Dental Marketing – Affordable Dental Marketing
Learn how to start an Affordable Dental Marketing campaign without spending thousands of dollars on old school advertising.

Traditional marketing no longer works to get new dental patients. Traditional marketing is too expensive. Dental Marketing needs to be effective and inexpensive.

In dental school we were taught that Word of Mouth advertising was the best way to get new dental patients. That is still true however the conversations have moved from the phone and mail to social media websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media marketing is free, and with the right action plan, you can effectively use social media strategies to grow your dental practice.

Duration : 0:3:23

[youtube 8Dky0uFNEJ8]

  • This video was part … This video was part of an example from the book Social Media for Dentist. The objective was to show how keywords such as Affordable Dental Marketing could help this video be found in the search engines.

    To really make this strategy affective I could have had a lot of people come in and comment and use the keyword affordable dental marketing in their comments.

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