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Medical Malpractice in Pennsylvania Expects Change

Despite the current conditions that American face today, Pennsylvania is expecting change. This change is coming from the way that businesses do business with one another and how industries interact with one another. This change comes from the recent events that have been sweeping our nation at a increased rate. In order avoid economic crisis Pennsylvania officials have decided that the way people treat one another is step 1 in fighting this crisis. The main example that they have is the way the medical malpractice in Pennsylvania is being treated. Medical malpractice is an epidemic that has been sweeping the country for years aiding to many deaths and injuries alike. Despite this problem, Medical malpractice in Pennsylvania has been decreasing ever sine the freeze was first introduced. This along with PA officials coming together to get their state to practice business with higher ethical standards, acting more responsibly, and conducting business in a way so that everyone succeeds is directly affecting the rate of medical malpractice in Pennsylvania.

What many people want to know however is what will happen after the freeze gets unfrozen. A lot of this has to do with who is going to be the next president. For the rates of medical malpractice insurance premiums is expected to be unfrozen in June 2009. Therefore the next president will have a big say in what will happen. Hopefully they will see the importance on people being able to afford general healthcare as well as having the premiums for medical malpractice Pennsylvania to be low enough for practitioners, doctors, and medical institutions alike be able to continue practicing medicine. If for some reason officials do not come up with a viable solution that will allow both parties to be happy we are back to square one. In order to make sure that this does not happen, we must place great importance on the severity of the matter. In doing this it is important to gain the much-needed awareness on the topic so that people truly realize what is going on. Pennsylvania is currently doing this, but it is not enough. We need the entire nation to come together and make it known that we really care about this issue. Medical malpractice in Pennsylvania is decreasing, but what about your state. Medical malpractice is a very serious issue that must be addressed now so that in June we have the proper plan in place.

If you or a loved one has been directly affected by medical malpractice in Pennsylvania, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. They have the superior experience and knowledge in this sector of law that will be able to stand up for you in a court of law. In filing a medical malpractice Pennsylvania suit, you may be able to recover monies to cover your medical expenses, loss of wages, as well as for pain and suffering. An act of medical malpractice is very serious; therefore it is imperative that you do not waste anytime in contacting a lawyer.

Paul Justice

Does anyone know where I can find a list of requirements for medical practice in my state?

I am looking to find a website that tells me what degree requirements and so on are required to practice various medical jobs in the state of illinois.

There should be a Medical License Board in state government that certifies qualifications of Doctors, Dentists and the like. Check your state government web site for a link. In Kansas Emergency Medical Service (EMS) certifications falls under the Board of E.M.S. Other jobs like medical transcription and cosmetology fall under various other agencies. Some States have a web site for job listings that will provide job descriptions including qualifications.

marketing ideas for medical practices

for this kind of service i recommend

MD Practice Consulting, Inc., is a medical marketing firm that goes far beyond what most comparable firms offer. Not only do we offer ideas for advertising and marketing your medical practice, but we are also true medical practice consultants who will work hands on with your physicians and staff in any way necessary to grow your business and increase your medical practice revenue.

What are the right strategies for increasing your medical practice revenue? From advertising and external online marketing strategies to operational marketing and practice referral development, our team of medical practice consultants at MD Practice Consulting will make sure our solutions offer the complete package to treat the problem and not just address the symptoms. Our team of professionals will listen to your organization and not only build, but also execute a customized effective strategic plan to see that it reaches its full potential.

In today’s drastically changing healthcare environment, physicians and healthcare organizations face unprecedented challenges in remaining competitive. Decisions to prepare your organization for today’s challenges should not be taken lightly. We invite you to learn more about how our organization can take yours to the next level by contacting us today for your free physician practice assessment.

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How to Find the Best Medical School for you

Your years of college have prepared you for a career in medicine. Now it’s time to find the right medical school. The choosing of a medical school can be one of the most important decisions you make for your future. It may determine the path of your entire medical career. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a medical school.

