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Guitar Hero III – the Difficulty Brick Wall – Part One

This is a guide to aid you in overcoming the seemingly insurmountable gap in the difficulty settings of what was the highest selling video game of 2007 even though it was only released in October:  Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock. It is well documented that this game has a number of very large jumps in the technical difficulty of the game. These are known as brick walls. The most obvious ones are between the main difficulty modes; Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. There are however other gaps as well. They are easy to see when you compare say ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ to ‘Through The Fire and Flames’ on basically any difficulty. There are simply are not enough songs in between these two extremes, the worst gap for me personally was between the later tracks on Medium difficulty and average ones on Hard.

The general gaps that I have seen people complain about are these:

The 7th and 8th tiers of tracks on every difficulty seem to be much harder than the rest; esp. ‘Raining Blood’ and other very fast tracks. In the later difficulties it is particular sections of these tracks that become a problem.

The jump between each difficulty setting, especially between medium and hard, I.E. ‘Oh GOD NO what is that blue/orange thing on my screen?!’

Specific sections of certain tracks: Such as the start of ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ on expert, the fast solo in ‘One’ on hard and expert and the ‘Running Triplets’ on ‘Knights of Cydonia’ (DAM THEM ALL).

First of all, as I am sure you have heard before if you are looking for a guide such as this; I will mention that the only way to really get better at this game and progress through the harder modes is to practice, practice, practice. However, there is practice that can help you out and practice that can in fact hinder your progress and lead to bad habits such as never moving your fret hand (which can make the jump to hard mode nearly insurmountable (unless you have five fingers and a thumb)).

Let’s start at the start. If you are having trouble with the very beginnings of easy mode, just practice the first few songs (Pat Benetar, etc) until you have gotten the hang of fretting and strumming and all the basic stuff; make sure you have run through the tutorial at least once (if you are playing on the Xbox360 you will get an achievement for it anyway so why not?). Once you have the general idea of how to play the game you might notice that certain tracks or small sections of tracks seem harder than the rest; get used to it, these are the tracks that will keep you up until 5:17am on a Saturday night shaking from all energy drinks that you have been pumping in to try to step up your reflexes. (Actually I think energy drinks help me play certain tracks sometimes but that’s probably something to check with your doctor about).

Soon enough you’ll be working your way up to the hardest tier of the easy setting. Easy is essentially just that; easy. If you have troubles with any particular track just practise it in the practise mode until you can maintain a decent notes-hit percentage. The main ones to watch for in easy are the battles. You might not be used to using star/battle power functions or playing in lefty flip mode (just one of the many battle attacks that can be used against you), the best practise for this is to play battles against other people (if you can find any).  One thing that I suggest you do not do is; play each note with the same finger every time. Once you get into this habit you may continue it into medium difficulty and if you get stuck enough with this style it will make the game very hard for you in hard mode as it is no longer possible after the notes start speeding up and there are five of them to play.

Once you’ve finished the easy campaign you’ll be adding a whole extra note to the mix in the Medium setting. Medium is much faster than easy as well but by this time you’ll be used to the game as a whole and you’ll probably be having a lot of fun. Medium is for the most part, the main difficulty setting that most casual gamers and other random party goers will play the game at so get used to it as quickly as possible. Medium is essentially the ‘meat and bones’ of the game for quite a while. If you have any particular trouble my suggestion is, besides the normal practise mode stuff, to go back to easy mode and try to five-star the song on that difficulty. Once you can five star it on easy without thinking you should be able to at least pass it on medium. Sometimes it is best to just leave that track for a while, go try to high score or five/gold star some other track on a mildly challenging difficulty setting. Invite someone over for some co-op/pro face off or figure out some other way to get some general practice in that won’t force you to smash your controller/TV/game system.

Free Online Doctor Rating Services

Sites that offer free doctor ratings often put banner ads or Google Adsense ads, both of which are paid by advertisers, on their sites to bring in revenue. Therefore, they are able to maintain these sites with limited daily operations.

