Dental Practice Consultant on What Dentist Profits Can Do for You in Your Practice

In this article, dental practice consultant Ed O’ Keefe will share to you what Dentist Profits and his coaching club can do for you in your dental practice. The dental practice consultant will tell you the benefits that you can get by joining his club. The dental practice consultant will also share to you how you can achieve success in your dental practice by joining him in his coaching club. And this is something they focus specifically at their dental practice website!

Here’s what the dental practice consultant is going tell you about Dental Profits and His Coaching Club:

People ask me: “With your coaching club Ed, do you train my staff, and do you train like anybody in my staff to do the marketing?” And my answer to that is “YES!”. We hold fast start trainings, which is for the team; for your hygienists, for your assistants, and also for yourself. And we also have Wendy Briggs ( president of Hygiene Diamonds, and creator of “Whitening for Life”, and she’s one of the smartest people you’ll ever meet ), who gets your hygienists and your assistants helping sell a lot more dentistry for you in your dental practice. And you get that free by being a new member with us! And as a dental practice consultant, we do that because we know that your dental practice and your marketing will be ten times more effective, if your staff is on board, and is buying into what you’re trying to accomplish… and so we do that training for you! We hold two seminars a year, and if you want to get into our Gold membership, we do 4 of those trainings a year; which is great! And those guys and gals really love masterminding together. It’s really an elite group of dentists who are doing just fantastic and fabulous things.

Now, what’s your risk? Now, I hold a 30-day free trial for you to let you “test-drive” my system, and also “test-drive” my coaching club. Get it aggregated into the culture and just dive in… and see if it fits you! If it doesn’t, well it doesn’t fit you. We part ways… and that’s okay. But if it does fit you, well, the better it is! I’ll tell you, as a dental practice consultant, I’m getting testimonials and success stories all the time! And these testimonials and success stories come from successful doctors who are just doing great things in their office! I see people who were two weeks away from bankruptcy and who turned it around! I see people who were doing $40,000 a month, and are now doing $120,000 a month! I see people who were doing $120,000 a month, now doing $250,000 a month! And most importantly, what I see is just a lot of the lifestyle and the choices, meaning, that these people get to do what they want, with the people they want to work with.. so in the process they get to experience a lot of true autonomy… and that’s really what running a successful business allows you to do!

We also have tons of customer service.You can call our office just by any day of the week, and people will be there to answer your questions and support you! And also, people ask me this question as well: “With the marketing, can you guys just do it for me?”. Well, we have some brand new services available; we have a couple of brand new services for online marketing that are now available for you. And we’ve also had direct mail services for a long time. So we get to send out direct mail pieces, new mover programs, birthday mailings ( where we can actually market to people in your area with birthdays, and it’s just another great strategy!). It’s a strategy that a lot of really smart direct response companies utilize, and a lot of people just tend to overlook it. So, as a dental practice consultant, we have all these great ideas and strategies that will really benefit you in your dental practice! So, if you’re interested in our Coaching Club and in our free trial, just go to our dental practice website, and just go ahead and click on there and you’ll get all the details.

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