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Dental Marketing: Seven Sure Sailing Strategies

Everyone wants a solution that sets sail successfully the first time. Most dentists have just skirted around the edges of marketing. Actually that is what most businesses do. Unfortunately, at some point the winds change and luck, location (cubed), and trial and error are no longer on their side.

A strong, consistent, proactive communication strategy is the only way to sail on these rough seas.

Here are seven dental marketing strategies that will completely unfurl your sales!

1) Right Your Dental Website

Most dental websites are listing in a generic Internet sea. Lots of dental services are written about but little or no real human warmth can be found in this frigid North Sea of uninspired content.

Write, write, and write to right your website. With all the sites out there now, you need to say dentistry with real people in mind. Your dental web site content should be worth knowing about rather than just floating out there like a buoy without a real-life perspective mooring.

2) Sales Faster With Dental Direct Mail

Communicating effectively often requires someone to take the lead. Direct mail gets out in front faster than almost anything you can do. Dental practices that want more than galley leftovers need to mutiny against generic marketing and take the fight for hearts and minds to the home front and mailbox.

Nothing else is as local, as targeted or as proactive. Rather than waiting for consumers like all other marketing it goes right to the head of household and says, “Look at me, why wait, you need it now!” You need to say it the right way and with an eye on building value. But you can use dental postcards; a brochure-mailer or whatever works best for your dentistry brand. Direct mail puts significant wind in the sales of your Internet strategy as well.

3) Gain Supremacy of The Online Seas for Your Dental Practice

Web surfers are searching for exactly what you offer. Whether its dental implants or porcelain veneers, smile makeovers or advanced cosmetic dentistry, you can be the one with the phone calls, new patients, and revenue booty. Even in dangerous economic waters, it is possible to sale well.

This is not brute force online advertising. It’s a niche strategy for the dental practice that wants patients who are ready to buy what they offer. No longer haggle about price. Say heave ho to the dental insurance anchor. Start steering your online strategy toward your higher-lever services and the consumers who will pay for them in a good and not so good economy.

4) Define Your Dental Niche Rather Than Being A Dentistry Parrot

If you say the same things every other dentist is saying, you will be like a parrot on a creativity lacking, dental marketing pirate shoulder that’s squawking and hawking the same thing. Instead, say less about dental services and focus more on your dental expertise.

Consumers will never see the value in your expertise if you hoist the same flag (grocery list of dental services) your competition does.

5) Real Dental Branding Halts The Plank Walk To Irrelevance

First, dental logos are not brands. They are brand elements. Completely transform your brand like you want your patients to transform their smiles. Otherwise Davy Jones’ Locker is ready to swallow your sales numbers.

You no longer work on teeth. Currently, consumers see teeth in your brand when price, low value, and dental insurance are still magnets in their compass. With effective brand development, the consumer will know you see THEM. Then the focus is not on their teeth, which have less value to them. They are not their teeth, their mouths or even their smiles.

Create a brand around your dentistry expertise and the value you offer PEOPLE. Tooth and toothbrush logos, half off whitening coupons and the like are grounds for plank walking in this tight market. Quit degrading your value. Branding prevents dental expertise irrelevance.

6) Be Unique To Avoid Being Set Adrift in a Dentist Without Differentiation Dinghy

The market has gotten crowded with “we do dental care like that too” competitors. Sameness will sink almost every communication ship you set sail in with the today’s hyper-competition for the consumer’s money.

Dental insurance reliance takes more profits out with the tide. The low price dentistry sales method is taking on water like mad because it has nowhere to go but down. Taking your dental practice into unique waters is often a calmer experience. The waters are clear, making it easier for consumers to see you, evaluate your value, and start appreciating the worth of your dental expertise.

7) Guide Your Marketing Efficiently With A Sturdy Dental Coaching Rudder

Why get a dental marketing coach? Actually you can do it all yourself. Like I could voyage into megapascal math and meth mouth makeovers, you could set sail on a masters (and commander) graduate course in dental marketing. Or we can each do what we do best, and I can help you sail to your port of call a whole knot quicker.

