Medical Billing Software Review: Practice Fusion/Kareo Integration is “Nice and Easy” Reina Perdomo, Office Manager for Arthur Weinreb, DPM, in New Rochelle, NY, has been billing for 19 years, and when she decided to start using Practice Fusion, she went looking for a billing solution that would work with it. She chose Kareo, and says “It’s a nice, easy transition from one to the other–my bill gets sent directly from Practice Fusion to Kareo, which is great.” Reina also likes that fact that ERAs are sent directly into the system, so she no longer has to check each EOB manually and enter each and every individual claim into the system. She says Kareo saves her “a lot of time.” For more information, visit

Duration : 0:4:54

[youtube iyFOwkSY69Y]

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