Dr. Loftin Dougies

During midnight madness the basketball team at Texas A&M University start a new campaign after made 3 pointers. They teach the crowd how to Dougie and the university president chimes in with a lesson of his own.

Duration : 0:2:5

[youtube P1Fki-4uUDE]

  • I would like to … I would like to point out that not only would Bill Powers NOT Dougie, but we Longhorns would never ask him to.

  • Heck i go to a … Heck i go to a school at MIT, and even I know that the Texas Tech Red Raiders are the nastiest, std infested, rude, incompetent dips in the United State’s level of “higher education.” Pretty bad when there is a health television broadcast on national television that insults you’re 1 in every 6 student infested population.

  • lol @ anyone from … lol @ anyone from Texas Tech aka glorified community college located in Lubbock, aka God’s Asshole, talking about “trashy” A&M Aggies when their own campus is filled with retarded trash of both genders. When you do something besides waste your parents’ money drinking with your frat buddies, come talk shit. There are some decent people at Tech, but they’re tough to find.

  • 2011 NCAA Women’s … 2011 NCAA Women’s Basketball Champions! Gig ‘Em Aggies! Yall really made us proud tonight.

  • @TaylorRedRaider A … @TaylorRedRaider A lot of those people aren’t fake soldiers. 50% are contracted, have military IDs, and will be full-time active duty once them graduate. They’re training, dumbass…doesn’t mean they’re fake. Learn something before you look ignorant in front of the thousands of people who watch this video.

  • @TaylorRedRaider … @TaylorRedRaider Wow you know at least aggies know how to show a little respect. Plus aint nothin trashy about A&M… especially its traditions, because i dont know if you know any moron from any college can yell at a band… But the difference is, in reality our band WILL ALWAYS kick ass.

  • The absolute worst … The absolute worst death in the world would be sliced deep knife cuts by ex whore girlfriends while dripping toxic waste out of their and soon after giggling and riding dick while their 8 year old illegal immigrant anchor obese mexican babies yell “yeah get em baby mama we gunn chop him baby smooth smooth”

  • @TaylorRedRaider … @TaylorRedRaider What is your problem? Why would you spend so much of your time to come on here and bash another school, and then try to defend your school at the same time as saying you throw batteries and water bottles at the band? Anyways…about half of that band is contracted in the military. Please stop trolling.

  • @bshalcomb Throwing … @bshalcomb Throwing tortillas is trashy? Hmm interesting. Yelling at the other team’s band is normal, every school does that. We might throw batteries and water bottles at the Aggie band, because they are fake soldiers and we hate y’all! This still doesn’t compare to dancing a jig at midnight yell. I would have left if I were there!

  • @TaylorRedRaider … @TaylorRedRaider Yeah, midnight yell is pretty trashy, especially when you compare it to such noble Texas Tech traditions as throwing tortillas, yelling every obscenity imaginable at the other school’s band, throwing batteries, full bottles of water and such at said band, destroying very expensive boots that cadets wear, and inciting riots after football games. Tech is absolutely the poorest excuse for an institute of higher learning in the state of Texas, if not the United states.

  • @signzo Do I give a … @signzo Do I give a shit? Tuberville sucks, if we had Leach we would have won the Big 12 easy this year!

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