2 Bryant Legacy Line heat pumps defrosting!

I was at a medical practice where I have permission to film, and there are A LOT of heat pumps within a few feet of each other. Most of the Bryant units in the video (including the two that went into defrost) all belong to the medical practice, as do the first York heat pump and the Payne seen in the video. The Gibson heat pump and the other Payne heat pump belong to the building next to the medical practice. The York and Ducane heat pumps, as well as the other Bryant heat pumps, belong to the buildings behind the medical practice.

Duration : 0:9:50

[youtube BOyi7Yj8BqQ]

  • @MrTrainer1200 Why … @MrTrainer1200 Why did someone mark your comment as spam? I see absolutely nothing offensive or harassing about your comment? By the way, do you know how many Bryant, York, and Ducane heat pumps I have videotaped over the years? LOL! Which video might you be referring to?

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