next year, I’ll be fully in the clinics, and dealing with patients much more regularly. Therefore, it’s time for me to choose a stethescope. Is there anyone who knows a lot about this who could provide me some guidance in choosing one that would be good not just not for now, but for when I start practicing? Thank you!

Don’t spend a lot of money on your ‘training’ stethoscope. Keep it under $200. By the time you enter residency, you’ll have enough experience to know what features you prefer and then you can pour the dough into it.

I think it is inarguable that a cardiac stethoscope is the best. The Littman cardiac stethoscopes have been around for decades and you cannot go wrong picking one of them up.

One of the problems you’re going to encounter is an adult versus pediatric stethoscope. Purists will argue that you need a pediatric stethoscope. Unless you’re dealing with preemies, I’ve never had a problem using my adult stethoscope on an infant or child. But, again, it’s going to be a personal preference. There are some stethoscope kits that come with interchangeable heads and that may be the best way to go to keep your supervising physicians happy. The other thing to bear in mind is that most pediatric shops have genreal use stethoscopes because they are the ‘oddity’ in that equipment area.

As for brand names, Littman and Welch Allyn are the tops in the business. Oh–from my personal experience–the longer the tubing on the binaurals (the pieces that go into your ear) the better. Short tubing means you have to bend over and get closer to the patient. Imagine working an inner city emergency room seeing drunks, addicts and the unwashed and you’ll appreciate an extra six inches of distance. Also, short tubing doesn’t drape well across your neck when the stethoscope is not in use, meaning they fall off when you aren’t paying attention. Nothing is quite as embarassing as having your stethoscope fall off and hit a patient.

Don’t forget to have an ID of some type engraved on it.

What do you have to do to become a doctor?

When I graduate High School, I want to go to college to become a doctor. I don’t know if anyone is familiar. with this but I want to start my own practice like a UMCC or IMCC, Urgent Medical Care Center, Immediate Medical Care Center. What, and how much schooling do I have to take to become this type of doctor. Also what is the average salary for a good practice. Thanks!

go to undergrad, better yet, if you have the grades, go straight into a combined undergrad/md program, depending on where you live there might be programs available. if not, go to undergrad, maintain a gpa above 3.5, do well on your mcat, get into med school, do the 7 years required to get your license, (4 school, 3 years residency) and from there you are free to open up your own practice. as for salary it varies greatly by the location of your practice, how many patients you receive. you can choose to work for a hospital for probably around 150k out of residency, opening up your own practice and having a successful one you will be able to make much more, how much is just up to how much work you are willing to put in.

Do you know of an all-female medical practice?

I’m pregnant and looking for an all-female medical practice. It can be either a General Practioner group or an ob/gyn specialty group in Loudoun County. Please include website links and/or any other contact information to provider. Personal references appreciated!

I don’t blame you for wanting an all-femal practice for this part of your life. It’s not sexist. Unfortunately, my all-female practice is in DC and PG County Maryland (Props to Dr. Lorraine Gillian!), but I hope you find a good one near you. I have a male GP but for female stuff, from pap smears to pregancy to menopause, female doctors just get it better. You go girl!

where can a homeopathic doctor legally practice homeopathy in usa?

where can a homeopathic doctor legally practice homeopathy in usa? how to get a license to practice homeopathy in usa?

It depends on two factors. What education and license that person has, and the state laws in regards to such education and license. Several states require a MD or DO degree to practice homeopathy since it’s still considered a medication. And 3 states require to take the state license exam for homeopathy to show that you have the degree and the necessary accredited hours that you are educated in homeopathy. Otherwise, it’s unregulated and any health professional may use homeopathy, ranging from naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, or physician’s assistants.

Double check with the state laws before you practice there.

What are the chances of being able to practice my medical profession in Japan when I get out of school?

Hi I am currently about to start college and i have to decided to major in nursing and are 99% sure I will minor in Japanese. I have already began studying Japanese on my own (well enough to read and write) but would love to continue my studies in college. My question is taking into consideration that I will become an RN what are the chances/methods that I would be able to use this practice in japan assuming my language skill will be sufficient once coming out of school? Thanks.

Probably zero at that high a level. You would first have to graduate from a Japanese college.That requires native level Japanese.And a lot of money.
Japan is mostly Japanese.Many Japanese people would refuse to be touched by a non-Japanese.
Another thing you may not realize is nurses in Japan are underpaid and over worked.You could make far more money here in the US.
Also remember you need a work visa to work in Japan.And to get the work visa you need a job offer before you get there.
You can check the web sites below and see what’s commonly available.

Is it okay to practice the guitar all day?

I’m at my first year in Medical School, and fortunately we don’t have summer classes in our school. I have started practicing the guitar using the "Jamorama" tutorial, and I have been going at it at all my waking moments (almost 8 hours a day).

I am concerned with the adverse effects of continuous practicing like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc.. So to remedy that I pace my practice sessions and I do finger exercises on the fretboard when I feel that my fingers are no longer limber.

My usual pattern is: 1 hour practice then a 15-30 minute break. I don’t feel any bumps or painful spots along my hand. And after sleeping my hands are still able to play like before.

I really would like to learn how to play the guitar after our 2 month vacation. After our vacation my attention will all be focused on my medical studies. which explains the pace of my practice sessions. I’ve searched the internet about this and I haven’t found a good schedule to follow for this kind of intensive study.

Thank you for replying and for the help.

All good guitarists have practiced for 8 hours a day for months at a time at some point in their life, without permanent damage. Just make sure you have good posture. You might also want to try one of those wrist bands that tennis players use. Jamorama is great, good choice. You might also want to try the Carcassi Method exercises if you have any interest in fingerstyle/classical playing.

How long will it take for yoga to tone up my body?

I’m not expecting amazing, mind-blowing changes, but I may start practicing yoga once a week, because my doctor advises me not to do any other exercise right now.Anyways… one hour a week …. is this gunna really do anything?

One hour a week won’t really do anything. If you are able, 3-7 times a week, 30 minutes – 1 hour each time is ideal to really see and feel results.