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Why the Concierge/boutique Model for the Primary Physician Practice Works

K so we aren’t feeling well or are in need of seeing a doctor.



Here we have an industry called the insurance reimbursement healthcare delivery which doesn’t reimburse physicians enough to practice “good quality medicine” making them have to cut corners by saving time and forcing them to create a volume driven practice model. As you and I both know, the option of having an MD spend ~5 minutes with a patient, which is about all they can do in this model, is just poor medicine. The MD actually spends more time on the paperwork than actually seeing the patient.


Is there a problem ? Yes, most definitely.


I guess you first have to decide is healthcare a right or a privilege? That being answered either way, the solution is not limit concierge/boutique practices but to support them and help make them flourish.


Two definite things would and should happen.


First is, because a primary care physician can now make a reasonable income without specializing, the increase in enrollment to the primary care marketplace will go from its current 2% to double digits fixing the now growing shortage of primary care physicians.


Second is to revamp the way our insurance system currently works. Let’s say that an individual has a family plan that cost, between the employer and employee’s contribution~ $1,000/mo. Let’s say this plan, which has co-insurances, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, were to be re-written into a $2,000 + catastrophic up-front deductible plan and was supplemented and mandated by a concierge plan.


The overall healthcare outcome would be better healthcare for the patients, less ER visits, less hospitalizations and a more compliant patient.The financial model also works by having less premiums and an astronomical savings to the overall healthcare delivery system as a whole.


An overall fix to the dilemma we face today is what we are all looking for, I get that. But let’s take a step back and see how if realigning the same methods of payments and delivery system, we couldn’t have a better answer.
Granted if you believe that stifling the primary care doctor from creating a better practice model for himself and his patients is a better answer, then let’s watch the primary care enrollment totally dissipate to the point of only being able to have nurse practitioners and physician assistants seeing the patients on the front line for diagnosis and treatment.
If that’s a better answer then one will need to continue with a concierge physician in order to get a better tiered healthcare delivery option.


In closing I would like to say that if one wants a better “Anything” in this life, meal, car, house, education, etc. one has to pay more. It’s just a plain fact. Here we have a better healthcare delivery option solution that can realign the same healthcare dollars being spent by hitting hard the insurance industry. Let’s see, take away the billions of dollars in profits they enjoy and create a better model. I guess you know where I stand ! The answers are obvious.

Arney Benson

Can a licensed doctor in Puerto Rico practice in the State of Florida?

I have a doctor in Puerto Rico that is amazing, but I live in Florida. I’m wondering if this doctor could legally practice in the State of Florida without having to go through the Florida licensing process. I heard there was a loop hole or special exception about this, but I haven’t been able to find anything online.

Thanks for any information that you can provide!

No, he must be licensed in Florida to practice there.

APA Dr. Cue Instruction – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 13: Stroke Defined With Speed Practice! – Dr. Cue Pool Lesson 13: Stroke Defined With Speed Practice – The key element for getting in touch with the “throwing motion” of a good stroke is to use a “slow” backswing on the final stroke cycle and combine it with an obvious hesitation before releasing the cue forward to complete the stroke. A great way to practice this technique is to shoot 15 balls at 3 different speeds in a rotating shot pattern. Focused repetition used in the rhythm / fluency for each shot will provide tremendous benefit to your actual performance and your “looking like a pro”.

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Cash Discounts? if You Want to Pay Less at the Doctor, Ask About Cash Discounts

There are serious problems with health care in America. The cost of medical insurance continues to increase 10%, 20% or even 30% each year. This is a much higher percentage increase than most American’s annual salary increase. For the past several years health insurance was one of the few items in the family budget that saw steep increases every year. Today, this is not true. Families are seeing increases in groceries, gasoline, mortgage payments, credit card interest rates and heating oil. Couple a stretched family budget with a poor economy and the future looks worse than the past. There are predictions that unemployment rates will rise. Another prediction is that more families will not be able to afford health insurance.

Studies indicate that people without insurance do not go to the doctor for checkups or for ailments that are not debilitating. Those with chronic diseases like diabetes that go without regular checkups usually end up in the emergency room. Often, people who go without regular medical care see treatable conditions progress into irreversible health problems like a heart attack or a stroke.

Perhaps a better description of our health care system would be a disease care system. There are government funded safety nets for those sick enough to go to the emergency room but in most cases there is not funding for wellness care or chronic disease management. This situation will only get worse as more Americans lose their jobs and their health insurance.

It is not just patients that are frustrated with our current system. Doctors are burdened by the excessive paperwork required by medical insurance companies. Most doctors today have one or more employees dedicated to processing insurance forms and following up with insurance carriers that do not pay in a timely manner. The set fees for Medicare and Medicaid patients are often far below actual costs for the service rendered. Politicians have been talking about reforming our health care system for decades and little has changed except the rising costs.

Doctors are also frustrated by laws that prevent them from charging patients without insurance less than Medicare and Medicaid set fees. Most doctors sincerely want to help their patients with little means by reducing fees so they will get regular medical care.

