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Doctor Who/Torchwood – Pictures of you

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Award winner (In Vino Veritas Awards – R14; Make It Count Awards – R8)

Yeah, sorry, I know most of my subscribers are not DW fans, but hey, I’m pretty much done with my exams!!! So, gotta celebrate… And this fandom seems to be inspiring me lately, so, yeah, I’m gonna do few more videos with my favorite Doctor :P
Oh and sorry about the quality, too, my Video Converter decided to screw me over:(
Anyways: first ensemble/general video (well, mostly)…
Doesn’t really have any pairing, though there are hints for pretty much everything: Doctor/Rose, Doctor/Martha (actually editing this video made me start to like them as more than friends… I don’t know why, please don’t kill me, all you angry Doctor/Rose shippers! :P You gotta admit, the kiss they shared looked good… David Tennant knows what he’s doing! :), Jack/Rose (kudos for those who find it, lol:D), Jack/Gwen, Jack/creepy old lady whose name I don’t remember …. (and whatever you want)
This song is not really a Doctor Who song (and also a bit overused, but I love it, so I don’t care and anyways I have been planning on a video with it for a long time now about my friends… This was a good practice! I have tried out a lot of things I hardly used before… I think I over-did it a bit, too…), I actually didn’t think I could really pull it off, but the idea stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone, ’cause when there were pictures in DW, they were always soo great!
I however knew I had to mix it with something, or shorten the song (but I don’t like that), so first I thought of Heroes.. until I remembered: Torchwood! I just love the interaction between these two shows! And I think I always had a soft point for spin-offs (not to mention Captain Jack Harkness) :P
And Heroes was done already anyways, so excellently, by Mikey… It can be found here:
Check out it, it’s AMAZING!

I don’t really like how the beginning turned out, but the rest is okay, I think :)

Disclaimer (hm, please excuse me while I laugh hysterically…): I don’t own Doctor Who, Torchwood or the song. Pictures of you is property of Last Goodnight, Doctor Who and Torchwood belongs to BBC.

Thanks for watching!

Duration : 0:3:17

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