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For Dental Office Owners! How to start?

If I wanted to open up my own dental practice as an owner, do I have to hire a dentist as my employee BEFORE I obtain state permits or licenses? Do I need a dental practitioner license to fill out an application in Nevada or California specifically?

Much help appreciated!

Not advisable or a bit risky to operate a dental office if you are not a qualified dentist.
Just imagine what is going to happen if the dentist play you out.

How difficult would it be for me to move to Italy?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Italy and I speak the language moderately well, it was one of my college majors. I am starting medical school next fall, and once I graduate how hard would it be for me to move there? Would I have to get a work visa? Would it take a long time?

Also, does anyone know if I have a medical lisence in the US would that allow me to be elligible to practice medicine in Italy?

If you have a job or you want to study here, it would be simpler, but even without a job, you can still apply, if you can assure you can provide guarantee about "substantial and steady private income private income (pensions or annuities) from property, stable economic and commercial activities or from other sources"
Look at Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs official website:

or also here:

For instance, here’s what you get if you’re an American citizen living in America, you want to live in Italy but you don’t have a work:

Documents required for ELECTIVE RESIDENCE
Type of visa foreseen for foreign citizens who intend to reside in Italy without working

1. visa application form
2. recent passport-style photo
3. passport or travel document valid for at least three months after visa expiry date
4. documented and detailed guarantee of substantial and steady private income private income (pensions or annuities) from property, stable economic and commercial activities or from other sources
5. availability of adeguate lodgings in Italy

About how much schooling would I need to become a practicing doctor?

I would need a college degree and graduate from a medical school as well, but how many years would that be combined? Wouldn’t it be around eight, depending on how many classes I took per semester? And after med school I have to complete a one year internship right? How long should my residency be? I’m looking to become a surgeon, so after I finish my residency I join a fellowship right? I’m entering high school and want to know a few classes I should take when I start taking college courses in a year or two.
I know I’ve got a lot of questions. I’d be really greatful if someone could help me find some answers.

Four years college, 4 years medical school and 4 years residency assuming you just want general surgery if you want Neurosurgery or such then it would be longer. Fellowships are usually for research or specialize. "Interns" are generally those who are in their 3 and 4th year of medical school doing mandatory rotations through the different specialties. If you start college start with basic chemistry and biology since those are required for medical school and will give you a feel for the type of material you will study for the next 8 years.

Can a foreign medical graduate practice in California and/or Texas?

I am a foreign medical student from the US and want to come back eventually to practice here? I know certain states require USMLE exams for residency or internships, etc. After all of the exams required I was wondering if I could practice in Califronia and/or Texas. I have heard that because I will be a foreign graduate it will be harder than other states to practice there. If you could please give me the law stating whether I can or cant, or just telling me will be fine. Thank You!

FMGs in California must do a residency even if they were fully qualified physicians in the country they came from. There are teaching hospitals which gladly accept FMGs, such as Los Angeles County+University of Southern California Medical Center (LAC+USC).
I suggest you apply for residency at several large teaching hospitals where you eventually want to settle. The ones that are hard to staff will love to have you (i.e., not UCLA, Stanford, etc).

The Verdict Movie — Justice, Right and Wrong

Frank Galvin (Paul Newman) does a medical malpractice case. Things quickly go wrong for Frank. His star medical witness bails on him; his opponent, the high-priced attorney Ed Concannon (James Mason), has a large team at his disposal and is masterful with the press; and no one wants to talk about what, if anything, went wrong in the emergency room on the day in question. Frank discovers that Laura (Charlotte Rampling), his new lover, was hired by the defense’s law firm to spy on him…

Defense lawyer: They pay you to win.’
(beat) That’s what pays for this
office. (beat) And that’s what
pays for the pro bono work that we
do for the poor. And for the kind
of law that you want to practice.
And that’s what pays for your
clothes and my whiskey, and the
leisure that we have to sit back
and discuss philosophy.

The Plaintiff’s Lawyer:

There is no justice. The
rich win, the poor are powerless…’
We become tired of hearing people
lie. After a time we become dead.
A little dead. We start thinking
of ourselves as victims. (pause)
And we become victims. (pause)
And we become weak…and doubt
ourselves, and doubt our
institutions…and doubt our
beliefs…we say for example, `The
law is a sham…there is no law…I
was a fool for having believed
there was.’

Duration : 0:9:59

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Tim Lott – Dental CPA

Tim Lott, CPA, CVA is a experienced CPA who helps dentists with:

• Dental income tax planning and tax minimization strategies
• Dental practice buyer representation
• Dental practice start-up assistance and guidance
• Dental practice valuations
• Dental practice projections and profit planning
• Dental fraud awareness consulting
• Estate and trust tax preparation
• Bookkeeping services
• Dental practice transition strategies
• Dental practice financial and operational assessments
• Dental capital and operating budgets/ projections/forecasts and analysis
• Growth and development dental consulting
• Development and review of partner / shareholder / employment agreements
• Dental overhead and benchmarking

Duration : 0:0:20

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Pay for performance in general practice: Lessons from the UK Stephen Campbell

Dr Stephen Campbell gives an update on the role and impact of pay for performance in the UK in this lecture recorded at The Australian National University on 3 March 2011.

He argues in defence of pay for performance but highlights the shortcomings of the indicators chosen for incentivisation in the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). He also recommends how pay for performance should and should not be used in Australia.

Dr Stephen Campbell is a primary care health services researcher and leader who has been published in more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, including two articles in the New England Journal of Medicine in the last three years. He developed many of the original indicators that went in to the QOF and now leads the external contractor working with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to support the ongoing development of indicators for NICE and the QOF. He led the development of the UK Royal College of General Practitioners Practice Accreditation scheme and co-developed the European Practice Assessment accreditation scheme. He teaches primary health care on the Manchester MPH. He holds a joint contract at The University of Heidelberg and an honorary contract at the University of Nijmegan. Dr Campbell has been involved in quality of primary care/general practice for 18 years and brings a unique perspective as someone who has been involved in and led pay for performance in UK general practice from the start.

Presented by The Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute.

Duration : 1:4:7

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Drchrono on CNBC’s “Street Signs” with Erin Brunett – Free iPad EMR | drchrono

Daniel Kivatinos and Carl Schramm are interviewed by Erin Burnett on CNBC’s “Steet Signs”. Carl discusses how start-up companies drive new job creation and economic growth. Daniel Kivatinos discusses starting a company in a recession and the details of Drchrono (

We believe every physician should have access to health record data on demand, wherever, whenever needed.

Drchrono give physicians a free EHR / EMR platform with a focus on iPad.

iPad EMR in iTunes:

Duration : 0:6:4

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