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Writing Medical Practice Business Plan. Market Analysis?

I am writing a business plan. I am planning to start or rather acquire a urgent care practice within a year or so. I am stuck in the market analysis section of my plan.

Does anyone know a good website or other resource where can I find some market research info on urgent care medicine or medical practices in the united states?

I’ve searched and searched and have not been able to find much of anything and the few things that I have seen cost a considerable amount. My last resort would be to browse the book store although I was hoping to find some good info online.

Look forward to your replies

The majority of people think that Urgent Aid/Care facilities are a good thing. Shorter wait times and quick access to care sounds great. However, due to the laws enacted to protect those without the ability to pay for health care Emergency Departments must take care of people regardless if they can pay or not. This creates a problem. If the already strained Emergency Departments are running into debt because of the people who can not pay, they aren’t going to be open when people who can pay are in traumas.

Why do I have a persistent heavy feeling of plaque on the back of my tongue ? I am on a ridig dental practice?

About 2 years ago , I was diagnosed with periodontal disease , I have 3 or 4 stage 4-5 mm pockets that are stable. I see my dentist every 3 mos. she referred me to see a periodontist , who never rendered me any services , he says that I don’t have enough a problem to seek his services. However ; he did write an antibiotic prescription for me as did my dentist. My dental regimen includes: rinse and brush with Hydrogen Peroxide 3Xdaily ,irrigate gums with water hose , proxybrush to the pockets and all other teeth , brush back of tongue using peroxide , rinse with salt , follow up brushing with oral rinsing Peridex. Prior to starting on the antibiotics I was taking a sinus medication with Zantac for reflux and sinusitis. This alone did not help me with the "feeling of discharge from my gums and the heavy feeling of plaque at the back of my tongue. With a reluctant Periodontist and a persistent bad breath , I am frustrated to start extractions of my teeth.

I have been in Dentistry for over 20 years and am a licensed Dental Hygienist. It is old school to use peroxide for rinses. It will blanch the tissue and there are even studies out there that it may cause dry mouth. Which could cause bad breath due to saliva flow not "flushing" the bacteria. We recommend (and we consult with our Periodontist, who is a national lecturer) that brushing with good old toothpaste, flossing and proxy brush or end tuft on a 2xday basis. If you are really going every 3 months and keeping the pockets stable at 4-5mm w/o bleeding, then you are probably doing okay, of course we want 2-3mm. But even "healthy mouths will have a 4/5mm at times. It all depends on where you came from. Did you came from 7-9mm pockets or did you come from 5-6mm?
Remember the bacteria will re-generate so to speak in a matter of 90-180 days, so a 3-6 mo recare is designed based on an individual need. Keep up with you intervals and home care. Honestly, I haven’t heard of antibiotic therapy (oral meds) for perio for years. There are alot of intra-oral medicants that can be placed in the pocket them selves. If you ever are concerned or question your Dentist, see someone for a second opinion.
Extracting your teeth has a whole bunch of problems on it’s own. So you really need to think long and hard before you go to such irreversible extremes.

Where should I go next? Medicine?

So, I just graduated from George Mason University with BA in communication and 3.8 GPA. I have great letters of recommendations, community service,…etc.

I always wanted to become a doctor, I would sit with a kid who is dying from cancer and just talk with him and not go to my graduation ceremony, that is how much I love it…The problem is, I am 23 and it will take me 2 years premedical, 4 years medical school to actually start practicing medicine, not to mention $ 150,000 loans, and the very low possibility of starting a family.

I am passionate about it, I love helping people more than anything in the world. But is it worth all the time and the money I will spend. Will I be able to do alone as I don’t have a family close by or a husband/boyfriend?

Thank you
Yes, I know about the residency but at least you will get paid during that time and actually start practicing in real life situations

Assalaamu alaykum sister,

If you are willing to sacrifice provided you have the means of paying the fees without taking out riba (interest bearing) loans, and if you choose to pursue the cause of helping people for the pleasure of God, then no doubt you will find yourself capable to doing it, God-willing, as well as having a family.

It requires a lot of sacrifice. And as the other answerer mentioned, thankless work in this world at least perhaps to a greater degree than you might realise.

76. Surah Al-Insan (Man or Time)

8. And they give food, inspite of their love for it (or for the love of Him), to Miskin (poor), the orphan, and the captive,

9. (Saying): "We feed you seeking Allah’s Countenance only. We wish for no reward, nor thanks from you.

10. "Verily, We fear from our Lord a Day, hard and distressful, that will make the faces look horrible (from extreme dislikeness to it)."

11. So Allah saved them from the evil of that Day, and gave them Nadratan (a light of beauty) and joy.

12. And their recompense shall be Paradise, and silken garments, because they were patient.

I work for specialist doctors (we are a Gastrointestinal doctors)?

Does anyone have any ideas how our practice can get more referring doctors to start sending patients to us?

