How to Market Your Practice and Attract Patients the Right Way Into Your Dental Practice

In this article, dental marketing company adviser Ed O’ Keefe will share to you how to market your practice and attract dental patients the right and effective way into your dental practice. The dental marketing company adviser will tell you how important positioning is as you “sell” your practice to the people. And the dental marketing company adviser will also share to you what you should do once the patient comes into your practice. And this is something we focus specifically at our dental marketing website!

Here’s what the dental marketing company adviser will share with you:

As a dental marketing company adviser, the first thing that I would like to tell you in marketing your practice and attracting more patients into it is that you should consider “positioning”. What I mean by this is that you position yourself in a way that, in a sense, you’re telling the people: “I’m someone whom you can trust, because I don’t need your money!” You somehow show to them that you’re not fearing that if you don’t get this patient’s case, your life’s going to end. Show them that you are in demand by the public! And this is kind of like a process of pre-conditioning.You see, the whole idea of positioning is that when you don’t put people in a system, and they come in just for free consultation without any kind of pre-conditioning prior; when they sit face to face with you, you have to do a diagnosis to create pain, you have to agitate this pain, and you got to give them the solution. So, the problem with this is that when a patient comes in and offered with a free offer, where there’s no conditioning, what happens is that the doctor is chasing the patient! Or say, with your team, your office is trying to get the patient into the office! And I always call this the “best-looking girl syndrome”. For example, back in high school, I see the hottest girl in our group that we hang out with, and I always want to go talk to her. I walk over to where she is and say, “Hey, what’s up Susy?”. Then she walks away! Now, the rate that I came in with Susy, becomes the rate she walked away as well. It’s like the faster I moved in, the faster she took off! But what I figured out is that, Susy always went after the guy who is the guy in the corner, who is kind of a jerk, and who acted like he didn’t care at all. And I realized that it’s all about the law of pursuit and attraction. So, if you’re pursuing, people will run away. If you’re attracting, people can’t wait to be there! And so is it in your dental practice. Pre-condition it so that you will be attracting people to it… and you’ll never go to a point wherein you and your office or team will be the ones chasing after the patient. They should be the one to chase your practice!

So when patients come into your dental practice, what I advise you to do as a dental marketing company adviser are three steps. First, you ask your patients what they want or the reason why they came in. Second, do a diagnostic new patient experience (in our case, for this we have Wendy Briggs, president of Hygiene Diamonds and one of the smartest people that you’re going to meet, because she is the one who trains the assistants and the hygienists on how to probe correctly, on how to language things correctly, etc.). Then third, you sit down with the patient and do a consultation (and what I advise you to do is go with a simple formula, which is P-A-S, or Problems-Agitate-Solve, and stay consistent with the formula!). By here, you identify the problem or whatever the patient needs; discuss the problem earnestly with them; and then find the best way to solve the problem! And when you effectively solve their problems… they really become comfortable and contented with the kind of service that you give to them… and the big possibility is that they pay, stay, and refer in your dental practice. And this is another good way of marketing your practice and attracting patients the right way into your dental practice!

Darcy Juarez

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