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Gaining information about Medical practice, ect.?

I am 15 and have good grades, and want to become a surgeon after high school, and I would like to know where to even begin to just gain some basic and a little more advanced information on medical practice, treatment, causes, just like if I was going to go into a school.. I want something to read in free time but I dont even know where to start, I was thinking a medical dictionary maybe..

First thing’s first: focus on getting into a good university. Once you’ve got that covered, focus on mastering the basic coursework you’ll be taking (biology, chemistry, physics, etc). Without a solid foundation, a lot of the information you seem to want to read will be not stick or make sense. If you find you’re able to get A’s and still have some spare time, spend it volunteering. So many students want to jump ahead to the core material (and I was the exact same way with pharmacy…), but there’s a reason to the madness. Establish a good science foundation upon which to build.

Should I change my dental practice?

Right I am a person with the worse luck when it comes to teeth. When I was a child I had 8 out in one day, thank god I was put to sleep though. Well last year half my tooth cracked (molar) and I made a trip to the dentist and he said right I need to drill into the tooth and see if you need a root canal if not I’ll fill it back in. But my previous experience with him doing fillings was painful and it felt worse than before with pieces of the filling sticking out over my tooth scratching my cheek and Tongue. So I asked my mum to ask the receptionist to change my dentist (as I’m under 16)so the receptionist recommended a woman who dealt with patients with phobias. But I couldn’t bring myself to go even though I had a new dentist. Until my cracked tooth got an abcess I was forced to go so I went an was put on a course of antibiotics and was instructed to come back the next week and I thought okay she just wants to check how that tooth is doing. Well when I went there she neglected that tooth and started complaining about my other teeth and decided that I needed two urgent fillings there and then, without asking my mum who was waiting in reception she started drilling her nurse then went to get my mum I’m guessing. The dentist started to have ago at me saying why I had left it so long to go and see her then mid sentence she said "oopsy I drilled to far" I panicked and started crying and she was like its okay we will do a root canal. So I thought okay this should be fine she then ‘numbed’ the area and said right can you feel this *she poked my tooth with something* and I shrieked in pain and she goes well I’ve numbed you so you can’t feel it. She then carried on an put a temporary filling in which cracked off within a day (is that meant to happen) and sent me on my way. The following week my abcess had cone back 10times worse so I went to the doctor to see if they could refer me to hospital, but he gave me antibiotics and made me an emergency appointment at the dentist so I went back to the dentist the minute she saw my face she referred me to hospital, got there and they numbed me properly and removed the infected tooth painfree. Now the dentist has been calling my house and my mum requesting I go in so she can finish my fillings but I no that it will be painful. Im trying to convince my mum to change dental practices as I went to a different one a few years ago and it was painfree!

Whoops, you are your own worst enemy on this one.
Instead of taking the time to build up a good trusting rapport with a nice tolerant dentist you leave it until it is a real emergency and as you have found out real emergencies have the potential for disaster.

You can change your dentist when you want to but you will need to check how it works when you are in the middle of a course of NHS dental treatment. The choice on NHS dentists can be really very limited in some areas and this will affect your choice.

The other option is to get your mother to set up a meeting with the dentist and the practice manager to express your concerns about what happened and why.

Phobic or otherwise it is always where ever you go going to come down to the fact that you poor dental hygiene of currently of your own making. You are at some point going to have to take a deep breath and trust one and let them get on with it and dentist hopping will not help you at all in the long run.
Your current approach will eventually mean having all your teeth out and dentures are not a turn on to the opposite sex at any age yet alone a young person.

How does one start their own medical practice?

Hi, I’ve made a decision that after high school I was going to be a surgeon of either a cardiac or neurology but then I have never thought about the possibility of me owning my own clinic, how does one do it? What does one need to study for it? Please let me know, all thoughts personal experiences and comments are welcomed.

You will obviously need to finish medical school, and od what ever residency/preactical they make you do there, and get your MD designation.

Then you need to find someone to gove you enough money to buy all the things you need to run a clinic. That’s the tough part and you’ll need financial planning and advise to pull it off.

How to be Lawyer and Doctor ?

