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Monthly Archives September 2010

Human Relations Workbook Nourishment for the Medical Practice answers final examination?

I need help with the answers for the AAMA Human Relations Workbook: Nourishment for the Medical Practice final exam, please help!!!

A medical vocation is always worth considering, from nurses and surgeons right down to hospital cleaning personnel. The resource in the box below has some brilliant guidance on entering this splendid line of work. My brother got some brilliant guidance from there in advance of landing a vocation as a medical admin assistant.

When searching for a new doctor how do you choose what kind of practice to go to?

Example(s): Family Practice, Medical Doctor, General Practice, etc. What’s the difference, and what are the other types? Serious answers please, Thanks in advance.

As a woman, you should consider whether you want your doctor to take care of Gynecology issues (Pap smears, "female" problems, birth control, etc). as well as other issues. Family Medicine doctors can do everything; Internal Medicine doctors do not do Gynecology. As an M.D., I don’t think there’s much difference between M.D.s and D.O.s, and the vast majority of doctors think the same. General Practice docs are older–there’s no G.P. degree anymore and hasn’t been for a while. Many practices have a type of appoinment called "meet the doctor" where you can talk to the doc and see if you are a good match, for no charge…ask about it. Hope that helps!