Running your dental practice aground is easy to do if the winds change. Get command of a seaworthy craft with an expertly righted, communication strategy. Of course, it’s always your choice whether you go with an expert or not. Likewise, the consumer has many choices. You need Niche Dental coaching services to give you the helm during dental consults.

Niche Dental helps consumers see YOUR expertise as valid and valuable before they arrive, releasing the knot of objections in case acceptance. Otherwise consumers will continue to open the rum barrel of low value, minimal results, and never-pay-out-of-pocket dentistry.

Either take this route or invest in my new book and we can make money on these wading-in-low-waters consumers. It will be sold on the All-Generic Dentistry, All The Time cable channel and The book, Dental Care for Rummies, makes consumers feel good about low priced, insurance covered, fast-paced, and simplistic solutions dentistry.

CONCLUSION: Sailing Your Dental Practice Through a Downturn

Wanting a simple solution to your dental marketing dilemma is a natural expectation. But if you think about how the consumer often reacts to anything without a dental insurance life raft, the simple expectation sinks quickly. While there are some “simple” solutions in dentistry and marketing, they often cost more, require more time, or need an expert touch.

Paying for dental coaching, spending more for the right marketing, and developing a long term plan makes sense, even now. In an economic downturn, many consumers actually spin the helm toward a counterintuitive bearing. They start looking for value, wanting more bang for their doubloon. It’s counterintuitive because expensive purchases are not removed from the table. The value treasure chest is still very full for many consumers, especially the 77 million baby boomers who need more dentistry.

Promoting your expertise in higher-level dental treatment will standout. Consumers will notice because everyone else will be retreating to cheap and cheaper marketing waters. Fly the flag of the low priced pirate dental marketer and see your frigate get hit with the cannons of low profit and work your butt off dentistry. Avoid the low value services bottleneck; catch the wind a change in direction provides.

If you are not ready to string me up on the mizzen because of all my sailing references, call me to discuss your dental marketing needs. Then we can get everything shipshape in a matter of few nautical miles.

Dick Chwalek

My friend is graduating dental school this month…any ideas on something fun & personalized I could get him?

He is moving away to start a DDS practice towards the Colorado area. I wanted to get him something personalized that had to do with dentistry for when he starts his own practice soon. Any ideas?

Oh wow congrats to him! This sounds like a really fun present to buy, but hard.

I would probably go with something that would be nice for his office. A
really special business card holder, that is special in some way personally. Or an awesome antique typodont that he can have out, or something funny like that.

Probably stay away from instruments just cause he probably has preferences about certian things like that. But you could go with a special label for his loopes or something like that. You know, a cute brass plaque something to label his things or something, I don’t know:)

If you aksed him, he might tell you that he has wanted to get a ____ [fill in the blank with some small thing] and you can get it and have his name put on it or something special that will be personal.

Good luck finding something awesome!

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Dentist Practice Management Economics Consultant on the Strategies in Promoting Your Dentist Marketing Business

In dentist marketing, you should find helpful ways in promoting your business. This means that you should get more dental patients in the business. For this, you need to have an advise from a dentist practice management economics consultant. In this article, dentist practice management economics consultant Ed O’ Keefe would like to share to you the ways to become successful in your dentist marketing business. The advice of the dentist practice management economics consultant is that you should follow these ways and keep them in mind always.

Sub-Niche Your Practice:

The first strategy that the dentist practice management economics consultant would advise you in promoting your dentist marketing business is to sub-niche your practice. To do this you should start promoting other services. In the consultant’s case, they are promoting an “Invisalign” for patients who needs whiter, stronger teeth. He asks his patients what their ultimate goals are, and he has Invisalign as a solution to help them get straighter teeth. But if they want to get straighter, whiter teeth right away (and they’re candidates for veneers and other services), then they can present the whole treatment plan to the patient immediately. So start by sub-niching your practice. Go after your patients with dental problems and have dentistry as the solution for them.

