Would you vote yes or no for Medical Marijuana if it was propose in your state?

Do you think marijuana should be legalized medicinally? States who have started this practice have realized that there is more positive than negative.

Also-> If it was legalized in your state, how long did it take for dispensaries to open? Do you think it has a positive or negative affect on your state?

Lets hear your opinions


There are many safer alternatives and the chance of abuse is too big to support legalizing pot.

  • In California, we have had it for about ten years. I don’t think that the government should ban any substances as you should be able to choose what you put in your body and believe that punishing those who use is a waste of everybody’s time and government money and think that they may be treated as alcohol (socially) if they weren’t illegal. I don’t see how marijuana could have a negative effect on the state as users of it ultimately just hang out and watch South Park.References :

  • I would vote ‘no’ based on the scientific evidence alone.

    In fact there are too many alternatives to medical marijuana that have been proven to mee the FDA’s ‘safe and effective’ standard.References :

  • i live in california and this is like weed central..its stupid for it to be against the law but not against the medical law. ppeople get arrested for doing drugs cuz it affects ur brain but when ur sick it doesnt affect ur brain? thats stupid!
    iot should be banned in general!
    idk thats just what i think.References :

  • No.

    There are many safer alternatives and the chance of abuse is too big to support legalizing pot.References :

  • it is legal in Montana for medical reasons.I disagree with what they call as medical marijuana.
    i know a few people who use it for back pain and I don’t believe it should be used for that reason.References :

  • I would vote yes to grow marijuana on my front lawn.References : America is a free nation, start acting like one.

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