Intravenous line insertion

How to insert an intravenous line (“drip” in some vocabularies). For full details, visit – it’s free. Creative Commons licensing – attribution, non-commercial, share-alike.

Duration : 0:2:26

[youtube iDK4YNPWu2Q]

  • @hubByWiFey0214 I … @hubByWiFey0214 I agree! I’m proud to be one! This is just like eating peanuts when a Filipino Nurse do this, without even getting messy (with blood oozing everywhere) LOL!

  • @hubByWiFey0214 I … @hubByWiFey0214 I agree coz my mom and grandma are nurses and they’re good at starting IV’s, but this is supposed the be an educational vid to help inexperienced students. Ur comment is kind of uncalled for, buddy.

  • @arvydas0069 Say … @arvydas0069 Say that after a nurse digs in your hand for twenty continuous minutes and no one says a word..

  • I was terrified of … I was terrified of iv drips right up to the moment of my operation. The sight of needles in my arm made me want to vomit. But when I came out of the anesthesia and realized that I couldn’t even feel the line in my arm I felt stupid for worrying so much. It was all in the mind. But I had to endure the fear in order to overcome it.

  • “Ok,im gonna need … “Ok,im gonna need to do a single man heart transplant.Heres the IV.”
    “Btw,what university did you get your medical degree?”
    “None,the power of tutorials on youtube.”
    “OH GOOOOOOOOOooo……d (falls asleep)”

  • @arvydas0069 Ooops! … @arvydas0069 Ooops! I guess that makes me the biggest on earth. I always need lidocaine—preferably as a topical anesthetic. :(

  • For christ sake, … For christ sake, this is the worst vid ever..

    – injecting lidocaine? are you nuts?
    – a blind man could stick a pink needle in that huge vein..
    – Insertion technique is really wrong: stick till flash, push 3 mm deeper, remove needle about 1cm then insert the whole needle+catheter in the vein.

  • MIssing an … MIssing an IMPORTANT step! Gotta release the tourniquet BEFORE flushing the vein. Or you’ll blow the vein. DUH.

  • Ok if you’re dumb … Ok if you’re dumb enough to puncture the SIDE OF THE BAG while spiking it… Stop trying to work in a medical setting, see an optometrist and take up the bagpipe.

  • this will help … this will help immensely .. i start my anesthesiology rotation from next week – and the one thing i always hated doing was putting in hep locks in the ER .. so this will help even more :)

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