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How did you learn medical prefixes and suffixes?

I am dreading having to memorize all of those words and feel like I should start practicing from now.
I’m a nursing student as well. A few classes left in my prereq’s.

Repetition. No better way than seeing and using them over and over. I don’t know what all they teach in a medical terminology class. I never took one but as a nurse (more accurately, while in nursing school), simply using them all the time you have them down pretty quickly.

where can i get online internet courses on Dental Implants?

am a practicing Dental Surgeon and will shortly be starting Dental Implants

Try looking on or try the Academy of Periodontology. is going to be down for a few days as they are upgrading the site. I believe the new site will be, but you should still be able to find the site at the old address of this does not work type in Howard Farren, founder of dental town on your search engine. If you have not been surfing on dentaltown you have missed out. They have whole sections on endo, implants, perio, hygiene, assistants, new business dental, etc. They have a ton of case presentations that many dentists show, and you can go to the forum section and read the threads and ask questions. It is great.

What are some medical degrees that are a little lower than a M.D. or General Practitioner?

I want to pursue a degree in the medical field. I wanted to become a M.D. in Pediatrician but I decided I did not want to invest 11 years into my education. I am 24 and barely done with my associates degree. You do the math. I don’t want to be in my LATE thirties by the time I start practicing and making money.

So, I have decided to take it down a notch. I want to be something similar to a M.D. but something that will require less time and schooling. I want to gain prestige and I want to earn a respected degree. Which medical degrees are a notch below M.D. General Practitioner. I know that for the medical field M.D. is the highest degree.

I need to know what degrees/ medical professions are just below that and offer prestige and require similar work as a Doctor? What are my options. Also, I want a degree that will cover and allow me to do work and practice in any medical department.

What I mean by this is

At first, I had chosen to become a Pediatrician, but then I realized that I was confining myself to a specific type of medical field/study. With that degree, you work strictly with kids and you learn certain specified criteria for that degree. I want medical degree that will offer me any opportunity to branch out to different medical departments. Is there anything like it?

What choices are out there, what type of Degree do I get with this AND HOW LONG WILL TAKE ME TO GET THIS DEGREE??? PLEASE HELP ME. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

SECOND QUESTION: I was told a Physician Assistant was the next best thing? If so, what type of degree do I need?

I am not having difficulty with my two year degree, I just would prefer not to spend so much time in school. Please answer my question, and stop being so judgmental?

I started school late for apparent reasons. That is why I asked you to stop passing judgments, I need your advice, but you sir still DON’T know everything.

PA is going to be the next step down, but don’t get us wrong, it is NOTHING like an MD. You will not have "prestige", you will not make even close to the money that an MD makes, and it’s its own degree.

Just to clarify, you do not get a degree in General Practictioner. You get an MD degree at the end of your 4 years of med school. It’s 8 years of schooling total, not 11. And two of those med school years are spent rotating to various hospitals through various specialities. You are not in a classroom 8 hours a day for those two years. You then go through residency where you pursue your speciality.

The way it works is
4 year undergrad degree
4 year med school degree
3-7 years residency

If you want something that you can branch out from and still be an MD, then the jump off specialities are General Surgery (you can go into virtually any surgical profesion from there) and Internal Medicine. Once you do a year or two in those residencies, then you do a subspeciality residency/fellowship.

If you think that we are being judgmental, then you are not going to be cut out to be in the medical field as anyone that works with patients or who has to ‘match’. You said yourself that you are 24 and "barely done with your associates degree". That’s a degree that most students are able to complete by 19 or 20. Honesty is not the same as being judgmental.

It’s time to get thicker skin and get off the pot. If you don’t want to spend time in school, then get a low level nursing degree. A PA is going to be another 4 years of schooling (2 for your undergrad, 2 post grad). A BSN (RN) is going to be another 2 years, minimum.

+ No, there are no "apparent reasons". I don’t think you know what that means.

