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What is the success rate for Private Practice Physicians?

When doctors start their own private practice, is there ever a shortage of clients? What percentage of private medical practices succeed? Is it hard to gain a client base for healthcare?

Your question is very broad but assuming he is a decent doctor he would either joing an existing group to establish a patient base and after a few years branch out into his own practice, or he could buy an existing practice from a retiring doctor, Either way the success is very good.pp

hi i would like to become a dental nurse ? don’t no where to start?

i live in south london uk.
apparently i have to give my cv to dental practices to apply as a trainee dental nurse
i need help building up a cv suitable for this position please any help?

try these link to give you some information this is for Scotland mind but will give you some idea at lease;jsessionid=7878B0AB1EC5FD91FFC3A3348B3FBE13?pContentID=97&p_applic=CCC&pMenuID=2&

on that link is a few other links that may work out to be useful for you

Help in creating JOURNAL (Financial Accounting)?

Can someone show me how to create a Journal for the information below?

June 1 Brown invested $25,000 cash in a business bank account to start his medical practice. The business received the cash and gave Brown owner’s equity in the business.

2 Purchased medical supplies on account, $10,000

2 Paid monthly office rent of $4,000

3 Recorded $12,000 revenue for service rendered to patients on account.

June 1 Cash (Dr) $25,000
Shareholders’ equity-Brown (Cr) $25,000

June 2 Medical supplies (Dr) $10,000
Accounts payable (Cr) $10,000

June 2 Office rent expense (Dr) $4,000
Cash or Bank (Cr) $4,000

June 3 Accounts receivable (Dr) $12,000
Service revenue (Cr) $12,000

I am qaulified as a doctor psychiatrist in Russia.?

I am British by birth but i went to Russia for studies and got qualified as a doctor psychiatrist there. I came back to UK in September 2008 and wanted to practise as a doctor here, but i have no information what to do. I have applied for my CRB report and its almost 8 months i havnt heard any thing, why is CRB taking that long. some one told me i can practise self employed here and i dont need CRB report for that. But the thing is Iam not British registered doctor I am registered in Russia, will that be still fine. Can some one please advise me what to do on this. Where can i get information, How can i trace my CRB and how can i start practicing, please help me in this it will be appreciated.

Interesting, a friend of mine who failed to get into Medical university in the UK did that, never heard from him since.

Medical Practice to get bedridden patients up?

Why do you think it is generally accepted medical practice to get bedridden patients up and walking as soon as possible?

The longer you are bedridden, the more muscle tone and flexibility you lose. The sooner you get out of bed, the shorter your recovery time is. If the patient had joint surgery, getting up and moving ensure that they will be able to regain full or close to full range of motion in the joint. For general surgery, the risk of blood clots grows higher the longer the patient stays in bed.

How much can a doctor make in Family Practice?

I’m exploring all the different branches in medicine, I heard a rumor that Family Practice Doctors are overworked and underpaid. Any truth to this? How much do they actually make?
thanks for the answers… Just for your info, I’m not in it just for the money. I’m just doing a little bit of research, thought I’d ask this question on Answers to see what I got. its funny what some people call underpaid…. 1 year interns generally make more than a LT in the Navy! crazy

My wife is pediatrician and they make similar to family which is around what you heard. Depends on the location of the practice. I think the average range is $120-150k. You do work allot but then pretty much all doctors do. Varies based on upon hospital versus private practice and size of practice. As for being underpaid that is all based on what you consider a fair pay. The main thing is do what makes you happy. My wife could have picked any area but she wanted to help kids. Being a doctor shouldn’t be about the money but about helping people and doing what you love. The specialties that pay more usually take longer and you end up in more debt (more schooling) and make less longer (longer residency).

Also, in regards to the answer that mentioned GP. To be a GP you don’t have to pass any medical boards. To call yourself a family doctor you do. Just wanted to clarify that while there are generally the same, one passed the boards while has not.