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What full time jobs can I get in the medical field if I’m still in my first year of college?

I am currently in college for nursing and will eventually go to med school to start my own practice, but right now i work as a sales representative. I want to find a job in the medical field now, but everywhere I look, you need a college degree, or at least 2 years experience. Does anyone know some good medical jobs that don’t require a college degree?

you are not going to find anything in the medical field until you get a relevant degree, so forget it – if a medical related job didn’t require a college degree it wouldn’t pay anything – try a bed pan changer at a hospital – no degree required

Why do more people want to go to Medical School vs. Dental School?

So as a dentist you get paid and start practicing after 4 years and when you specialize it only takes 2-3 years more. But a medical doctor you need 4 years of schooling plus 3 years of residency and more if you want to specialize. I don’t understand, as a job would not a dentist be better than a medical doctor?

Actually dentist make way more money. I work for an orthodontist and we see 80 patients a day times a payment of $150 each patient five days a week. We have ten dental assistants in our office. A medical doctor might see 15 patients a day times about $75.00 a visit with like 2 or 3 nurses. General Dentist is the same thing they do a crown on a patient takes an hour they make $1,100.

How do I build good credit?

Im 21 years old and have no credit at all. I will be going to medical school and upon completetion I hope to start my own practice. I will need to borrow money for this endeavor for sure. My question is with good credit I can borrow more than bad credit, right? So how do i get good credit? Its hard to get my own credit card, but if I become a co-holder on one of my parents card does that build my credit? I dont mean just an authorized user. Someone told me to leave a minimal balance on my credit card each month, like $10 and keep paying it. This way it shwos that Im capable of owing money and paying it. Will this work? Im not in any hurry I have 4 years to do this, but as of right now I have no credit at all. What can I do to build good credit so I will be able to get loans to start my own practice?

Thanks to all who respond!

Pay your own bills. Open a cell account, as a co-holder you do build credit. Have a joint account with someone who already has good credit. That’s what I did.

I’m wanting to become a doctor and have some questions.?

I was hoping there was some doctors or some on here in the medical field that could help answer some of my questions about becoming a doctor? To help you answer some of my questions you should know I want to work at a hospital and in a few years go to private practice.

1. I know when your going through school your probably not going to have very much money and you’ll have to take out lots of loans for school and stuff, but after you’ve been a doctor for a while will you be able to pay everything back and start making a lot of money? Or do people over exaggerate about how much money doctors make?

2. This kinda goes with the first question and that’s how much money do doctors make a year and whats the average cost it is to go to school and stuff? Also how long do you have to go to school and be an intern?

3. Do you have any advice for me when I become a doctor or start going to collage to be one?

4. If your a doctor do you have time for family and friends or do you always have to put your job first? And are you always on call if your not working?

1. Income varies widely. Some physicians are closing practices because the expenses exceed the revenue (it costs a lot to run a medical practice, and insurances are not keeping up with increased costs). Other specialties are doing well at the moment, but that could change. If money is your motivating factor, try law or business.

2. If income is your motivating factor, look elsewhere. You’d be miserable and we don’t want you.

School – 4 yrs college, 4 yrs med school, residency (internship = first year of residency) is 3-7+ yrs. You pay for school, but start earning $ as a resident. Not much, but at least it stops the financial hemorrhage.

3. See #2 above. Be prepared to sacrifice your life for 7 or more years while you train. Learn proper English (college, not collage; you’re, not your) – details matter in medicine, and sloppy English is a sign of lack of attention to detail. People expect us to be perfect – you should expect nothing less of yourself.

4. Call depends on your practice situation. I do not currently take call. I have a practice situation that allows me to have free time. Your mileage may vary.

Where can I find sample letters announcing new doctor joining our practice?

I work for a medical office and have been placed in charge of getting the word out in the area that we have a new doctor joining our growing practice. I am trying to find some good examples of how others have done this. I am struggling with how to make it a little more lengthy. Any PR or Medical Marketing people know how these little tasks can seem to get tedious. All idea are more than welcome because I have some massive writers block! Thank you!

(Medical office here) is please to announce a new addition to it’s team (name of Doc), Doc specialized in ___ .
(Doc) received her medical degree from () and has worked at (any other credentials)
(Some thing positive here about new doc’s demeanor. Is personable, talents and skills?)

Dr. ___ is now accepting new patients and can be contacted through our office @ ____