Obviously you want a school that has a great reputation, one that scores high on rankings of medical schools and is known to produce quality doctors. But there is much more to a school than just reputation. Know what kind of medicine you want to practice and find out if the schools you are considering have a reputation for quality education in that kind of medicine. Are you more interested in medical research or direct care of patients? You need a school that has a similar philosophy. If you are not happy at a school or it is not providing you what you need, it will be very difficult for you to complete the program in a reasonable amount of time, if at all. If this happens, you could be wasting valuable years that you will need to become a doctor. Even if you are in the greatest program in the country, your reputation will not benefit if you fail to finish.

You also want to be realistic about where you are likely to be accepted. Time is of the essence, and you don’t want to waste time researching and applying to schools that are unlikely to take you on. Any listing of top medical schools will show you the MCAT scores and GPAs required for acceptance, and the average scores of accepted students. Take these statistics into consideration when deciding where you will apply.

Consider the physical location of the school. You will spend many years in your pursuit of a medical career, and you want to be sure you spend those years in a tolerable location. Medical school can be taxing and challenging, and your physical environment must be one that is pleasant to you if you are going to give yourself the maximum chance to succeed.

Consider the cost of the school. Medical school can be a financial drain as well as an emotional one. Be sure you can afford whatever schools you are considering attending. Be sure you will be able to get the loan you need to pay for that school, if necessary. If you will be in residence near the school and away from your home, consider the cost of living expenses as well.

Most of us know some medical professionals, whether they are friends, relatives, or the family doctor. Consult with them as to the best path to take in regards to medical school. They are sure to have some helpful suggestions and may think of things to ask yourself when you are deciding that you had not even considered.

Your medical school choice will decide your future for many years to come. Don’t leave this decision to chance. Use the tips above to make the most informed choice possible and give yourself the best opportunity for a prosperous medical career.

Craig Berger

I currently work as a receptionist at a medical practice – how can I become a manager?

What classes, college majors, languages, etc would benefit me to eventually move up?

Get your BS in Business Administration, major in whatever you like that will get you the "career" you like, bear in mind that the title of manager is just that it’s a manager, but what you need to specialize in is manager of what…and take some courses at the Small Business Administration as well. Don’t kid yourself, no one moves up within any business from receptionist to manager. You’d have to move to a different company to be a manager.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul: providing health care to the needy at no charge

NPR story talks with Ron Paul’s former medical practice partner who describes how Paul’s practice refused to accept any federal money to perform medical work and how the Paul practice provided the needy with health care at no charge. Rand Paul continues to follow in his father’s footsteps and provides free surgeries to the needy even though he is busy working as the U.S. Senator of Kentucky. Story links:

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Quality of Care Wavers Aiding to Medical Malpractice Philadelphia

In the city of brotherly love you would think that the quality of medical care would transcend from the nickname it holds, however this is not wholly the case. Acts of medical malpractice in Philadelphia are staggering making the city the exact opposite from its imposed nickname. Acts of medical malpractice that are ignored and kept hidden are not only hurting the individual patient but the rest of the nation as well. Acts of medical malpractice Philadelphia that are not dealt with properly are bound to cause much larger ramifications in the future. Small problems that are not dealt with can develop into much worse conditions that are not only harder to treat but are also harder to fully overcome. If something goes wrong during surgery the first thing step should be taken is towards the health of the patient. Everything should be done to fix what went wrong and get the overall health of the patient back on track. After that is done the patient and their family should be told about everything that happened and what their options are. Then the patient and their family as a whole can decide what solution bests fits them. If the patient and their family are not told what is going on they will not be able to properly assess the information in the proper manner.