Can you be both at the same time? Is this impossible? And what does ”medicolegal” mean? Can you be an eye doctor for like your main profession, and wait until you turn into retirement and start practicing at a law firm after getting a degree when you’re 60 something? THANKS its for my friend they would really appreciate this. best answer……

"Lawyer & Doctor: Can you be both at the same time…Is this impossible?"

Yes, you can do both at the same time. It is not impossible. But it will cost you a lot of money…maybe a house ($180,000+) for each degree, JD and MD. So that’s like paying for two houses your entire lifetime of loans, including a possible home you might have that might cost the same. So, the cost for going to law and medical school at the same time cost so much, takes so much time to study, and takes away time from family. You also work two difficult jobs at the same time if you finish both degrees. Advantage is you finish at a young age, and a shorter time.

"And what does ”medicolegal” mean?"

Medicolegal (I’m not sure why you put it in quotes) basically means anything related to both medicine and law. It’s most used in doctor’s malpractice cases.

"Can you be an eye doctor for like your main profession, and wait until you turn into retirement and start practicing at a law firm after getting a degree when you’re 60 something?"

First off, an eye doctor is called an Optometrist, Orogolomistician, or Ophthalmologist depending on the emphasis. Secondly, this profession is a separate professional degree for a Medical Doctor. You have to go to one of the 19 accredited Optometry schools in the United States. And yes, if you do become an optometrist (Doctor of Optometry degree), then you can have that as a main profession, and then when you retire from that profession, you can continue working private practice at a law firm as long as you graduated from law school with a Juris Doctor degree (JD) or LLM degree (Master of Law degree).

And yes, you can be studying to become an optometrist and a lawyer at the same time. Just as it is possible to becoming a medical doctor and a lawyer at the same time. Your path does not have to be dual degree, meaning a path catered to both degrees in a a single university. I know several people who have done both optometry school to become an "eye doctor" and law school simultaneously. It just takes a Type-A personality, motivation, lots of money, and excellent time management to do both schools. But personally, I think it’s a bad idea to do both as it takes up a lot of money and time with family. If you pursue just one…either a doctor or lawyer degree, then you’re nearly guaranteed a job. Good luck!

which are the countries where i can practice medical profession without having to appear for any exam?

i am a Post Graduate medical student from India , could anyone please tell which are all the countries where i can practice as a doctor after completing my studies.. without any separate exams like USMLE for US etc .. thanks in advance.

Your only possibility might be India. You are not going to work in any developed country with med school in India and no exam. You probably are not going to work in any undeveloped country with Indian med school and no exam.

Can a doctor practice medicine without being affiliated with any hospital?

Thanks for replying.
How does it work if a patience of his needs hospitalization?

Yes, they can. There are physicians who choose to do this, especially those who have relocated fairly recently, and want to adjust to an area more gradually before making a commitment that could be more personally demanding. Some work at an Urgent Care Center, for example, but if a patient needs to be referred for inpatient hospital care, then an arrangement has already been made in order to provide for hospital care. The physician without privileges usually has arranged with another physician who does have hospital admission privileges to care for anyone who must be an inpatient.
There is a fair level of commitment that a physician must make in most places, in exchange for hospital admission privileges. There are meetings which are time consuming in which individual hospital procedures are covered. There are also departmental meetings (Orthopedics, Cardiology etc. etc. depending upon specialty) Some hospitals require specialists to do some amount of continuing education classes for other staff. Physicians in many places must also agree to be on call for the ER for example. If you are a plastic surgeon for example, you not only take care of patients who make appointments atyour office, but also agree to come in and consult on the cases for which you are called on certain on call days, evenings and weekends. This also does boost income, and provides better specialty coverage for the hospital.
There are also times when a physician who formerly had hospital privileges no longer does. This could be a simple as he did not want to continue with all the requirements in order to have privileges there, or he is recovering from a serious illness, or be as serious as an alcohol, drug or other issue. Most states allow you to see which physicians have been disciplined by their state’s Board of Medicine for a serious issue. Best wishes.

Social Media Marketing in Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism

Social Media Marketing for Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism industry.

RX for Online Marketing Success: How to Attract new Patients via Digital and Social Media Digital and Social media are powerful channels for research, connection and collaboration. While most marketers are still trying to figure out how to use Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook; others are capitalizing on it to build their brand and acquire patients/customers from across the globe.