In the last few years, doctors in many cities across America have opted to discontinue accepting medical insurance and to change their practice to a cash only business. While some doctors do this on their own, in most cases a group of doctors work together and come up with a medical care plan. While these plans are not insurance, since they are a structured plan they are legal.

Doctor after doctor that has made this conversion to a cash only business has reported that they actually make more money. They are able to eliminate the staff personnel that handled insurance claims. They get paid as services are performed instead of waiting up to several months for payment. They no longer have to argue with the insurance company about needed treatment or tests. They are able to totally focus on treating their patients. Doctors report operating a cash only business is much less stressful and allows them to be more responsive to their patients needs.

Patients also like the Patients also like the cash only system. Since routine office visits are priced similar to an insurance co-pay more people without insurance are able to afford medical treatment. Some people choose to carry catastrophic medical insurance only and use the cash doctors for checkups and routine care. Since routine office visits are priced similar to an insurance co-pay more people without insurance are able to afford medical treatment. Some people choose to carry catastrophic medical insurance only and use the cash doctors for checkups and routine care.

If you are one of the growing numbers of Americans without medical insurance or if the cost of your insurance takes too big of a bite out of your budget, do some checking and see if your community has cash only doctors. If so, ask questions and find out exactly how they structure their fees. You may just find an affordable alternative to maintaining good health.

Loren Thomas

My Near Death Experience Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters.

You know, it’s been very interesting to revisit my near death experience many, many times. It’s been 26 years since it occurred, and yet it has always hovered over me as a place to remember….just like visiting home :).

Now, what is happening is I’m remembering the experience so that I can see the truth in every situation. With this said, no one has the truth outside of us, and I’ll explain what I mean.

In 1984, I was six months pregnant, and awakened with intense pain in my leg. After making a phone call to my doctor, it was determined that I had a blood clot, and my doctor said I should be seen by him. My doctor’s practice was located in a city where I worked, and would require a 2 hour commute. Upon giving this information to my doctor, he didn’t feel it was problematic. As I was getting ready, I began to feel faint. Thus, we decided to make a mad dash to our local ER. The intensity of the pain in my leg was so great that my husband got me a wheelchair when we arrived at the hospital because I couldn’t walk. While in the ER, I began to feel faint again, and was quickly wheeled into the main ER room.

This is where the near death experience occurred. I immediately entered another dimension of higher consciousness and experienced such profound peace. Even though the ER staff was rushing around frantically, and one nurse said, “We’re losing her and the baby’s heart rate is dropping,” her words had no meaning to me. In addition, another nurse grabbed my wrist, and told me that she needed to poke a needle in my wrist and that it would hurt. Yet, you can probably imagine I felt no pain whatsoever. I was at zero point, at no meaning land….nothing had any signficance. My thoughts stopped, and the only thing that resonated was my heightened state of being. It just existed without putting any label to it. Incidentally, unbeknownst to me, my husband was told that we, the baby and I, may not make it and to prepare himself.

Then I heard my own voice say, “I just want to go to sleep.” Then another voice said, “It’s not your time.” This is when I was given an IV of heparin, which thins the blood, and I came back into the third dimension filled with the intense pain once again. To make a long story short, I did have pulmonary emboli (clots on my lung). I did recover and delivered a beautiful baby girl, Lindsay, one month later at a bouncing 3 lbs. 11 oz…she’s a whopper :).

What did this near death experience teach me?

Like I said, over the course of many years, this experience has hovered around me. Now, within the last six months, I’ve embraced it into my whole being. Why? Because nothing outside of me dictates anything, especially truth. The nurses comments were based on the machine I was hooked up to, and the reflection of the numbers that were being revealed. I am the co-creator with my life, along with my soul and all my beings of light. It is these co-creators which dictate the truth, and events and situations will unfold as a mechanism to reveal this truth.

I know that during that time I entered another dimension, I was given a choice to leave or to stay. Although it’s not within my frame of reference to remember this, but I do know the choice was made for me to stay. With this said, the next steps were put in motion to make this a reality.

Now, I see this near death experience for the message it gives me, and know that many things happening outside of me will call into question my own truth…be it health, relationships, financial issues, etc. If I give into these things as being true, then my own truth gets distorted from coming into being, and the perception of chaos ensues.

That’s why it’s important to come from a higher state of consciousness that knows the truth. The ego, the physical mind, can’t know the big picture. It may only see numbers and start the ol’ chaos ball rolling. The numbers have no meaning in and of themselves, it’s only what we’ve trained ourselves to look at when we see numbers…high, low, good, bad, too much, not enough. Thus, you can see how much emphasis is placed on things outside of us as truth.

We can remember one thing: Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters. It’s that simple.!

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Managing Dental Practices: Doctor Reveals How He Promotes His Dental Practices

In this article, a doctor (our client at Dentist Profits) reveals how he is managing his dental practices. He will share to you the many ways and strategies on how to promote your practice as you are managing your dental practices. And this is something that we focus specifically at our managing dental practices website!