Go For “Lead-Generation” In The Business:

The second strategy that the dentist practice management economics consultant would advise you in promoting your dentist marketing business is to “lead-generate”. And this is through advertising your services. With this you can actually help people identify you as a good dentist by overwhelming them with “before and afters” proof, wherein you can educate them through DVD’s, powerpoints, and online. You have the options of educating your dental patients through seminars, local workshops, or you can educate them online.

Open The “Floodgates” To Your Patients In The Business:

The third strategy that the dentist practice management economics consultant would advise you in promoting your dentist marketing business is to open the floodgates to your dental patients. A lot of doctors, along with their associates, open the floodgates to their new patients; and the patients just keep coming in to their dental practice. Then 1 out of 10, or 2 out of 10 patients that came in are going to want cosmetic dentistry or more of high-end restorative dentistry. Make it a point that you will be the one who’s going to get that dental patient in your business.

These are the ways that the dentist practice management economics consultant would advise you as you promote your business. First, sub-niche your practice, then “lead- generate” through advertising, and then open the floodgates to your new dental patients. Go for these strategies, and you’ll surely gain more new patients, and become successful in your dentist marketing business!

Darcy Juarez

Dental Problems -What to do now?

Im in my early 50s, in the UK, and have had a dental problem for some time now and wonder whats the best way forward. It started over a year ago.
My first dentist spotted the need for a root canal job in an upper back tooth and didnt do it herself but referred me to another dentist who did the work. He took some X-rays and said there were areas of gum infection, but nothing more was done or advice given about it.
Last year, my regular dentist found a tooth in the same area which she said was in a bad way and gave me the option of filling or extracting it. Currently I still have all my teeth so I chose a filling, with the provisio that if it didnt work it would come out. Unfortunately I cant remember which tooth it was because I have so many dark amalgum fillings, which all blacken the teeth inside so its not easy to tell.
About 2 months after she did that filling, she suddenly left the dental practice without notice.
I started getting toothache and got treatrment from an emergency dentist, who also mentioned a rotten tooth in this area -again it wasnt specified exactly which one.
But the problems continued, including a gum abscess and swelling of the face and I was finding it hard to get a new NHS dentist in my town until a month ago (as many have gone Private). I got one a month ago, though by this time the abscess/swelling had gone again. I told him about the recent problems/history.

After my new dentists first examination (including use of X-rays), he said I had gum infection that has spread to the bones, was incurable, but could only be slowed down by cleaning under the gumline every 3 months (which only he could do -and did on that occasion), and correct cleaning above gumline, which I could do. He added the abscess problems will come back, and there was also a possible cracked filling on a tooth in the problem area, but then told me to make arrangements for a 15 minute appointment to repair a filled tooth on the opposite side of my mouth, which was done last week.

However, following that work, he said I was OK now for another 6 months -there was no reference to the 3-monthly clean, nor the possible cracked filling in the problem area, which surely was a higher priority. And over the last few days my face is starting to swell up and down again.
The abscess when visible appears as a yellowish blister, and today isnt visible (though 2 days ago it was). Ideally Id like him to see it for himself so he can judge whether its due to the gum disease or this rotten tooth -wherever it is- has something to do with it, as he seems to have (literally) left this side of it for now. Surprisingly theres no pain involved this time (there was a heat-sensitive tooth in this problem area last year but Sensodyne toothpaste cured that).

Yes its fairly obvious I need to see a dentist again and it seems likely the ‘bad’ tooth should come out. But the swelling/abscess seems to come & go quite fast -right now it seems to be going down again- and if he cant see anything himself when I go how can he treat it effectively? Why did he say Im OK for 6 months? He was looking at his computer -shouldnt he have noticed the gum disease history and the cleaning etc agenda he himself had identified/suggested the week before? And as its computers, is your entire dental history passed on when you transfer to a new dentist? (this would plainly be useful for everyone).

well here are a few points that might help you:

your dental history is not passed on from one practise to another.

checking your mouth, possibly including x-rays, will tell your dentist everything, the notes of some years ago are practically irrelevant for today’s treatment

the general answer to gum disease is:

"clean and keep clean"

a dentist might give you some advice on cleaning/brushing technique and many practises have hygienists who could clean your teeth thoroughly and train you to become a tooth cleaning champion at home.

