hi i would like to become a dental nurse ? don’t no where to start?

i live in south london uk.
apparently i have to give my cv to dental practices to apply as a trainee dental nurse
i need help building up a cv suitable for this position please any help?

try these link to give you some information this is for Scotland mind but will give you some idea at lease


on that link is a few other links that may work out to be useful for you

  • Contact your local PCT ( primary Care Trust) You will need to be in a practice working and training and do a one night a week course, they normally start in September.
    Good Luck!References : Im a dental Nurse

    If you need anymore advice just contact me.

  • All Dental Nurses have to be GDC registered now so it’s not as easy to become one & not just anyone can walk in off the street to become one like in the past.

    Best place to look is through your local NHS trust website or nearest Dental Hospital – these places sometimes take on trainee DN once a year (usually you apply early in the year for a placement to start in September) or you can study at night time whilst working in practice.
    Best thing to do is just Google for jobs or trainee posts in your local area.

    Good luck :)References :

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