W&H Anniversary Video: A century of dental innovations with W&H

This movie is set in a dental practice anno “a really long time ago”. Then, patients were still terrified of dentists and dental instruments. Sufficient light at the treatment area has been a challenge for dentists since the start of dental medicine. The LED innovations of W&H and the latest generator technology for independent light allow dentists easy access to the treatment area. Thanks to some of W&H innovations, dental treatments have become safe and less terrifying over the last century.

In 2010 W&H is celebrating its 120 year anniversary and has taken the opportunity to dedicate 2010 to supporting those who need our help most urgently: children. Check out the W&H anniversary pages and help us support SOS Childrens Villages.
120 Years W&H. 120 Years People have Priority. http://www.wh.com

Duration : 0:2:55

[youtube iI_c0LdELtg]

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