Quality of care wavers aiding to medical malpractice in Philadelphia the more doctors fail to tell the patient if an act occurs. The fact of the matter is that it is the Law to file a report and tell the patient if anything ever goes wrong during their treatment plan. However too often do doctors forgo this practice because they are afraid that they will get in trouble, lose their license, and gain a bad reputation, which essentially makes them unemployable. This is what all medical professionals fear the most so that is why they make all the moves possible to avoid it from happening. The quality of care diminishes as more and more acts of medical malpractice Philadelphia occur. This is bad for the entire state because greater quality doctors will want to avoid hospitals that would possibly bring down their attention. Also patients looking for care will opt to receive care farther away just to ensure that they are receiving the quality care that they deserve.

If you or a loved one has been affected by an act of Medical malpractice Philadelphia, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A medical malpractice lawsuit will be able to bring you and your family justice. Medical malpractice lawyers have the experience in dealing with these types of cases and have superior knowledge in the matter. Don’t let an act of medical malpractice stop you from doing the things you once loved but can no longer do due to your injury. Contact a lawyer today and start your path to justice and make right what has been wrong for so many years.

Paul Justice

What percent should I charge to market a medical practice?

I will be hired at a salary, and the "commission" will help augment my earnings.

That depends on how good you are at sales. Assuming you are inexperienced (otherwise you would know what % to charge), See what they offer you as base. Can you live on that? Don’t fall for a proposition where most of your compensation will be based on commission. This is simply a way for companies to reduce their risk.

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Preventing Medical Errors

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With the increasing complexities of the health systems today it may be easier for some medical errors to occur. This may worry some people and rightly so. Unexpected and unwanted results may happen and may be caused by a medical or computer error. Planned medical care procedures may not go exactly as planned. Errors can and will occur anywhere in the health care system and can do with medication, treatments, identity, or as simple as being given the wrong meal. One of the leading causes of death and injury is medical errors with at least as many as 50,000 people dying in American hospitals each year. With more people dying from medical error than car crashes or AIDS; this is a problem that deserves everyone’s attention.

Medical error refers to overwrought doctors or nurses who accidentally do something lethal when dealing with a patient. This could be an excessive dosage of drugs, or accidentally snipping a blood vessel required to live. Believe it or not, there have been many cases of patients having the wrong leg or arm operated on, which has led to the practice of writing “NOT THIS LEG” or “NOT THIS ARM” on the limb that does not need an operation.

Of course while doctors and government agencies work towards a safer and more effective healthcare system there are things that you can do to help. Form a partnership with your healthcare providers. Get to know them and let them get to know you. Become as involved with your own healthcare as you expect the physician handling your case to be. Take part in all decisions relating to your health care. Better results are achieved when you can communicate openly with your doctor to clear up misunderstandings and relay your wishes. Making sure that you receive the proper care is also your responsibility, so don’t let a little embarrassment get in the way of good accurate medical care. A little embarrassment is worth it when it comes to you or your loved ones health and the care that you receive. This kind of good communication can save your life.

The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recommend that if you are a patient in a hospital you should speak up for yourself if you notice something that you don’t understand. Know your medications, what they are for, when to take them, and how to take them and bring a list of them with you to the visit. Understand what is expected to occur, how, where, and when. Making sure someone knows what your name is and repeat information to all that you feel needs to know about your visit. Don’t just assume that everyone involved in your care knows what is going on with you. Find out what your tests results are and don’t assume that just because you don’t hear anything that everything is ok. Don’t get forgotten in the hospital. If you have a private physician then make sure that doctor is the one in charge of your care to reduce identity errors.

So if you need the services of a medical professional or are admitted to a hospital, or having to visit outpatient clinic, emergency rooms, please take the time to make it known that you mean business when it comes to your health. Make sure that you build a partnership with your medical professionals as they are the ones that will be caring for you in possibly your most vulnerable moments. Teamwork in this area is the key to reducing some of the medical errors that occur in hospitals today. That team includes you, your doctor, healthcare staff, nurses, and clerical worker. Just be patient with the crew as they are trying their best to keep you alive. While being patient, also be cautious. Eventually you will figure out the best combination so as to be the perfect patient.

Eze ThankGod ik