Managing Dental Practices: Doctor Reveals How He Promotes His Dental Practices

In this article, a doctor (our client at Dentist Profits) reveals how he is managing his dental practices. He will share to you the many ways and strategies on how to promote your practice as you are managing your dental practices. And this is something that we focus specifically at our managing dental practices website!

How our client is managing his dental practices:

In managing my dental practices, I developed systems that I leverage and tweak everyday. One is that for our Christmas event, we held this year a program called “Knock-Out Kid’s Cavities”. It was a cavity screening and I did it with the DIAGNOdent laser off-site to a bunch of Hispanic lower income area at a zoo. We screened like a thousand patients in just one day… and it was crazy! It was kind of those medical tours or things where you do a bunch of attractions and you donate time in Guatemala. We just had something like that, and we just had them lined up. They were all there for this “studio” thing, and then as a second bonus they got to see the dentist and the patients were a bunch of kids and the parents loved it, and basically it tied in very well with the “knocking out of kids cavities”. And then I got a letter from Sta. Ana, talking about the event. And so this letter goes into a book that I have created for my dental practices… and so this is a kind of leveraging for the things that I do in our office.

As for the book that I have mentioned, it is made inspired with the “Navigator”. For the cover, I had the idea from Dr. Dolson… and I used it (that’s what the navigator’s all about; it’s all about the sharing of ideas and using those ideas in managing your dental practices). In Dr. Dolson’s original format, he paid some nice graphic artist to do something fancy. Then I “stole” it, leveraged it, milked it, put in my patients, put it on the cover of my book… and I had all my stacks and photos and all the cases that I’ve been doing through the years put into it. You know, if you’re into dentistry as much as I am, I’m sure every doctor in here has that stuff laying around, and it shouldn’t be sitting in the back of the office or on the computer! You need to set up a little book, and just constantly having your testimonials and all those things from your patients. As for testimonials, I got a bunch of them. For me, I do mine in different styles. We have snail-mail testimonials, handwritten testimonials, e-mail testimonials (which I sent one to Ed)… and to top all of that, I also have a website that leverages all of the testimonials.

In managing my dental practices, I did the phenomenal health show that’s another new thing that I did since the last Super Conference. We had a system set up where we can go in and become the expert! In here, we made commercials where I spent $75.00 for half an hour. So that’s a pretty good amount of time on cable access. What I’m doing is that I’m leveraging that in the office. This thing is on the loop 24/7! Another thing is that I write dental letters, send it out and have people send it to their friends. Then I give them a $5.00 gas card if they e-mail me back with any feedback. And what I’m doing is all of a sudden I’m getting all these stuff and this isn’t costing me a cent (other than the initial investment). So this is my favorite one.

In managing my dental practices, Ed always tell me this: “You need to identify what it is that’s working for you”. And I say that this is what’s working for me! I just do these unique activities…. and I enjoy it as it really works for me in my dental practices!

Ed O’Keefe

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