The most important things:
1. Get your name known to GPs
2. Get good reputation to spread through word-of-mouth

To achieve #1:
– Get the docs to write letters to GPs, introducing themselves — describe their training, their previous work experiences, and most importantly, that you are accepting new referrals.
– Get the docs to give talks to GPs on topics in gastroenterology (make sure it’s about a condition GPs will see, not some rare)

To achieve #2:
– Fast response to referrals: either book patient or turn away (if the patient does not fall under the docs’ scopes of practice)
– Fast results: get consultation letters typed and signed and sent back to GPs ASAP
– Good results: the letters should be informative yet easy to act on (ie. GPs should be able to see: #1 I do this, #2 I do that, and #3 I try this)
– Obviously, it’ll help if the patients like your docs.

Good luck.

What would be a good name for my medical practice?

Ok, I’m opening a medical practice and I’m not sure what to name it. It’s in Pensacola, FL. We already have practices named: Emerald Coast Pediatrics, First Steps Pediatrics, Arbor Pediatrics, Kids Care Pediatrics, Pensacola Pediatrics etc. Don’t give me something stupid like "Clinic of Pensacola" or something. Be creative! 10 pts best answer!!!

<Your last name(s)> Pediatrics. Like this:
Gilbert Pediatrics
Gilbert, Swanson and Perry Pediatrics

<Your street> Pediatrics. Like:
Beach Street Pediatrics

Little Fishy Pediatrics
Healthy Tadpole Pediatrics

Will a family practice doctor prescribe anti anxiety meds?

Have an appointment with my family practice doctor and I am wondering if i can save a trip by just going to a specialist so i dont get the doctor run-around.

typically where do you get the most help from for anxiety/panic disorder problems ?

Yes you can get it from your family physician. They know you better than the new specialist that you would go to.

Practice Fusion – EHR Features

Practice Fusion is a fully-featured Electronic Health Record (EHR) including charting, scheduling, e-prescribing and lab integrations. See how Practice Fusion can help you to effectively manage your practice.

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Dental Practice for Sale in Syracuse, NY

Lucrative dental practice in high traffic location with 3 state-of-the-art stocked operatories, 2 DEXIS PA periapical X-ray machines, computer software, and dental equipment. Also included in sale are dental ortho supplies, new cabinetry in all 3 active operatories, patient charts, and more. The Gendex panocepho Best Brand computer and software stays. This dental facility has a full waiting room, reception area, private half bath, full sterilization area, and storage area. A dentist can practice 7 days a week here. Professional build up is already in place. Just start seeing your clients!
Web Site:
Contact Listing Agent: Sandra Halliday, Coldwell Banker Prime Properties, Liverpool, NY

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How to Start a Business as a Reflexologist Massage Therapist

Learn Massage in hawaii at in Maui, Hawaii

One of the most important business decisions when starting your own business as a Reflexologist is finding a location that presents a safe, nurturing, professional image. Joining an already existing business that consists of complimentary practitioners is an ideal way to begin your practice. Sharing space by alternating days in the office with one of the other occupants can reduce start-up costs.

Make sure new office signage which includes the word Reflexology and your business name is prominent as soon as the rental lease is signed. Decide on times of availability and get a business phone unless you are willing to field calls nights and weekends. Many new practitioners welcome such calls and continue using an existing cell phone.

Have promotional materials like business cards printed with your Reflexology credentials, location and phone number. Get the best brochures you can afford. Brochures with diagrams showing reflexology zones along with the corresponding body organs and a brief explanation of how reflexology works are great advertising.

Advertising is a major business decision to make in launching your new practice. Free advertising is essential. A press release describing your new reflexology business might run in your local paper for free.

The best way for a new reflexology practitioner to jump start their practice is to start calling or visiting virtually every civic organization and club in their market area. Present yourself as an expert in your field and offer to give a presentation or free demonstration. Get your business known by joining local civic groups and volunteering for charitable causes.

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Medical Interview Preparation – Duties of a Doctor has a host of free tips and advice on how to improve your interview skills for a medical consultant interview, ST interview, national training grid interview or medical research post interview. You can gain instant access to online coaching – only £9.99 per week

If you want to know the three secret questions that are never asked in medical interviews but form the basis of what the medical interview panel really want to know, then go the and you can view an online tutorial to kick start your medical interview preparation. If you want to know how to save time with your medical interview preparation and learn what the three essential elements that should form the basis of your medical interview preparation are, then there is another free tutorial on how to prepare for a medical interviews. There is also a free report on the classic errors made at medical interviews and tips on how you can avoid making those mistakes at your medical interview. If you want advice on how to answer the drunk doctor question, which often comes up in medical interviews, well there’s another free tutorial on that topic as well.
So if you have enjoyed this free video on an aspect of medical interview preparation, then go over to and take your medical interview preparation to another level

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