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The Verdict Movie — Justice, Right and Wrong

Frank Galvin (Paul Newman) does a medical malpractice case. Things quickly go wrong for Frank. His star medical witness bails on him; his opponent, the high-priced attorney Ed Concannon (James Mason), has a large team at his disposal and is masterful with the press; and no one wants to talk about what, if anything, went wrong in the emergency room on the day in question. Frank discovers that Laura (Charlotte Rampling), his new lover, was hired by the defense’s law firm to spy on him…

Defense lawyer: They pay you to win.’
(beat) That’s what pays for this
office. (beat) And that’s what
pays for the pro bono work that we
do for the poor. And for the kind
of law that you want to practice.
And that’s what pays for your
clothes and my whiskey, and the
leisure that we have to sit back
and discuss philosophy.

The Plaintiff’s Lawyer:

There is no justice. The
rich win, the poor are powerless…’
We become tired of hearing people
lie. After a time we become dead.
A little dead. We start thinking
of ourselves as victims. (pause)
And we become victims. (pause)
And we become weak…and doubt
ourselves, and doubt our
institutions…and doubt our
beliefs…we say for example, `The
law is a sham…there is no law…I
was a fool for having believed
there was.’

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