Dental Town Adviser Talks About Why It’s the Best Time to be a Dentist Today

In this article, dental town adviser Ed O’ Keefe will give you an update on what’s happening in the dental profession today that’s new, that’s hot, that is making practices more successful than ever. The dental town adviser will share to you the reason why now is the best time to be in a dental practice. And the dental town adviser will also share to you how to systemize your practice so that you can gain more patients. And this is something they focus specifically at their dental practice website!

Here’s what’s Ed is going to share with you:

Now with the talk of the economy and everything that’s going on, the reality is that there has never been a better time to be a dentist, or to be a marketer of the dental practice right now! And that’s what I have realized as a dental town adviser. With the “baby boomer” explosion that’s occurring right now and seniors living longer than ever before, there’s never been a better time to reposition and start sub-niching dental practices. Repositioning is about making the practice something for a particular demographic group where they have a great deal of discussion to spend whether they have good coverages, and they have problems like, for example, how to market dental implants. I always think like dental implants is the easiest thing to make big money quickly in dentistry, because you have frustrated patients, people out there with dentures and partials/missing teeth who have serious health problems if they don’t have natural teeth or strong teeth, even if they’re fake. Those are real concerns out there, and since people are living longer they want to have the stronger, healthier, more durable teeth. So to market to that kind of population is really simple because they have those kind of dental problems. For example, here’s a person who have bad dentures and partials for years, and there would be a $36,000-dental care required for her to go to the dentist and have the problem taken cared of… plus there would be an additional cosmetic work of course, because once you start to fix the function, you would want to fix the appearance! So marketing your services to this person would be a very good idea, because it would solve the dental problem that she has!

Now, the biggest problems that a lot of doctors have in general is that they get more education, more clinical training, and they think that that’s going to fix their income. But the reality is that the answer lies in the marketing of their services. It’s like your “backdooring” it instead of trying to tell everybody that you’re the best dentist there is (while anyone can say that and everybody’s saying that!). So as a dental town adviser, what we do differently than just about anybody else is we just teach them how to sub-niche and that’s really going to be where the future of the next level of marketing of dentistry is! It’s really like having 2, or 3, or 4 mini practices in one practice! One of the things that we did is in the area of Invisalign. Invisalign is very well known and so I know that a lot of my doctors were promoting Invisalign, and they were struggling with it. They went out and got trained, spent all weekend, and so some of them have tested and tried the Open House. Well, we know how to run seminars so we just shifted the gears, we told them how to run Open House and seminars. And if you do an Open House correctly using marketing, you can’t just throw it out to the open house because you have nobody showing up, but if you do multi-seminar marketing, do it the right way like we teach! We had guys do $100,000 in one day in their dental practices and just recently, one of our implant clients did a workshop for niche-marketing, targeted-marketing, and they went to a little area that’s outside where it’s like a retirement community of people. And within 45 minutes, 20 implant cases came from it and referrals were coming from it. And it went over $200,000 of revenue in the first month and a half. So it’s just kind of like shifting having to do with the thinking of how you’re going with your business, we could do 1 or 2 of these every quarter and sell more dentistry than doing mailers all day long. You see, it’s all about the fact that the dentist has to be willing to change this whole thinking about price, about markets, and about marketing!

As a dental town adviser, what I’m doing is making them very efficient, so really, one of the doctors that I’m best suited for is the guy who’s like actually marketing a verse, who finds it painful, who finds it troublesome, who only likes to do it under a desperate circumstances. It’s because I can actually systemize it in a way that he doesn’t have to pay attention to it everyday, he doesn’t have to be involved in it all the time! You can have periodic events that feed the whole practice. And that’s very cool! In addition to this, one thing we’ve realized especially with dental practices is that the previous scale are continuing to grow and getting off the “dental treadmill” or the “rollercoaster income” kind of analogies. Now, we’re training the staff to run all the marketing for the doctors! So even if it’s a different language to them, we got systems that would teach the staff member or team member, and we do these trainings all the time. So if you hire somebody new, we’ll train them and turn them into a little mini-marketing expert in your office, and that’s the way they should run it, and it creates that ideal lifestyle that we teach our doctors as well. The keyword there is “system”. You should know that all of the wealthy people in America is traced to such systems, and that’s the “make-a-break” difference in businesses, and every dentist should find out about them and investigate them!

Darcy Juarez

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