Dental Practice Management Consultant on the Three Secrets in Achieving Your Goals

What are the three secrets in achieving your goals, be it your goals in life or in your dental practice? In this article, dental practice management consultant Ed O’ Keefe will share to you the three, real secrets in achieving your goals in life and in your practice. The dental practice management consultant will give you an in-depth look at these secrets. With these, the dental practice management consultant will show you how to set up your goals and how you will be able to achieve them. And this is something they focus specifically at their dental practice website!

Here’s what he’s going to share to you about these three secrets…

The first secret is how you see yourself. It has something to do in the way that you perceive yourself. You see yourself in a certain way, then you act accordingly. That’s called your identity. You’re a successful person therefore in everything you do you strive to be successful at. It’s like you’re in the middle of the road, you just kind of try to get by on. If you somehow, came up with a limiting belief that says something like:“I’m stupid, I don’t learn things quickly!”. Well, I can prove to you in a matter of 30 seconds that you’re smarter than you’ve ever imagined, by the fact that you can learn things at rapid speeds! And you say, “I don’t understand that!”. Personally, I get so hurt when I see kids who like who believe that kind of thing. It’s not that others are smart and you’re stupid because you don’t learn quickly like them, but it’s because people just learn differently. And while our school systems are shifting a little bit, the reality is when most of us went to school it was just one dimensional. Sit in a classroom and listen. Well, if you’re strength is not in listening, but you like to be hands-on, or you like to be watching and be hands-on at the same time, well you did not succeed in that environment. It made you crazy, in fact you might have started touching people around you, right? Like you grab some stuff over here and grab some stuff over there, and they called you a bad kid. But no, you were not a bad kid… you were just a highly kinesthetic kid, which means you need to be holding on to things. And somewhere along the line, I figured out that all that “crap” about being stupid or whatever is just not true… and that I can learn anything! Now, you can start saying in your head “I can learn anything quickly and easily! I can learn anything quickly and easily!”. Here’s the thing, if there’s someone who thinks that they’re dumb, or someone who thinks they can’t get it, and when someone’s teaching them something they start talking to themselves, saying, “ I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get this….”. Well, as you tie that conversation, guess what happened? Thirty seconds of the description of what’s going on just went by! So you’re not stupid, you just missed half the conversation! That’s all that’s happened. So as a dental practice management consultant, I tell people that when you’re trying to communicate to people, 90% of the battle is just all about shutting up and listening. How can I know what it is you want if I can’t hear you and understand you, right? So it’s just how we see ourselves.

The second secret is what you asked for. Now, here’s a good news and a bad news. Whatever you asked for, whether you say it in a positive or the negative way, is what you will get! So for example, if you say something like “You know what, I really want to attract joy and happiness in my life…” And you just ask God for that and you just keep praying on that, and you live your life based on that, then you’ll find that you’ll get more of that in your life! For example in dating… you say to yourself: “Well, I hope I don’t meet another girl like the last one I dated, she was just a jerk…”, or “Will the world not send me someone like her?”. Then the world will not know the difference between the two. Now, your focus is on seeing and meeting the “girl of your dreams” coming to your life…. and that’s all you’re going to get! In your dental practice, at times you find yourself in a struggle with money. And you wish you wouldn’t struggle with money anymore. As a dental practice management consultant, I tell my clients that money is attracted to money, because people who have money like money! That’s the idea of money. If, for example, you’re one of those people who say, ” I am always tight with my money, I count every single penny….”. What I advise you to do is go give a hundred dollars to somebody who needs it. And when you do, you just sent a message to the world that you believe in abundance and you believe that everything can come into your life! I’ll tell you a story, there was a family that was in need, then our company wrote a check for a big dollar amount to them, and we just let it go. Talking to a few people, they say like “Are you sure?”, and I said “It’s there, and there’s more coming!”. And I swear to you, I can’t even say that this is reality because I have no scientific proof, but all I know is that every month after that, month after month, we just got better and better! Like crazy things started to happen; I think by the next day we had a record day in the office! And it’s because it’s just a relationship. So, like when I win money, I just go, “Oh, cool!”, because that’s what supposed to happen! It’s because I like money, therefore it likes me. And we’re going to have a nice relationship together! And if you’re like afraid of it, then it’s going to be afraid of you! See the point?

The third secret is what you believe you deserve. And this kind of sum things up! We’ve talked about how we see ourselves; whatever we ask for, whatever we think about most expands; and whether it’s negative or positive, you’re going to get it either way, because the world doesn’t know the difference… so whatever you believe in you deserve it! Like for example, when people buy my dinner, I say “Thank you!”. And it’s because I’m sending them a message that this is fine, that this is a good world! And so what I like to challenge you is start believing you deserve everything you get in life. Instead of saying “no, I don’t deserve these..”, you say “Yes, I have these because I deserve these!”. As a dental practice management consultant, I tell my clients this: with every level you go up, you have to consistently challenge your belief systems! So, if you have goals, constantly challenge yourself. For me, before, what did was write in a piece of paper, “I’ll earn $20,000 a month..” and it was quite a challenge.. and I asked myself “How am I going to do it?”. Believe me, it took me two years to figure that out! And what I started doing is improving my relationship with money. The thing is that if you have a hard time with that goal the first time you write it, you got to write that goal out everyday! And when I achieved my goal of making $20,000 a month, I then went writing down “I want to go for $40,000 a month…” But there is a different feeling in my body, so then I said, “Screw it!”. Why not make it a hundred thousand a month! Well, since I’m at it, might as well keep going! I’ll make $1 million a month! I’ll make $10 million a month! I’ll make a $100 million a month! So, constantly challenge your belief systems and improve your goals!

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