With so many new sites offering free anonymous doctor ratings and information about physicians’ credentials, consumers expect to be able to find out everything about their doctors. However, because anybody can sign up and add positive or negative feedback regarding their experience with a particular physician, no patient potential patients should take these ratings seriously. While they may be helpful, these ratings can easily be manipulated by a patient, doctor, hospital staff, or anybody online; the reality is that, no matter hood good, how bad, or how renowned the physician is, every physician will have some negative information, since it’s virtually impossible to satisfy everyone. Whether the ratings on a site are for professionals, products, or service companies, there will be negative information. Even the Goliath Google, which is by far the most successful search engine in the world and, one of the most successful companies in the world, has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau.

A Doctors Reputation
Some doctors have begun having their patients sign contracts designed to “respect their physician’s privacy on the Internet” by agreeing not to participate in online ratings of doctors. While it’s common practice for patients to sign a contract regarding frivolous malpractice lawsuits before they have surgery, these “Internet privacy” contracts are becoming more common because of the ease with which ratings can be manipulated anonymously.

A Better Way
Although the objective factors listed below may not mean much to the average patient, when each category is factored into the total equation, the resulting rating is much more relevant and precise than anonymous ratings.

•Academic Appointments
•Hospital Appointments
•Professional Reputation/Recognition
•Disciplinary History
•Experience with Specialty
•Community Involvement
•Board Certification(s)
•Malpractice Judgment(s)
•Professional Affiliations

The average patient cares little about the doctor’s license number, expiration date, degree dates, and training dates; however, the database from which this kind of information comes is much more reliable, updated, relevant, and detailed as it relates to a physician’s credential, history, and background. Dates that are associated with a doctor’s professional history are important because they tie into the experience factor and are much harder to obtain and transfer into a proprietary system, such as a commercial doctor rating site.

The Future in Comprehensive Physician Ratings

How It Will Work

1.Software collects and scours data about physician(s), their profiles and histories using an in-house string of doctor credential information databases.
2.The data is analyzed and compared to data for all other specialists in the specified field.
3.Physicians’ profiles are matched and compared within the specialty field, using a combination of a customized doctor rating scoring system and other methodologies.
4.The software uses innovative algorithms to calculate each part of a physician’s profile.
5.The system combines the doctor’s overall ratings with the requested background report.

In a perfect world, doctor ratings would be unnecessary; however, every physician is unique in his or her own area of expertise/special interest, and having tools to find the right physician – by word of mouth, reliable doctor ratings services, or referrals – will result in an informed patient, which is the best kind of patient there is.

Hugo Gallegos

What medical equipment and supplies do cardiologists need?

If I were a new cardiologist starting my own practice, what are all the types of medical equipment and supplies I would need to run my business? Does anyone have a checklist I could download?

Well, among other things, you should be equiped to accomodate blood tests, echocardiograms, cardiac stress tests, electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), Osborn wave, ambulatory Holter monitor, electrophysiologic studies, programmed electrical stimulation, measurement of cardiac enzymes, coronary catheterization, IVUS (IntraVascular UltraSound), etc

working for nhs as a trainee dental nurse?


does anyone know by any chance if there is any possibility for me to work in the hospital as a trainee dental nurse ??
Im on the course since May and im working as a trainee in private dental practice but i would like to move to NHS and start working in the hospital.
Will appreciate any informations.


The NHS uses dental nurses in Maxillo Facial Units but the advertisments are for qualified dental nurses.

In community dentistry and other NHS facilities I think you will find that they also only employ qualified dental nurses. The NHS careers site (below) talks about nurses being already qualified.
Apart from more surgical work it is still very similar to general surgery work and is all clinic based.

Will getting my dog neutered effect how well he does in dog competitions?

I have a sweet male American Staffordshire Terrier (like a pit bull). I’m wanting to get him fixed since i don’t plan on breeding him because I would rather rescue, and to avoid medical issues. Right now we are on a Flyball team. This summer I hope to start practicing dock jumping with him, and maybe get him a harness to start learing weight pulling. I try to get us in whatever we can to make him a good ambassador for the breed. Plus we both love it!

