Dental Practice Software for Successful Practices

Are you already running a successful dental practice? If so, you will probably find yourself running short of time to manage the business aspects of your practice. After all, your practice depends on you to meet patient appointments, and when your practice is successful, most of your time will be spent working with your patients.

But as the owner of the practice, perhaps at the back of your mind you are constantly thinking about how to manage your dental practice as it grows. It may even worry you a bit because if you don’t action early enough, the whole system that is currently supporting your practice may just crumble under the weight of the growth. That may give you and your staff nightmares!

What you need is a system that will help manage most of the administrative and operation aspects of your practice. Here are some features that you may find helpful.

Payment Ledger with Payment Entry

Tracking payments is a priority as your practice grows. The more patients you have, the harder it is for you to track payments. With this feature, you can check family balances, and enter payments accordingly.

Appointment & Revenue Scheduling

When you move appointments around, you are also moving revenues around. You need to be able to see how this affects your business at a glance. This feature presents you with a bird eye’s view of all your appointments. You can customize the fields that you want to see (e.g. patient’s age, appointment details, etc). From the table, you can easily find out what you need to know about the next payment.

All business owners know that there is a difference between expected revenue, and actual revenue. You may have seen many patients and you expect X amount of revenue to come in by a certain date. From the calendar, you can easily spot the difference between expected revenue, and the actual revenue collected. You may then proceed to take action if you see that there is a problem with payment collection.

Clinical Charting

There are lots of software in the market that allows you to enter information. But the best dental practice software should allow you to spot trends from clinical charts that are generated within the software.

Treatment Planning

You should also be able to create comprehensive treatment plans for your patients. This feature adds value to your medical practice by allowing patients to follow a well planned treatment course. It will also help generate revenues for your business because you can get more patients to return to complete their treatments.

The above are just some example of features that you should be looking out for. Other important features include visual treatment planning, prescription writing, and more. Be sure to contact the software vendor for a free trial or demo.

Usually, a buying decision could take weeks, or sometimes even months. So don’t put it off. Otherwise, your dental practice may be affected adversely.

Gen Wright

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