I passed no judgment on you until you started smarting off and acting like a 12 year old who didn’t get Justin Bieber tickets. My judgments are based on your attitude and ignorance, not on your schooling. Better get used to it because the medical profession is based on all kind of judgments and if you can’t handle being judged, then you cannot handle most positions in the medical field.
You better believe that interviewers are going to ask you POINT BLANK why you are so behind in school and you are going to be judged on it.
You better believe that if you start spouting off about "11 years of school" and "branching off", that you are going to be judged and your application is going to be rejected.
You better believe that if you throw a tempertantrum and start yelling that people "don’t know everything" when they judge you, you are going to be escorted out by security and blacklisted.

I, Miss, do NOT know everything, and the way I handle that is by learning more openly, not mouthing off to people being honest and trying to help.

How can I prevent nausea? I am dancer and everytime after practice I get really nauseous and sometimes vomit.?

I am an active person, I social dance and exercise and I do not get nauseous. I have danced salsa professionally before and recently started practicing again. The nausea only happens during and after practice but never during exercise or social dancing. I visited the doctor and all he said was to keep a diary of what I eat before practice and to no eat an hour prior. It doesn’t make sense since it has happened at every practice for the past 2 months and nowhere else.

maybe you are very nervous? if deep down you are putting great amount of pressure on yourself to be excellent this could be a cause for the nausea and or vomiting

Tax efficiency in Solo medical practice?

What would be the most tax efficient way to register a solo medical practice? As sole propreitor or LLC or other?

Before you decide, check out the P.A., Professional Association. In certain states, it is exempt from Franchise Tax. The LLC can avoid double taxation of dividends, but you would most likely be able to avoid that by paying yourself rent on the building you own personally, reimbursing all business travel on your own personal automobile, etc.

Can my general practice doctor prescribe adderall or does a psychiatrist have to do it?

I’m just wondering if my doctor is legally allowed to write prescriptions for adderall. If he can do it, do you think he will still refer me to a psychiatrist?

Your GP has a liscence to prescribe virtually any medication. However, he/she may not feel comfortable dealing with psychiatric issues. Our health care system would be better off if more GP’s would take on those issues though.

Medical Billing Software Review: Practice Fusion/Kareo Integration is “Nice and Easy” Reina Perdomo, Office Manager for Arthur Weinreb, DPM, in New Rochelle, NY, has been billing for 19 years, and when she decided to start using Practice Fusion, she went looking for a billing solution that would work with it. She chose Kareo, and says “It’s a nice, easy transition from one to the other–my bill gets sent directly from Practice Fusion to Kareo, which is great.” Reina also likes that fact that ERAs are sent directly into the system, so she no longer has to check each EOB manually and enter each and every individual claim into the system. She says Kareo saves her “a lot of time.” For more information, visit

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business funding and start up- Where to find money for your dentist surgery – Ron G Holland explains various ideas in regards to what you can do with your business in this series “Questions with Ron”. In this clip Ron discusses where money can be found , specifically for a dentist surgery, and who may be be able to help you with funding. Watch to find out more. Further information can be found at

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Doctor P – Tetris (REAL MP3) HD + Lyrics

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After searching for this song on YouTube and only finding stupid videos with fake titles I decided to upload the actual song myself once found.
Brand new from Doctor P! (Though a few seconds are missing from the start). Big up the Doctor, keep these hits coming.
Turn on subtitles by click “CC” to see the lyrics of what the guy says on screen.
Comment your view below, what do you think of it?

(Also, sorry to my Midnight Beast viewers, I will hopefully be uploading some more TMB videos soon if I can find something I think you might like. Thanks)

All audio material and logos used are owned by Circus Records “© Circus Records 2011″, NOT me. See below.

This video contains copyrighted material that is NOT owned by me but belongs to Circus Records (, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by this copyright owner. This material being available here on YouTube is simply for news reporting, criticism/review, educational, and advertising purposes only.

Under P-27 in the UK copyright law, there is a concept of fair use, also known as; free use, fair dealing, or fair practice. In accordance with P-27 of this law in the UK, the use of such material here constitutes ‘fair use’. The material in this video is distributed without profit to me and is only distributed to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included content for news reporting, criticism/review, and educational purposes (by searching/clicking on this video). For more information go to:

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