My Near Death Experience Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters.

You know, it’s been very interesting to revisit my near death experience many, many times. It’s been 26 years since it occurred, and yet it has always hovered over me as a place to remember….just like visiting home :).

Now, what is happening is I’m remembering the experience so that I can see the truth in every situation. With this said, no one has the truth outside of us, and I’ll explain what I mean.

In 1984, I was six months pregnant, and awakened with intense pain in my leg. After making a phone call to my doctor, it was determined that I had a blood clot, and my doctor said I should be seen by him. My doctor’s practice was located in a city where I worked, and would require a 2 hour commute. Upon giving this information to my doctor, he didn’t feel it was problematic. As I was getting ready, I began to feel faint. Thus, we decided to make a mad dash to our local ER. The intensity of the pain in my leg was so great that my husband got me a wheelchair when we arrived at the hospital because I couldn’t walk. While in the ER, I began to feel faint again, and was quickly wheeled into the main ER room.

This is where the near death experience occurred. I immediately entered another dimension of higher consciousness and experienced such profound peace. Even though the ER staff was rushing around frantically, and one nurse said, “We’re losing her and the baby’s heart rate is dropping,” her words had no meaning to me. In addition, another nurse grabbed my wrist, and told me that she needed to poke a needle in my wrist and that it would hurt. Yet, you can probably imagine I felt no pain whatsoever. I was at zero point, at no meaning land….nothing had any signficance. My thoughts stopped, and the only thing that resonated was my heightened state of being. It just existed without putting any label to it. Incidentally, unbeknownst to me, my husband was told that we, the baby and I, may not make it and to prepare himself.

Then I heard my own voice say, “I just want to go to sleep.” Then another voice said, “It’s not your time.” This is when I was given an IV of heparin, which thins the blood, and I came back into the third dimension filled with the intense pain once again. To make a long story short, I did have pulmonary emboli (clots on my lung). I did recover and delivered a beautiful baby girl, Lindsay, one month later at a bouncing 3 lbs. 11 oz…she’s a whopper :).

What did this near death experience teach me?

Like I said, over the course of many years, this experience has hovered around me. Now, within the last six months, I’ve embraced it into my whole being. Why? Because nothing outside of me dictates anything, especially truth. The nurses comments were based on the machine I was hooked up to, and the reflection of the numbers that were being revealed. I am the co-creator with my life, along with my soul and all my beings of light. It is these co-creators which dictate the truth, and events and situations will unfold as a mechanism to reveal this truth.

I know that during that time I entered another dimension, I was given a choice to leave or to stay. Although it’s not within my frame of reference to remember this, but I do know the choice was made for me to stay. With this said, the next steps were put in motion to make this a reality.

Now, I see this near death experience for the message it gives me, and know that many things happening outside of me will call into question my own truth…be it health, relationships, financial issues, etc. If I give into these things as being true, then my own truth gets distorted from coming into being, and the perception of chaos ensues.

That’s why it’s important to come from a higher state of consciousness that knows the truth. The ego, the physical mind, can’t know the big picture. It may only see numbers and start the ol’ chaos ball rolling. The numbers have no meaning in and of themselves, it’s only what we’ve trained ourselves to look at when we see numbers…high, low, good, bad, too much, not enough. Thus, you can see how much emphasis is placed on things outside of us as truth.

We can remember one thing: Circumstances don’t matter. Only state of being matters. It’s that simple.!

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  • @ClassicDaisyLuv, … @ClassicDaisyLuv, my perspective is that heaven is not a place or location. It is an awareness in this moment of oneness with all that is. As you think of your friend in this moment, you are witnessing his presence in this unlimited spaciousness and in this so-called memory, which can only be in this moment, he represents all that is. .? Does this make sense?

  • My best friend died … My best friend died a couple years ago and he believed in god and was a great person do you? think he is in heaven and does he know that he is missed?

  • @kucibaba2, oh it … @kucibaba2, oh it can be very challenging to be with? life circumstances. It takes a commitment to have peace no matter what appears. I applaud that you are looking for this….it is in the searching that things will be revealed. I kept stating….”take me down the rabbit hole and show me what’s real.” The Being/God presents all circumstances, and it’s through these illusionary circumstances, that the perception changes…naturally. Much love to you!

  • I would love to be … I would love to be in peace like you are. I’m trying but the life circumstances are so hard (I have mentally sick son and we need so much peace to deal with his behaviors, sometimes it overwhelms me so? much I can’t stand it. I’m desperately looking for THIS kind of peace. God bless you:)

  • @ceeliewheelibin, … @ceeliewheelibin, thank you for your kinds words!? That NDE continues to teach me about peace no matter what is happening. Oh, that little squirrel…I wasn’t wearing shoes, and I’ve had them nibble on my toes before because they’re looking for treats…we give them peanuts! How beautiful that we crossed paths, and simply were in each others’ presence. Much love to you!

  • You have a … You have a wonderful presence Tami. You have such a calming and comforting voice. Your face is beautiful and I love your hands. I? feel so very at peace with myself after watching your video. I especially loved how you gave recognition to the squirrel on your deck. What a wonderful soul you are. xxxx

  • @XxAdamJxX, yes… … @XxAdamJxX, yes…the Kingdom is? within us. It’s all an invitation to remember this, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing.

  • @krazymummy, you … @krazymummy, you are sooo welcome! ? It’s such a fascinating time to be here in this existence, and I appreciate that we were connected in this unconditional love called YouTube. Much love to you!

  • That was really one … That was really one of the? most enjoyable videos I have had the pleasure to see on YouTube . From the sound of your voice , the uplifting story and the beautiful view you have reflecting in the widow . Thank You for sharing . I will definitely check out your website .

  • @dmacamill99, … @dmacamill99, thanks for the morning laugh! I looked at the “pocket dialing” language and wondered if it was? foreign because I couldn’t interpret it :). Thank you as well for the kind comments. I’m so appreciative that you exist!

  • Sorry about that… … Sorry about that…that was like a “pocket dial” I was watching this video by phone…great video? by the way, thank u for sharing

  • @sweeetly, thank … @sweeetly, thank you! I love what you say about your near life? experience and “death is not needed to have this.” It’s interesting to contemplate life and death for they are one in the same. They’re only concepts and we simply exist as “this.” It’s so beautiful to be unconditional love as the appearance of everything in diversity. I appreciate your sharing because through sharing we witness unconditional love appearing as “this.” Much love to you!

  • beautiful video and … beautiful video and comments too! :)
    I had a similar experience while walking down the street.
    It was a near life experience :)
    I feel what you are saying so much and it seems death is not needed to have this.
    Thank you saying? it so clearly.

  • @Kenneth32107650, I … @Kenneth32107650, I love what you mentioned about everything is the same energy as it is…unconditional love in? many expressions of frequencies. If you would appreciate an interactive dialogue, please message me and I would be happy to engage. Much love to you!

  • @tamiclose It does. … @tamiclose It does. What is interesting is the fact that this type of experience seems to lead one to a much higher level of awareness and understanding of consciousness and spirituality. If only everyone? could have an NDE (without having to die, of course). I think the concept of onesness is spot on. I remember reading a physics book that says that everything is made of the same thing- energy. Different matters are simply energy that vibrate in different frequencies. Thank you & God bless.

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