this is far beyond a "scale and polish"

and also the key to oral health in general is :

"clean and keep clean" and you can and must do it yourself, the dental professionals can only help you to do it yourself

expect to pay for the hygienist privately

OK for 6 month does not necessarily mean your teeth are perfect, it might just mean: the dentist cannot think of any improvement ( within the limits of the NHS) right now

early 50s, UK resident, lots of old black fillings, swellings on and off, gum disease and so on rather let me assume you are seeing end of a period of relative dental peace that started with extensive repair in your teenage days

NHS treatment means a cap on your treatment cost (and unless you are exempt you will pay about 90 % of the cost involved yourself), so while you can expect to get out of pain and a bit more, don’t expect miracles on the health service

I think you should see you dentist and talk about your worries, and if you don’t get along with a particular dentist: go somewhere else

good luck

Texas Kids Dental Care El Paso TX Pediatric Dentist

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Dental Town Adviser Talks About Why It’s the Best Time to be a Dentist Today

In this article, dental town adviser Ed O’ Keefe will give you an update on what’s happening in the dental profession today that’s new, that’s hot, that is making practices more successful than ever. The dental town adviser will share to you the reason why now is the best time to be in a dental practice. And the dental town adviser will also share to you how to systemize your practice so that you can gain more patients. And this is something they focus specifically at their dental practice website!

Here’s what’s Ed is going to share with you:

Now with the talk of the economy and everything that’s going on, the reality is that there has never been a better time to be a dentist, or to be a marketer of the dental practice right now! And that’s what I have realized as a dental town adviser. With the “baby boomer” explosion that’s occurring right now and seniors living longer than ever before, there’s never been a better time to reposition and start sub-niching dental practices. Repositioning is about making the practice something for a particular demographic group where they have a great deal of discussion to spend whether they have good coverages, and they have problems like, for example, how to market dental implants. I always think like dental implants is the easiest thing to make big money quickly in dentistry, because you have frustrated patients, people out there with dentures and partials/missing teeth who have serious health problems if they don’t have natural teeth or strong teeth, even if they’re fake. Those are real concerns out there, and since people are living longer they want to have the stronger, healthier, more durable teeth. So to market to that kind of population is really simple because they have those kind of dental problems. For example, here’s a person who have bad dentures and partials for years, and there would be a $36,000-dental care required for her to go to the dentist and have the problem taken cared of… plus there would be an additional cosmetic work of course, because once you start to fix the function, you would want to fix the appearance! So marketing your services to this person would be a very good idea, because it would solve the dental problem that she has!

Now, the biggest problems that a lot of doctors have in general is that they get more education, more clinical training, and they think that that’s going to fix their income. But the reality is that the answer lies in the marketing of their services. It’s like your “backdooring” it instead of trying to tell everybody that you’re the best dentist there is (while anyone can say that and everybody’s saying that!). So as a dental town adviser, what we do differently than just about anybody else is we just teach them how to sub-niche and that’s really going to be where the future of the next level of marketing of dentistry is! It’s really like having 2, or 3, or 4 mini practices in one practice! One of the things that we did is in the area of Invisalign. Invisalign is very well known and so I know that a lot of my doctors were promoting Invisalign, and they were struggling with it. They went out and got trained, spent all weekend, and so some of them have tested and tried the Open House. Well, we know how to run seminars so we just shifted the gears, we told them how to run Open House and seminars. And if you do an Open House correctly using marketing, you can’t just throw it out to the open house because you have nobody showing up, but if you do multi-seminar marketing, do it the right way like we teach! We had guys do $100,000 in one day in their dental practices and just recently, one of our implant clients did a workshop for niche-marketing, targeted-marketing, and they went to a little area that’s outside where it’s like a retirement community of people. And within 45 minutes, 20 implant cases came from it and referrals were coming from it. And it went over $200,000 of revenue in the first month and a half. So it’s just kind of like shifting having to do with the thinking of how you’re going with your business, we could do 1 or 2 of these every quarter and sell more dentistry than doing mailers all day long. You see, it’s all about the fact that the dentist has to be willing to change this whole thinking about price, about markets, and about marketing!

