Here are some tips for boot (Marines)?

Ok, I’ve been seeing the recruiters are still not telling enlistees very much (had the same problem). I went to boot late 2008 early 2009 so i’ll do my best to help. Every platoon/company is different as far as how they do things. Also this will probably help for other branches, Also if anyone else has tips feel free to put them down.

1. First off dont do drugs before leaving!!! I know this sounds like common since tip but at boot we had 3 people drop from popping on the drug test. They might tell you in the first 2 weeks if your lucky, we had someone drop 5-6 weeks into training. Dont try getting away with it, you wont.

2. Learn your general orders out of order, meaning you should know them if I ask you whats your 5th general order, whats your 2nd general order, whats your 8th general order. You will be in the sand pit alot less if you do so.

3. Dont go to medical unless you have too, you can only miss two PT days a month. Only go if you feel like you really need to, not for a damn headache.

4. STUDY! You have different phases at boot camp, each one you have a test for that you have to pass. Study during free time, this will help. The D.I will work with you guys to help you guys pass, as much as you think they want you to go home, they want you to succeed.

5. STRETCH/Hydrate- Every chance you get do so, they claim you can drink water whenever you want, this is not true. Honestly, you dont get much time to hydrate, so when you do get the chance drink up. Stretch during free time, when you hit the rack and the D.I is in his "house" stretch in your rack, look up different stretches online and your D.I will show you some also.

6. If you dont know how to swim, learn now. If your not a good swimmer, start practicing. Swim week is hell for those that arent good swimers. Go to a local pool and tred water and just swim laps, you will be doing different strokes in full gear in the pool (camies, boots, pack, m16).

7. Learn how to speak before leaving, there were many recruits that didnt learn how to speak properly for weeks into training. What I mean by this is, speak third person (this recruit request permission to speak to drill instructor sir). Look up online for tips

8. Do not look your drill instructors in the eyes, look above their eyes slightly in the center. This sounds dumb but you will be chewing sand if you look them in the eyes.

9. Learn the M16a2 service rifle, just go online and look at charts. You will have rifle week but it will help to have some knowledge before hand.

10. Your not wearing a hat, its a cover.

11. Start learning your ranking structures now, private, pfc, lance corporal ext…. The way we learned at boot and it helped was saying E-2= PFC One strip up, E-5=Sergeant 3 stripes up cross rifles in the center

12. Its all mental, dont be a suicide/gay case alright? Its going to suck, your going to be yelled at like you’ve never been yelled at before. They will make you feel worse then you ever felt in your life, but once you finish a day at boot you will feel more accomplished than you ever have before. As much as you think you will be ready for boot, you wont be. Its alot to take in, but you will get use to the life style after a while. If you have any questions feel free to message me
haha, No I’m not POG.

good thing weve got salt dogs like you to spread the word to those not motivated enough to learn it on their own.
‘pain retains’ must be old corps now i guess.

and a newsflash for the 03 humpalot boot
there are far more marines behind you making sure you have your beans and bullets and youre effective downrange than there are self-described triggerpullers. i know grunts with one deployment and no decorations asides from ‘hey ive been here’ medals, and ‘pogues’ with a star on their CAR and Vs on their NAMs.

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