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Boehner: “Let’s Start With a Clean Sheet of Paper”

BOEHNER: Why cant we agree on those insurance reforms that weve talked about? Why cant we come to an agreement on purchasing across state lines? Why cant we do something about the biggest cost driver which is medical malpractice and the defensive medicine that doctors practice? Lets start with a clean sheet of paper and we can actually get somewhere, and we can get it into law here in the next several months.

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Evidence-based Dentistry and Dental Practice

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Dr. Amid Ismail

Evidence-based Dentistry and Dental Practice – Yankee Dental Congress

YDC 2006

Start your year off right with Yankee Dental Congress (YDC). This annual winter conference, the largest dental conference in New England and the 5th largest in the United States, provides the finest education and the greatest selection of courses in dentistry for the entire dental team. Innovative technology, products, and services are introduced on the exhibit floor. YDC completes the experience with special events where dentists can interact with peers and entertain the whole family.

Essex North


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