Ron Paul and Rand Paul: providing health care to the needy at no charge

NPR story talks with Ron Paul’s former medical practice partner who describes how Paul’s practice refused to accept any federal money to perform medical work and how the Paul practice provided the needy with health care at no charge. Rand Paul continues to follow in his father’s footsteps and provides free surgeries to the needy even though he is busy working as the U.S. Senator of Kentucky. Story links:

Duration : 0:1:11

[youtube 6Dzsfn7m63E]

  • great and beautiful … great and beautiful new ad on ron in the 70,s as physician helping? the black guy with his wifes pregnancy when the nurses tried to have him arrested trying to get help for her,this has to get played on msm,great job !!!! this will put the brakes on the msm,wow!!!

  • While terrorists … While terrorists are a threat, the real threat to America are these charlatans that? want to smear good people.

  • This reminds me of … This reminds me of a show about a hard doctor with a heart of gold. He got pies and stuff instead of money. He smoked and went to a caff with a blind? black lad, had a dumb helper and was into the girl who owned the caff/shop. What’s the name of that show again?

  • @Jimbo898 very true … @Jimbo898 very true, you rarely, if ever, hear Ron Paul talk about his generosity, I’m a Brit but RP all my hero, he’s pretty much the only politician in the world that i would trust, people are trying desperately to get dirt on him, but they’ve come up empty handed, the best they can muster is some old new letters from 20 years ago that? he didn’t even write!! that tells you an awful lot about RP’s integrity, all that’s in his closet is his gardening tools and a push bike :- )

  • If We pass up this … If We pass up this GREAT opportunity that DR. Ron Paul is will to give us, WE deserve what we GET! ?

  • I was lmao? at the … I was lmao? at the thought of grateful people giving Ron Paul chickens in return for free medical care! XDDDD

  • What’s amazing … What’s amazing about this is he doesn’t? go around talking about it. He humility and humbleness shine thru. This is who I want setting in the Oval office. This is the Commander and Chief I want, who has principle and just doesn’t send our young men and women off to needless wars. HE RESPECTS LIFE AND LIBERTY.

  • Ron Paul just keeps … Ron Paul just keeps looking better and better.

    Don’t? forget the RP MoneyBomb tomorrow, Fri, Dec 16th!


  • All those other … All those other puppet sellouts to the banks and corporations, don’t belong on stage with Ron. RP? 2012.

  • How can you NOT … How can you NOT love this man???!!! Well, we do here in Iowa and are working hard to prove it to the nation on Jan. 3rd. As we had voter fraud 4 yrs ago, please pray for us. Last time around, they were broadcasting numbers before we had finished counting ballots and they were (gasp) exactly the same. Wiser this time around; will have RP supporters in the counting process? for each precinct.

  • c’mon Iowa and New … c’mon Iowa and New Hampshire! What more do you need?? Get this man the nomination and into the White House!

    For all other Ron Paul supporters, click off your Facebook and your libertarian blogs, and PHONE BANK for Ron Paul! Even if it’s just 50-100 calls a day, if you can do? more, great!

  • URGENT: 2 days from … URGENT: 2 days from the Ron Paul Tea Party money bomb (Friday, Dec? 16th). Ron Paul needs your help if he is to win IA and NH and continue the revolution. Funds are running low and he needs some patriot support. Goal: $6.5 million in a day. Lets blow the establishment away and meet and surpass this goal. This is our last chance. It’s getting to the point where its give all you got to Ron Paul, or lose the great experiment that was America. THUMBS UP SO PEOPLE CAN SEE! RON PAUL 2012!

  • @ … @Hendrix92TheUniverse Rand has disappointed me on this TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline deal, saying that it would “create 20,000 jobs,” and would consider compromising to allow the pipeline along with the? payroll tax cuts. /watch?v=9SIVIxgOg1o

  • Ron and Rand are 2 … Ron and Rand are 2 real Americans, who know what this country is all about.
    They speak the truth, and they fight for average? Americans.
    They don’t take money from corporations or lobbyists, therefore, they work for us.

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