Healthcare Marketing: How to Promote your Cosmetic Surgery Practice With Little Time & Effort

Promoting your cosmetic surgery practice can seem like an overwhelming task. Why? You don’t just promote your medical practice you have to work for a living. You have to see patients, do the procedures and write your notes. You have to follow up on your patients, take care of complications, and deal with your staff. It’s a never-ending labor of love.

But there is a means of promotion that is often overlooked. It’s readily available, and is a fundamental part of any campaign to promote yourself and your practice. It’s the power of the testimonial!

Why you should use testimonials to promote your cosmetic surgery practice.

The whole point of promotion is to get your messages across to your customers explaining why they need your product or service. However, with everyone screaming, “Buy mine, buy mine” at the top of their lungs, it is often difficult to make yourself stand out.

That’s where use of this technique stands out and can be an absolute lifesaver for your practice!

Using testimonials is so underused, yet so valuable. You’ll likely kick yourself when you start using it. If used correctly, simple, short quotes can give a lot of credibility to your promotion and simultaneously boost your sales figures too.

Sure, anyone can insert a statement like,

“I just loved my chemical peel! It made my skin look like new. I’ll never get one from anyone else!-Sue, Arizona”.

Or how about the endorsement of, “I highly recommend that Dr. Dufus Bupkus. I’ve had others and he’s the best!-Ed, patient.”

But these statements don’t hold much weight. Do YOU believe them? Do they sway you to come to you as a doctor? No. And I’ll tell you why. Powerful testimonials have certain elements in common:

1. They are specific.

2. They are verifiable.

3. They are impressive.

Let’s look at these things in detail and I’ll explain what I mean.

1. They are specific

Endorsements and testimonials that are convincing are specific to the experience of the customer. Rather than just stating that the chemical peel made Sue’s skin look like new, this testimonial should say something about her experience.

“I had forgotten all about the upcoming wedding of my niece. I had 1 day to get ready and noticed my skin had lost it’s glow. I couldn’t see all those relatives with the way my skin looked.. I called 5 doctors and their staff laughed at me. I then called Dr. Lycka. I couldn’t believe the difference! He saw me right away and carefully listened to my problem. He then suggested a microdermabrasion and a javani treatment. I immediately looked and felt better. Then his esthetician put some Glo minerals makeup on me. All I can say is Thank you!! Your office really saved my day!”

Now that says a mouthful!

2. They are verifiable

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people. Many doctors will quickly create false testimonials and endorsements simply because they don’t have any real ones. The majority of consumers are quickly becoming aware of this tactic. That’s why it is so important to provide verifiable information with your accolades.

When listing a testimonial or endorsement in your ad, include some way the potential buyer can identify with your customer. This includes a name, an occupation and an age. These elements let the buyer know that they are free to verify the information given. They build a tremendous amount of trust and credibility.

3. They are impressive

How do you impress someone with a testimonial or endorsement? Easy! Give ones that are from impressive people.

Yes, it’s easy to impress buyers if a movie star endorses you. But what if your testimonials come from everyday people? That works, too. Simply include the title or status of the individual giving the endorsement. The trick here is to phrase the title in such a way that it means something to your target audience.

For example, if writing an ad for everyday folks, we could state the title of the person giving the testimonial as:

“Sue Smith, Mother of three”

Even those people who aren’t parents understand how much of your time children take up. This woman has three children. Even though Sue isn’t a widely known celebrity, her title brings its own air of impressiveness because of how it relates to the product or service.

I have no doubt you’re thinking right now: “How do I get my customers to write testimonials that follow these guidelines?”

Here’s how to get your customers to write effective testimonials:

When you ask for a testimonial, specify what your needs are. I often state my requests this way,

“Since you’re pleased with my service, I’d like to ask if you would be willing to provide a testimonial. I’d love to let my prospective customers know about how the product helped you.

Now the client knows precisely what I’m looking for.

Most patients are looking for validation and justification prior to making a purchase. Providing them with proof that your service is well liked by their peers is an excellent way to give your ads credibility and increase your sales.

Barry Lycka

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