How our client is managing his dental practices:

In managing my dental practices, I developed systems that I leverage and tweak everyday. One is that for our Christmas event, we held this year a program called “Knock-Out Kid’s Cavities”. It was a cavity screening and I did it with the DIAGNOdent laser off-site to a bunch of Hispanic lower income area at a zoo. We screened like a thousand patients in just one day… and it was crazy! It was kind of those medical tours or things where you do a bunch of attractions and you donate time in Guatemala. We just had something like that, and we just had them lined up. They were all there for this “studio” thing, and then as a second bonus they got to see the dentist and the patients were a bunch of kids and the parents loved it, and basically it tied in very well with the “knocking out of kids cavities”. And then I got a letter from Sta. Ana, talking about the event. And so this letter goes into a book that I have created for my dental practices… and so this is a kind of leveraging for the things that I do in our office.

As for the book that I have mentioned, it is made inspired with the “Navigator”. For the cover, I had the idea from Dr. Dolson… and I used it (that’s what the navigator’s all about; it’s all about the sharing of ideas and using those ideas in managing your dental practices). In Dr. Dolson’s original format, he paid some nice graphic artist to do something fancy. Then I “stole” it, leveraged it, milked it, put in my patients, put it on the cover of my book… and I had all my stacks and photos and all the cases that I’ve been doing through the years put into it. You know, if you’re into dentistry as much as I am, I’m sure every doctor in here has that stuff laying around, and it shouldn’t be sitting in the back of the office or on the computer! You need to set up a little book, and just constantly having your testimonials and all those things from your patients. As for testimonials, I got a bunch of them. For me, I do mine in different styles. We have snail-mail testimonials, handwritten testimonials, e-mail testimonials (which I sent one to Ed)… and to top all of that, I also have a website that leverages all of the testimonials.

In managing my dental practices, I did the phenomenal health show that’s another new thing that I did since the last Super Conference. We had a system set up where we can go in and become the expert! In here, we made commercials where I spent $75.00 for half an hour. So that’s a pretty good amount of time on cable access. What I’m doing is that I’m leveraging that in the office. This thing is on the loop 24/7! Another thing is that I write dental letters, send it out and have people send it to their friends. Then I give them a $5.00 gas card if they e-mail me back with any feedback. And what I’m doing is all of a sudden I’m getting all these stuff and this isn’t costing me a cent (other than the initial investment). So this is my favorite one.

In managing my dental practices, Ed always tell me this: “You need to identify what it is that’s working for you”. And I say that this is what’s working for me! I just do these unique activities…. and I enjoy it as it really works for me in my dental practices!

Ed O’Keefe

A Letter To The Patient’s GP Please, Angela

One of the tracks on the Amateur Transplants’ debut album, Fitness to Practice, is a dictation for a typist descibing a patient who seems to have everything wrong with her. Dr Adam Kay’s choice of wording is deliberately unhelpful to the poor typist at the other end. Enjoy!

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Finding The Right Doctor For Cosmetic Surgery

If you have decided to seek cosmetic surgery, you will also want to be sure that you select the right surgeon to perform the surgery. The right surgeon will make a difference as to how satisfied you are with your results as well as whether the operation is successful. Researching the right doctor to perform your cosmetic surgery is an important initial step after you have determined that you think cosmetic surgery is something you want.

When seeking a doctor, you should begin by researching the various local facilities offering plastic surgery. Generally, surgeons that perform plastic surgery will know how to conduct many types of surgeries. However, there may be specialists who practice only one aspect of these surgeries. Knowing what surgery you are seeking before looking into the different doctors will help you to eliminate some of the possibilities. If you are not confident that you will get the best choices in your community, you may want to investigate the offerings in nearby communities. They may be able to provide you with more choices for comparison.

If you are unsure of where to look in your local area, you can always begin your search on the Internet. Several internet sources offer you the opportunity to evaluate doctors to verify their qualifications. You can also consult the American Society for Plastic Surgeons to find a doctor qualified to perform your chosen surgery. This type of research may help you discover whether your surgeon has the proper credentials.

Before choosing to meet with a doctor, you should research their reputation. You can do this by doing a thorough background check on the surgeon which is always important. You can do this by speaking with other patients that have used the surgeon to learn whether they are satisfied with their results. It is also easy to locate information about background and qualifications of a particular surgeon, including their history and credentials. This information can help you decide if you have found a surgeon who is right for you.

When you meet your surgeon for the first time, it is important to consider whether you are comfortable with them. It is vital to evaluate their responses to you, and make sure that they have the right answers to your questions in order to help the surgery go smoothly. Make sure that you prepare a set number of questions prior to meeting with the surgeon so that you can use their answers to evaluate the surgeon before making a final decision.

Because cosmetic surgery is based on changing your appearance, you will want to make sure you choose the right person to perform any cosmetic procedures. Being comfortable with the doctor, feeling like you can communicate your desires to them, as well as making sure that they will offer you the best available services are determinations that you will need to make before committing to them. If you are not confident they are right for you, it might be helpful to get a second opinion or do more research into their credentials and reputation. Locating the right surgeon for your cosmetic alterations is an important first step when choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Susan Wilson