Anyway, because getting him fixed can change his hormone levels, will it effect how strong he is? So would he not be as good at weight pulling if he were fixed? I know it might make him more mellow (maybe not since he’s a pit lol) but what else can it effect? Thanks for the help.

His physical strength should not be affected by neutering. His drive might be affected, though, so this is something to consider.

Also if you are thinking of joining competitions, remember to look into whether neutered dogs are allowed to compete in the areas that you want to compete in.

Personally, I would not neuter a competition dog or a working dog unless it has testosterone based aggression, developed testicular cancer or unless I couldn’t handle an intact dog. From a medical point of view, yes, there are medical advantages of neutering, but from what I have read, I am not convinced that they outweigh the medical disadvantages.

EDIT: Corrected my text. Had originally written:
"His physical strength should be affected by neutering"

That should of course be:

"His physical strength should NOT be affected by neutering"

How can doctors become millionaires?

I know that doctors get paid quite a lot, but I’ve heard of doctors (especially in America) who have become very rich.
How do they do that? Is it just by starting up their own practice? And is it easy to start up your own practice as a doctor?

The rich doctors invest their money in other ways — usually in businesses that support the medical field. It’s a "win-win" situation.

Starting a practice is very difficult — and exhausting. If a doctor only has a few partners, then they rotate between each other. The bigger the clinic, the more doctors they can pool for rotations.

Many doctors in our area are taking early retirement — the benefits don’t justify the hard work and outrageous fees, insurance premiums, etc.

Also, what we pay our doctors doesn’t go straight into their pockets. They have large administrative support staff that have to be paid — along with taxes, utilities, insurance, expensive medical equipment necessary to operate … there is more to it than just opening up shop and treating patients.

Describe the interactions of climate change, the global economy, and modern medical practice on any emerging d?

Describe the interactions of climate change, the global economy, and modern medical practice on any emerging disease.
I need to know if my answer is correct…..?To control infectious diseases, a pipeline of effective tools needs to be developed continuously. These include vaccines and drugs, prevention programs that focus on individual behavior and structural changes, and insecticides and biological insect control methods. Furthermore, scientific advances need to be translated into innovative tools that are affordable, culturally acceptable, and deliverable in resource-poor settings. To implement developed tools and effectively manage control programs, it is necessary to understand the ecological and social forces that shape and fuel the spread and maintenance of these infections.

Climate change and the global economy are linked to one another. As climate change becomes a bigger issue and creates more negative environmental results (loss of water, loss of biodiversity, less vegetation), the global economy is also impacted negatively. Poor environmental health contributes to a weaker economy (knowing that most emerging economies are substance based, meaning they rely on raw materials and natural products for their jobs and income) and poverty. From poverty we will see a rise in infectious disease and a higher percentage of people without access to medical care or even proactive health information.

how do i become a family practice doctor?

I just graduated the eighth grade but i am really excited for high school and have goals to do well in my four years of high school. all i just want to know is what classes should i excel in,is there any courses that i should take if u know any thing please write back. p.s answers from family practice doctors would be much more appreciated :)

Somehow your question got posted via Australia. But your profile says you’re in New Jersey, so here’s the US answer:
You need a good general education. College prep courses in high school. Do reasonably well in them all. In college, you’ll want to plan for the requirements of the medical schools. Your college advisor should help, but you’ll want to get some information from the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) on the requirements, which are not all academic.
Later in college, you’ll take the exam that’s needed for entry into US medical schools, and make applications.
Medical school is pretty well the same for everybody. In your senior year, you’ll interview with some family medicine residencies, and you’ll enter "The Match" to match you with a training program. You’ll spend three years in that residency program.
High school is much too early to begin over-planning and worrying. You need to be a good student, but nothing you do there (within reason) is going to affect your entry into medical school. Have a good time, participate in extracurricular activities, and enjoy being a teenager.