As a dental town adviser, what I’m doing is making them very efficient, so really, one of the doctors that I’m best suited for is the guy who’s like actually marketing a verse, who finds it painful, who finds it troublesome, who only likes to do it under a desperate circumstances. It’s because I can actually systemize it in a way that he doesn’t have to pay attention to it everyday, he doesn’t have to be involved in it all the time! You can have periodic events that feed the whole practice. And that’s very cool! In addition to this, one thing we’ve realized especially with dental practices is that the previous scale are continuing to grow and getting off the “dental treadmill” or the “rollercoaster income” kind of analogies. Now, we’re training the staff to run all the marketing for the doctors! So even if it’s a different language to them, we got systems that would teach the staff member or team member, and we do these trainings all the time. So if you hire somebody new, we’ll train them and turn them into a little mini-marketing expert in your office, and that’s the way they should run it, and it creates that ideal lifestyle that we teach our doctors as well. The keyword there is “system”. You should know that all of the wealthy people in America is traced to such systems, and that’s the “make-a-break” difference in businesses, and every dentist should find out about them and investigate them!

Darcy Juarez

Am I getting taken advantage of in my part of a start up mobile dental service provider?

I am the dentist in this small business that me and a lab guy that used to make my dentures at a previous place of employment. Here is a summery of how it played out.

I worked for a mobile dental company. Not too many of these types of dentists out there doing this, so I gained a bit of knowledge in how to provide that type of dentistry. What supplies are more important, how to approach walking in to a new nursing home (which is primarily what we see), what challenges to be aware of when treating a more medically compromised patient, what type of assistant makes the best mobile dental assistant, and several other keys pieces of info when doing what I do.
That company and I got to a point where we no longer got along, and lets just say we divorced. I called the guy that ran the denture lab that I had used rile at the company the previous 4 years because I knew he still made dentures for another guy that opened his own mobile dental service in another region of the state. I have NO INTEREST in owning my own business and knowing the field well and having be very successful at doing that type of dentistry I figured it would be a perfect fit. When I called the lab guy, he told me he had always dreamed of owning a company that managed different doctors that either temped or were placed permanently, and that he was interested in starting a mobile practice with me being the sole dentist at start up and the main dentist when it expanded. We agreed on a % that was on average what a first year graduate would make, because of the way we had to file Medicaid reimbursement, which takes up to a year to be paid and that only starts the time clock after treatment is completed. Being a start up business I wanted to make an effort to show my part of being a team player. He has made several mentions of ideas of how I would be rewarded handsomely in the future for doing such a thing. Now we have been doing it for about 6 months, and in that time, a few things have done all the way from shocked me to hurting my feelings, to leaving me feeling like a $2 whore in a third world country. To name a few of these-1) not listening to my advice on how frequently each patient is scheduled. We are much more successful than we anticipated and it is causing my promises to patients already started to become s. I say I will be back for the next step in the treatment in 3 weeks only to make it back 2 months later because I have sooooo many new patients and the company doesn’t want to upset a new client. 2) Ignoring my suggestions on the qualities an assistant should have or what type of material to order, only to learn the hard way that I knew what I was talking about to start with. I feel like I am setting myself up to build up this company in which I have no ownership in, by seeing all these new patients (which by the way pays very little compared to making somebody a denture which I have started over 40 cases but cant make it back in a timely manor to finish so I am not paid for that service yet) and doing so at a rate that is normal to pay a first year graduate when I have 11 years experience with 5 of those doing mobile dentistry. Then when it comes time to follow up with the things discussed back when we were forming this thing, I could be replaced by another less experienced dentist that they can then teach what I have taught them. Please don’t state the obvious. I know that I am not the most highly skilled business man alive. I am a dentist and that is what I do know. I never had a job before being a dentist so I have no skills with business, and no desire to learn at 41 years old. What is your advice? Am I being a cry baby or do I have legitimate complaints. When I do vent my concerns I feel that they say what it takes to settle me down but never follow up with what they said. It is my license that we are operating under. It is my ass if a patient decides to sue. I am at risk for them and the learning curve of dentistry alone not to mention mobile dentistry. Please help.
PS- I have a contract that was claimed to be very vague so we could make it more appropriate at a later date, but my faith in their word is fading fast.

