National Medical Report

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Duration : 0:6:26

[youtube ezym96Inma8]

  • @DrSandmann: Nurse … @DrSandmann: Nurse Practitioners are not and have never claimed to be physicians. This video is simply stating that Nurse Practitioners are an educated and qualified resource for those who need primary care. Less and less medical students are chosing primary care as their specialty. If you are a physician as your login would imply, you should know that.

  • There is absolutely … There is absolutely no disputing the fact that nurse-practitioners do not have the same level of training that primary care physicians do. They attend nursing school, whereas a physician attends medical school (which is far more rigorous). And they spend 2 to 2.5 years in a nurse-practitioner program, whereas a physician spends 3 years or more in a residency, where they work nearly 80 hours a week. I’ll trust my health to a physician, not a nurse.

  • Very good..also … Very good..also take a look all you wonderful nurses out there at youtube:superjknott..segments on Alfie

  • Every health care … Every health care public policymaker should be required to view this video! Nurse Practitioners CAN fill the void if they are only permitted to step from the shadows into the light and if they would be permitted to do the job they are trained to perform!!

  • What an excellent … What an excellent video to help the layperson understand what a nurse practitioner is. Send this to everyone you know.

  • This is an … This is an excellent video that explains the high value of receiving health care from Nurse Practitioners. All legislators should be encouraged to view this video

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