Why the Concierge/boutique Model for the Primary Physician Practice Works

K so we aren’t feeling well or are in need of seeing a doctor.



Here we have an industry called the insurance reimbursement healthcare delivery which doesn’t reimburse physicians enough to practice “good quality medicine” making them have to cut corners by saving time and forcing them to create a volume driven practice model. As you and I both know, the option of having an MD spend ~5 minutes with a patient, which is about all they can do in this model, is just poor medicine. The MD actually spends more time on the paperwork than actually seeing the patient.


Is there a problem ? Yes, most definitely.


I guess you first have to decide is healthcare a right or a privilege? That being answered either way, the solution is not limit concierge/boutique practices but to support them and help make them flourish.


Two definite things would and should happen.


First is, because a primary care physician can now make a reasonable income without specializing, the increase in enrollment to the primary care marketplace will go from its current 2% to double digits fixing the now growing shortage of primary care physicians.


Second is to revamp the way our insurance system currently works. Let’s say that an individual has a family plan that cost, between the employer and employee’s contribution~ $1,000/mo. Let’s say this plan, which has co-insurances, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses, were to be re-written into a $2,000 + catastrophic up-front deductible plan and was supplemented and mandated by a concierge plan.


The overall healthcare outcome would be better healthcare for the patients, less ER visits, less hospitalizations and a more compliant patient.The financial model also works by having less premiums and an astronomical savings to the overall healthcare delivery system as a whole.


An overall fix to the dilemma we face today is what we are all looking for, I get that. But let’s take a step back and see how if realigning the same methods of payments and delivery system, we couldn’t have a better answer.
Granted if you believe that stifling the primary care doctor from creating a better practice model for himself and his patients is a better answer, then let’s watch the primary care enrollment totally dissipate to the point of only being able to have nurse practitioners and physician assistants seeing the patients on the front line for diagnosis and treatment.
If that’s a better answer then one will need to continue with a concierge physician in order to get a better tiered healthcare delivery option.


In closing I would like to say that if one wants a better “Anything” in this life, meal, car, house, education, etc. one has to pay more. It’s just a plain fact. Here we have a better healthcare delivery option solution that can realign the same healthcare dollars being spent by hitting hard the insurance industry. Let’s see, take away the billions of dollars in profits they enjoy and create a better model. I guess you know where I stand ! The answers are obvious.

Arney Benson

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