If you came to us as a potential client we would want to know a few things up front. Main one is HOW are you being reimbursed for your services. Do you get a paycheck (with taxes withheld) or are you paid as an Independent Contractor (no taxes withheld)?

If you are paid as an employee (taxes withheld, etc.) then YOUR EMPLOYER has the right to dictate your schedule and hours. If you are a contractor, then generally YOU decide. However, you may be being paid as a PARTNER (an owner of the business). However, if there is not a formal Partnership Agreement filed with your name and SSN and ownership percentage listed then you are not "officially" an owner.

Since it is your license that allows the operation to continue you REALLY need to form your own business and start making the decisions regarding your actual practice yourself. You can hire someone to perform the office administration tasks (the actions a business owner would normally perform). Look for an individual Bookkeeper in your area that might be willing to handle all the regulatory filing duties. YOU can still make decisions based on their proposals. It’s really not that hard.

But, YES, to answer your actual question…you ARE being taken advantage of!


Mike Womack, Sr. Partner
Zero Degrees Tax LLP
Moore, OK

Dental Practices Consultant Gives You the Strategies to Promote Your Business in Latino Cosmetic Dentist Marketing

In the niche of latino cosmetic dental marketing, you should find helpful strategies on how to promote your business. Promoting your latino cosmetic dental marketing business means getting more cosmetic patients in your side. For this, you need to have an advise from a latino advertising for dental practices consultant as well. In this article, latino advertising for dental practices consultant Ed O’ Keefe would like to teach you the strategies that you can have to become successful in your latino cosmetic dental marketing business. And as a latino advertising for dental practices consultant, he would also advise you to follow these strategies very well.

Strategy 1: Sub-Niche Your Latino Dental Practice

The first strategy that the latino advertising for dental practices consultant would advise you to promote your latino cosmetic dental marketing business is to sub-niche your latino dental practice and start to promote other services. So what does it mean by sub-niching your latino dental practice? In the consultant’s case, they’re promoting an “Invisalign” for patients who needs whiter, stronger teeth. When they come to him he asks them what their ultimate goals are, he has Invisalign as a solution for the patients to help them get the straighter teeth they want. But if they want to get straighter, whiter teeth immediately (and they’re candidates for veneers and any other kinds of services offered), then they can present the whole treatment plan right then and there to the patient. So one of the things that he would like to teach the doctors is to start sub-niching their latino dental practice. Go after your patients with problems and have latino cosmetic dentistry as the solution for them.

Strategy 2: Go For “Lead-Generation Marketing”

The second strategy that the latino advertising for dental practices consultant would advise you to promote your latino cosmetic dental marketing business is to do “lead-generation marketing”. And what he means by this is that you advertise your services. With advertising you actually help people identify you as a good cosmetic dentist by overwhelming them with “before and afters” proof, wherein you can educate them through DVD’s, powerpoints, and also online. As the future of dental practice, you have the options of educating your patients through seminars, local workshops, or you can educate them on-line.

Strategy 3: Open The “Floodgates” To Your Patients

The third strategy that the latino advertising for dental practices consultant would advise you to promote your latino cosmetic dental marketing is to open the floodgates to your patients. A lot of doctors, with their associates, open the floodgates to their new patients and they just get the patients coming in. Then 1 out of 10, or 2 out of 10 patients that came in are going to want latino cosmetic dentistry or more of high-end restorative dentistry. And if you’re the boss and you won the whole latino dental practice, you can be the one who gets that patient.

So these are the ways that the latino advertising for dental practices consultant would advise you to promote your latino cosmetic dental marketing business. Remember, sub-niche your practice, then go for lead generation marketing through advertising, and then open the floodgates to your new patients. Following these strategies will help you gain more new patients, and be successful in your latino cosmetic dental marketing business!

Darcy Juarez