Dr Prem Jagyasi, renown healthcare marketing consultant, presented topic at World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Association 2010 in Los Angeles, USA; to provide a prescriptive roadmap for Online Media Success while discussing best practices and answering the biggest questions faced by health care marketers in the field of Social Media Marketing.

The presentation provide brief info about
– Where do we start?
– What’s Social Media?
– What’s Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing?
– Facts and Figures
– Implementing Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing in Healthcare
– Which online channels and social networks should we use?
– Social Media Marketing Tools for Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism

One of the most popular workshops of 2010 congress, Attendees learned the basics of digital and social media and receive a framework for developing their own social media strategy.


I wanted to thank you for the very informative session on Social Media Marketing. Your expertise on the topic was clearly felt by the audience and the information that you provided was quite valuable and has stimulated some very creative ideas for me and my business. — James

About Dr Prem Jagyasi

A successful entrepreneur and experienced strategic professional, Dr Prem Jagyasi is a renowned Chartered Management, Healthcare Marketing and Medical Tourism Consultant. Providing high-profile consultancy services to Government authorities and private healthcare organizations, Dr. Prem Jagyasi is a noticeably leading medical tourism consultant in the world.

Currently, Dr Prem Jagyasi is MD & CEO of ExHealth, a Dubai HealthCare City based firm engaged in offering multi-dimensional healthcare solutions in international domain. He also serves the Medical Tourism Association—a Non Profit organization based in USA as Honorary Chief Strategy Officer. He is also the Chief Editor of UAE’s leading health magazine — HealthFirst, published in association with one of the leading English dailies of the region.

Apart from running a successful healthcare solution firm and consultancy business, he has initiated several innovative healthcare awareness projects such as Family Health Festival, No Tobacco Campaign, Summer Health Festival, Ahlan Ramadan and Diabetes Events. His initiatives are endorsed and recognized by the country’s ministry of health and other government authorities. On a global front, he is also working on Medical Tourism Guide, Educational Events, Global Health Directory, and workshops on quality practice for international patients. etc.

Early in his career, he has developed hospitals, medical centre and computerized diagnostic centre. He has initiated unique concepts like the first boutique hospital, first computerized diagnostic centre, first corporate clinic chain, etc in the Gulf region.

His in-depth educational profile covers multi-dimensional qualifications, Bachelor in Medicine, MBA in Healthcare Management & Post Graduate Diploma specializing in Healthcare Marketing Management. Chartered Association of BA, US & Canada (A Government Patent Professional Association) awarded him with the Chartered Consultant status.

Dr Prem Jagyasi’s current work profile includes:
Managing Director & CEO — ExHealth, Dubai HealthCare City, UAE

Chief Editor – HealthFirst Magazine ( in association with one of the region’s leading English dailies)

Chief Strategy Officer — Medical Tourism Association, USA

Co-Editor — Medical Tourism Magazine

Chairman — International Congresses

Consultant — Government Health Authorities and Private Healthcare Organizations

Visit Dr Prem at

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Using the Open Dental Demo Database

If you are a new dental student graduate or don’t yet have much experience in a dental practice and are looking for a job in a dental office the Open Dental demo database is the place to start learning how to use the software. Open Dental can be installed on almost any PC computer so installing the software on your personal computer and watching these videos will allow you to add a powerful skill to your resume.

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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 22 “Yours, Mine and Ours” Season Finale, Sneak Peek Jp

2×22 “Yours, Mine and Ours”:

Violet chooses between Pete and Sheldon; Addison faces her feelings for Noah as Morgan goes into labor; Dell has concerns for his daughter when a drugged-out Heather returns to town; and Naomi must decide if it’s in her best interest to stay with Oceanside Wellness or start anew at Pacific Wellcare. A grief-stricken patient poses a danger to Violet.

Official website:

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Dr. Joe Borio Chiropassion Consulting: New Practice Start Up Testimonial Dr Chris Odom

drjoeborio, Consulting, New, Practice, Start, Up, Testimonial, Dr, Chris, Odom, mpeg2videoDr. Joe Borio Chiropassion Consulting: New Practice Start Up Testimonial Dr Chris Odom

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