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Medical School Financial Questions?

I wanted to know what the average amount of debt is for medical school graduates and the average amount of time it takes to pay back. I will be starting medical school this fall and am planning to eventually pursue a psychiatry specialty. So, I’m thinking I will practice for several years after my medical education, pay off my loans, and then look into getting a Ph.D. in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry. My goal has always been to have a career in pharmaceutical research, but I think the medical background that comes with the M.D. degree will be valuable.

For what you’re looking to do, a joint MD/PhD program, or a straight up PhD program will be better. Even Pharmacy school would be a better choice for your goals. The only Medical specialty that could be related to what you want to do is pathology, unless you specifically want to do psychiatric pharmacology.

Psychiatrists make about $200K per year (before taxes, malpractice insurance, licensing fees, and practice overhead – you’ll take home between $100 and $120K), and it’s pretty normal for MDs to complete Residency with over $300K in loans (the interest capitalizes to the loan during Residency, even if you have it in deferment). Most MDs take 15-30 years to pay their loans, just like a mortgage, and have a minimum payment of a 2-4 thousand dollars each month.

My friend is graduating dental school this month…any ideas on something fun & personalized I could get him?

He is moving away to start a DDS practice towards the Colorado area. I wanted to get him something personalized that had to do with dentistry for when he starts his own practice soon. Any ideas?

Oh wow congrats to him! This sounds like a really fun present to buy, but hard.

I would probably go with something that would be nice for his office. A
really special business card holder, that is special in some way personally. Or an awesome antique typodont that he can have out, or something funny like that.

Probably stay away from instruments just cause he probably has preferences about certian things like that. But you could go with a special label for his loopes or something like that. You know, a cute brass plaque something to label his things or something, I don’t know:)

If you aksed him, he might tell you that he has wanted to get a ____ [fill in the blank with some small thing] and you can get it and have his name put on it or something special that will be personal.

Good luck finding something awesome!

How will Obamas Health Care Plan effect dentist’s salaries? ?

Dental/Medical students acquire tons of debt to obtain their desired degree. For example, I will have approximately 300,000 dollars of debt when I get my DDS degree, and thats without starting a practice.

in some socialized countries like germany, their subsidized health care plan has driven down doctors’ wages so much that fewer people go into the medical field. I remember reading that their wages were something like $50K. However, in the UK they make as much as the US doctors. Dental care is considered more of a cash service there unless you’re poor or a child.

So yes it’s definitely a possibility that your wages will go down if by some magical occurrence Obama’s health plan passes congress. {it will never happen btw} Remember all of the president’s ideas need to be passed by Congress & the House.

this country was built on capitalism and will stay that way for a LONG time, so don’t worry about your wages going down. You can stem your losses by doing cosmetic dentistry which will never be covered by any low-income state plan. Don’t go into pediatrics.

How to practice running with a rod in the leg?

I had a right leg ankle surgery two years ago.There is a rod fitted in my leg.My doctor has advised me to start running but I don’t know how to start practicing.I want to take part in my Annual School Sports which is on november 2012.

It would depend on how fit you are and what your abilities currently are. some people with injuries to there legs can actually run easier than they can walk or jog as this puts more pressure on the downward step than running.

I would recommend you do not start running on roads but on grass in a park as it will cushion things a bit. I would make a point of having good running shoes too. Again to cushion the impacts.

It can be that just running 25 meters to start with would be good turn walk back and keep repeating this till your tired. If you only manage a few then have a longer break and try a few more.

Tread mills can also be good to get started on again the impact tends to be lower on the running surface so possibly better for your leg.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of requirements for medical practice in my state?

I am looking to find a website that tells me what degree requirements and so on are required to practice various medical jobs in the state of illinois.

There should be a Medical License Board in state government that certifies qualifications of Doctors, Dentists and the like. Check your state government web site for a link. In Kansas Emergency Medical Service (EMS) certifications falls under the Board of E.M.S. Other jobs like medical transcription and cosmetology fall under various other agencies. Some States have a web site for job listings that will provide job descriptions including qualifications.

Can a licensed doctor in Puerto Rico practice in the State of Florida?

I have a doctor in Puerto Rico that is amazing, but I live in Florida. I’m wondering if this doctor could legally practice in the State of Florida without having to go through the Florida licensing process. I heard there was a loop hole or special exception about this, but I haven’t been able to find anything online.

Thanks for any information that you can provide!

No, he must be licensed in Florida to practice there.

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Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that? Every doctor makes mistakes. But, says physician Brian Goldman, medicine’s culture of denial (and shame) keeps doctors from ever talking about those mistakes, or using them to learn and improve. Telling stories from his own long practice, he calls on doctors to start talking about being wrong.

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