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Tv9 – USA – Varadhi – Guruva Reddy speaks to NRIs on Indian medical practice – Part 1

Sunshine CEO Guruva Reddy speaks to NRI on Medical issues and Arogyasree project implementation in corporate hospitals.

Duration : 0:5:24

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MDiTV News: How do You Start a Brawl Between Lawyers and Doctors? — If you want to spark a brawl gather together some lawyers, doctors and others from across the political spectrum and say two little words: medical malpractice.

Some will argue passionately that tort reform is essential to control health care costs and that high premiums are forcing some doctors to quit. Others will argue that with equal passion against limiting a patient’s right to seek compensation and that while some specialists pay high premiums, malpractice insurance and awards account for just a tiny fraction of the nation’s health care bill.

Yet despite the strong views, tort reform didn’t really figure into the new federal legislation on health care except for 50 million dollars to fund some state demonstration projects to test proposed reforms. That mismatch between passion and action doesn’t surprise some veterans of tort reform battles in Oregon.

Duration : 0:3:25

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Order now to learn from the experts and empower your dental practice! Order DVD #CE9925 at or 1-800-CALUMET.

“Nothing will make a bigger impact on your practice than mastering and marketing digital photography.” -Phillip Kemp, DDS

In Digital Dental Photography Dr. Phillip Kemp shows how to choose and use the right camera gear, master the 12 digital views, import and organize images, win the patient’s trust and business with digital smile makeovers, build a digital smile and communicate with the lab. He also features several case presentations and demonstrates how to wow patients with portraits of their new designer smiles. Dr. Kemp provides dentists with the basic knowledge to start using digital photography in their office with confidence.

1) Introduction
2) Why Digital Photography?
3) Camera Basics
4) Taking Pictures
5) Importing Images
6) Digital Smile Makeover
7) Building the Digital Smile
8) Communicating with the Lab
9) Case Presentations
10) Patient Portraits

About Kemp:
Dr. Phillip Kemp is a national and international speaker in cosmetic dentistry and digital dental photography. He has served on the Board of Trustees for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, overseeing Give Back a Smile, a program that provides cosmetic dentistry for women who are victims of domestic violence. He also founded Project Smiles, a nonprofit organization that provides free dental services for disadvantaged people.


Duration : 0:6:18

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